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  1. My assistant waiter on my last cruise said that if they are rated below 9 from 3 different people on a single sailing they can lose their job or be demoted. I dont know if this was a scare tactic but as much as they ask their employees NOT to ask for ratings it still happens quite a bit.
  2. Nobody knows which ship you made it to and which you are in love with?
  3. a single beer after the mandatory gratuity will be 8.50 - 10.00. I think the cheapest beer is 7.25 (domestics) + 1.50 in gratuity.
  4. I understand why they did this but there is also a certain feeling you get in the specialty restaurants, a coziness that you dont feel in the MDR. Awesome that the food was good but I think for the people who have eaten in the MDR and also eaten in the specialty restaurants in our heads we will be doing comparisons and atmosphere of a restaurant is a big factor in overall dining experience.
  5. I do not have any problem with them closing down most all of the buffet, no need for 26 desserts and carving station etc but it sure would be nice to have a burger bar/nacho bar / taco bar for late night munchies.
  6. 22 days prior to sailing.
  7. Most of us have probably noticed when MOCK booking the "129 other people are looking at this cruise" . This is the biggest marketing scam ever also. If you feel its a good deal then booking shouldnt have any regrets.
  8. https://www.ispot.tv/ad/ICm8/trivago-buffet
  9. They make a pregnant woman get the REFRESHMENT package when you request not to buy 2 Deluxe..... Lets think about that: Sugary Soda Drinks filled with Caffeine - Perfect for Pregnant Women Caffeine filled espresso drinks: Perfect Sugary Mocktails - Lets get that baby dancin Fresh Squeezed OJ: Better drink 8 a day to make up for the 22.00 a day Bottled Water: Fine if you force yourself to justify bottled water over the perfectly fine filtered water available everywhere.
  10. I personally have never seen Kombucha on any RCL ship.
  11. There will ALWAYS be some sort of fake sale going on. Your best best is to check back every few days to get a baseline of how much your sailing(s) move up and down so you get a ballpark range for comparison. If you were to check today and the price just seemed TOO good, go ahead and book and be careful of the NON REFUNDABLE deposit fares. You may reprice should the price drop more than 90 days prior to sailing.
  12. I was wondering what NEW package that was..... Deluxe Happiness Package.... Deluxe Hops Package.... Deluxe Hangover Package???
  13. The Nasty details of Terms and Conditions. Likely this policy exists because another company is running their ROYAL UP program.
  14. Yes the shows are all free, including comedy shows. Only on the Oasis class ships do you need to book early. All other ships are a first come basis.
  15. For those of you who have pools you know how messy a pool can get after massive rain / wind storms. They want to give their guests the best possible experience and with the size of the pools alone cleanup could be quite an undertaking.
  16. When they project landfall its always the EYE of the storm, that could mean 200 miles on either side of the eye can have torrential rains and tropical storm winds. I cant understand why they would want to head south at all. Savannah have a port?
  17. My total wine has been open 5 years and the price has always been 10.97 now 11.47. Checked other CO stores also 11.97, checked cities near LA also 11.97, checked stores outside NYC, 13.00. Total wine is excellent for prices, my point was when one glass is 2x a bottle price (RCL volume pricing guess) it starts to look a bit suspicious. As a comparison point RCL wants 65.00 per bottle and a prime steakhouse in Chicago (Chicago Cut) wants 45.00 for the same bottle. if this steakhouse has a 400% markup royal is likely working with a 700 - 800% markup with the volume pricing they negotiate. It all goes back to making the drink package prices seem "reasonable" when comparing to very unreasonable a la carte drink prices.
  18. They may feel the affects of having to re-purchase airline tickets with <7 day notice which is a pretty hefty price tag.
  19. I am not sure if you are in Denver but its 11.97 a bottle at the Total Wine in Denver: https://www.totalwine.com/wine/white-wine/sauvignon-blanc/kim-crawford-sauvignon-blanc/p/94641750?s=2301&igrules=true
  20. You will see a popular Sauvignon Blanc (Kim Crawford ) at 17.00 per glass on rcl. This bottle of wine is 11.47 USD as a retail price at the local wine store. Absurd and then some
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