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  1. Same here with the pop up, that's how I knew it went through.
  2. Just redeemed points for our 3/3/18 cruise. It all showed up in my cruise planner, not sure how long after I actually did the process on the BOA site. Keep that confirmation email with you when boarding in case the OBC doesn't show up.
  3. Yes. And what everyone else said.
  4. To your original question...my bet is No, it will not be completed by 2019. Anyone else?
  5. Nice! Not sure where they have room for all that on Coco Cay, but I'm guessing we'll find out soon enough. Ok...I went back and read the whole page and saw the "map" picture. I'm in. Where do I sign up?
  6. I haven't forgotten about this post, I'm constantly looking for good cruise reminders. Found this one this morning. Just got off work, meeting family for breakfast...was kind of hoping for a Coco Loco with my meal...oh well ?
  7. I'm happy to see you went rock climbing! I loved the wall(s) on Freedom, they certainly kept me busy with all the options they have. We're hoping to get on Indy next year, so I'll definitely be checking out the wall there.
  8. We didn't take our blow up pool anywhere outside our balcony. However, my neighbor took a blow up pool and set it up by one of the pools on Freedom, so you should be able to do the same on Brilliance. Our son is walking quite well, and is super active and curious, so we took him to the mini gold course and colony club to run around. Try out the nursery, especially if you don't have someone with you to watch the baby for a few hours. The girls working the nursery were super nice. Scotty, Kelly, Krispy Kreme, and Rebecca are the names I remember. Ask any crew member at the restaurants/Windjammer for a high chair if needed, or just grab one if you see it. Bring more than enough diapers, and formula. We told our pediatrician about the cruise, so he gave us a bunch of prescriptions for various "what ifs" that might happen on board. Have fun!
  9. Props on the Don Julio ?. I've tried the silver, and reposado, so maybe soon I'll finally get a bottle of their anejo.
  10. I agree, trash in the shops and other bad places annoys me, though I can't say I remove it as you do. I do the same thing in our stateroom. I'm constantly trying to keep things somewhat tidy for our attendant, especially trash in the can(s).
  11. This happened to us last week. I called the room service # and told them half my stuff was missing. She asked what we had ordered, and within 10min (probably less) the same lady who brought our first half was back with the rest. Welcome to the Space Coast! Have fun at KSC. The Atlantis, and Apollo exhibits are my favorites.
  12. I'm showing those pics to my wife...maybe she'll let me book another JS if we can curtain off a section ?
  13. I'll be following your adventure. I really wanted to do a Rhapsody this month, but Brilliance worked ?
  14. lol, no describing it. Not sure you'll even notice it until your 2nd cruise (Anthem?).
  15. Final random thoughts and pictures. I ordered the brownies from Royal Gifts in the cruise planner, had them delivered mid week...omg, they were awesome. More like fudge with a thin layer of brownie on top. I loved having the coffee maker in the room. It wasn't the best coffee by any stretch, but it was so nice not having to run up to the Windjammer, or have room service to worry about. The Schooner Bar on Radiance-class is huge. It was my go to drink stop. I loved sitting on the backside of the bar so I was facing the ocean. The suites have doorbells, which are actually very nice to have, I was surprised I liked it so much. But...we had some ding-dong-ditchers one night. They rang and ran 2 or 3 times, and it woke my wife, thank God not the baby. We told guest services about it and asked if they could have someone turn our doorbell off. Sure enough a few hours later one of the ship's electricians came and unhooked some wires for us. Cozumel from our balcony Grand Cayman tour One of the many elevator rides Smith Cove on Grand Cayman
  16. I haven't started reading your posts yet, I just wanted to say I'm happy your Anthem cruise is finally here, I know you've been looking forward to it. Relax and enjoy!
  17. Great towel animal! That's one of the silly things I loved on our first cruise. What flavor is that green/pink cupcake? Looks good.
  18. After having it fresh in the restaurant, then a little while later in my room, I'd be hesitant to try the already packaged sushi from the express.
  19. My wife got apple pie this past week as well, on Brilliance...same thing, raisins...totally weird for apple pie. I'm glad Sandra like the lobster bisque, I hated it, lol. There's food for you, 100% subjective.
  20. The speed boat race is a pretty big deal I guess. They do a parade and everything. I was taking a break at work one day and caught the parade in downtown Cocoa Beach...it was about 30-45min of big boats going down A1A.
  21. That's not what I pictured him looking like...
  22. Best towel animal! My wife let out a small scream when we walked into the room, and I jumped back when I saw it, then we both laughed and kept it up the rest of the week.
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