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  1. Got off Anthem last week. Coca-cola was printed on my seapass but I also had the sticker.
  2. I'm not sold entirely on this rumor. I don't think that they'll replace Anthem with a Freedom class ship. Anthem is built for cold weather of a NYC winter. Liberty may come up here, but it won't be during cold months.
  3. I was also on Anthem last week. You can reschedule your reservation while onboard. Or try the buffet at dinner time. It's not nearly as busy as earlier in the day, there's a bigger selection and, in my opinion, the food was better than in the MDR.
  4. I prefer 270 over Central Park, but I like the Aqua Theater more than 270....so I'll take Central Park Can't do the zip line or North Star because I'm gravity challenged. Wonderland
  5. Sounds like you're on my sailing. Can you share that info?
  6. You should be able to get lemonade. Not sure about the juices.
  7. Disney charges for the buffet?!?!? What kind of nonsense is that?
  8. Depends.....if I want a Aqua Theatre then Allure. If not, Freedom.
  9. I saw some pretty poor reviews about this place. The parking garage at the port is pricey but it's convenient and has 24/7 onsite security.
  10. Getting there early does not mean you go right from the curb to the ship. When I was on Anthem we arrived at 10 but had to wait until 11 for boarding to begin.
  11. First time I went to Maho there were tons of people on the fence. Last time I went the beach was packed but I was the only one to ride the fence.......it's not as much fun when nobody else is psyched about it.
  12. January 26, 2017 Anthem OTS 12 night southern Caribbean
  13. I'm interested to see if anyone had noticed a difference between bigger and smaller ships in the fleet when it comes to food quality in the Windjammer and/or the main dining room. When I was on Anthem earlier this year I felt like the food was not what I've come to expect in the dining room. Mainly American Icon and Chic. I'm hoping that there's been some improvement now that they've done away with Dynamic Dining.
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