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  1. Just got done reading the drink posts. Wow what a lot of great info!
  2. Lots of good stuff in your reply Matt. Thanks for help! The excursion is through RC. My wife is pregnant. Our doctor referred us to the CDC site where we dont really have updates. We are going to take precautions (stay away from standing water. dont stay out too late inland. wear bug spray), but I think we feel it is overblown as well. We will still be very careful. Toodle your comment was nice to hear. I am one of those people too. Although they leave my wife alone so thats another plus. Like I said above, we are taking extra precautions, but I have confidence we will be ok.
  3. Hi all! I think I've posted on here before, but I am back as we get closer to our cruise date (Feb 3rd). My wife and I are going on the Majesty of the Sea. We stop at Nassau on Saturday and Cocokay on Sunday. This is the first time we've ever been on a cruise so really no idea what to expect. I do have a few questions though.... With the drink packages I saw something that said that 18% gratuity is automatically added at the bar. I have the drink package where I can basically get anything. Would the 18% be on top of that or is it automatically in the with package? Specialty coffees are not included from what I read. How much does a latte or something similar cost? We have a shore excursion at Nassau (snorkling). Do you think the directions to get to where we need to go for the shore excursion are pretty clear? Once we are off the boat, how easy is it to get a meal and is that a part of the ships complimentary food? How long does it take to get off and get back on the ship? How are the mosquitoes this time of year (zika virus concerns)? We will be sailing during the superbowl. I normally am not too concerned, but I have a few bets placed this year. The superbowl is supposed to start during our my time dinning. Do they have TVs in the room to check the score every so often? Thanks for all the help! N00BCruiser
  4. Hi all! My wife and I are celebrating some big milestones (turning 30 and 5 year wedding anniversary) so we booked a cruise in February on the Majesty of the Sea. It is a 3 day cruise (cocokay and Nassau). I have no idea what to expect. I have no idea what to do for dinning. What/where do we eat at the ports? When do we get to see about shows or entertainment on the ship? Basically Im looking for a walk through so I dont have to ask a million questions when we get on the boat (even though I still will).
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