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  1. When we signed up for the Crown & Anchor Society in 2014 I thought I read something about receiving some sort of welcome packet in the mail, but we never received anything. Has this ever been a thing, or did I totally read something wrong? Not a big deal either way, but I figured someone on here might know.
  2. I'm a big Star Wars fan, and was stoked when we boarded Freedom in April 2016 and found out it was going to be shown on the outdoor screen. Star Wars by the pool, under the stars, in the hot tub, with a vodka martini...great night.
  3. Chocolate factory tour in Nassau was a lot of fun.
  4. Going on the same cruise later in Oct, let us know how it goes, please :-)
  5. Congrats on both! I hit the same 30 and 5 this year as well. I haven't been on Majesty, but plan on 1 1/2 hours for dinner in the main dining room (MDR), could be shorter or longer. You can order as many appetizers, entrées, and desserts as you'd like. There's my tip, wish I knew my first cruise. Have fun!
  6. I just signed up for the RC card myself. My wife wanted another card with better points and whatnot but never chose one, so I just went for the RCI. We'll be cruising with a child starting late next year/2018, so I figured a little more OBC can't hurt.
  7. If you're only using the GoPro for cruising I'd have to agree with DocLC, find a cheaper waterproof camera. I use mine for mountain biking, slip n slides, surfing, etc, so it's worth the price, especially now that the new ones have a screen to see what kind of shot you're getting.
  8. Thank you for all the answers! Long story short we have a friend picking us up from the ship and we're gonna hang out with them until our flight home. To harmenise...that's what I was curious about, and I was thinking $20 to the stateroom attendant on the first day as well. And yes, they'll still get the prepaid gratuities at the end.
  9. We use a point & shoot with gorilla tripod, a GoPro for up close wide shots and under water videos and pics, and our phones.
  10. Freedom had some card-needed-in-slot lights in our stateroom (deck 12). We thought they were broken, so we went to guest services and they explained what to do. Kind of odd, but oh well.
  11. We carried a 24 pack of water on board Freedom without any issue. They won't let you send it with your check in bags (in case it leaks would be my guess), so I carried it over my shoulder until our room was ready, which I had no issue doing. Plenty of water around the ship at the bars, but it was nice to keep some bottles in our room.
  12. Loved the zip line, would do it again :-)
  13. Greetings! My wife and I are taking a cruise on Serenade in mid-October out of Boston and we have a few questions. 1. We've been on 2 RCI ships and didn't notice if there was a way to get some laundry done, either by us or staff on board. We're trying to pack light due to the plane ride to Boston. 2. We have some time to kill between disembarkation and our flight home and were wondering if RCI can send our bags to the airport so we don't have to drag them around Boston while we wait. 3. I read a post on here about tipping room attendants and bartenders on the first day and was wondering how much $ is proper etiquette for said tipping. We'll have a balcony room if that means anything for the amount. I just don't want to give them too little, or something over the top. 4. Any tips/secrets for Serenade? Thanks in advance! I love reading and learning on this site, thank you to everyone involved.
  14. We had a regular panaramic room on Freedom (12th floor) and absolutely loved it! I look forward to the ports, rock climbing, dinner, shows, to name a few. My wife really liked the Flow Rider, and Johnny Rockets. We loved Freedom, and hope you do as well!
  15. A waterproof/resistant watch comes in handy.
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