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  1. Booked Liberty of the Seas July 30-August 5, 2017. Never did a cruise out of Galveston. I am set Enchantment (June 2017), Liberty (July 2017) and Enchantment (August 2017). Need time to rest before I go back to work after the three cruises.
  2. Just booked July 30-August 5, 2017. Yay!!!!!!!
  3. We will be on Liberty on July 30-August 5, 2017. Just booked this cruise.
  4. I have 8 cruises booked with RCCL and 1 with Celebrity. I am going to book another cruise on Enchantment for July 2017. I am hooked on cruising. Can't wait until the rest of 2018 deployment opens up. I need June, August, and December of 2018 and April of 2019.
  5. Thank you for your words of kindness. My family are fine physically. We have to make major repairs. Again thank you for your kind words.
  6. I Love Chops. New York strip is my favorite with sauté mushrooms.
  7. I am Jamaican. My beloved island was hit by the winds and rain. My family suffered a lot of damaged due to the fact we live by the Caribbean Sea. The waves broke down our break wall. My family are OK.
  8. I am a teacher. When I get the new school calendar, I start planning my new cruises. I know I am addicted.
  9. You are correct. I booked two years in advance. My prices are always lower then any sales. I also, get the cabin I want in the location I want. Planning saves money most of the time. I have 9 cruises booked with RCCL and 1 with Celebrity.
  10. I will be on the Empress October 6. Let me know if you want me to buy.
  11. When is the new deployment schedule being released?
  12. Grandeur had it on our August 2016 cruise. I will be on the Empress in 5 weeks. I hope they have it.
  13. I like the WJ as well. I love it when they have French and Caribbean theme nights. We are on the Holiday cruise.
  14. I look forward to reading for pleasure and booking new cruises. I make sure to book at least one cruise.
  15. I will be going to specialty restaurants on Anthems in December. Maybe, that's what RC wants, hmmmmm!
  16. Anthem, Dec 23,2016 reservations are open. Just booked a couple of shows and North star. Very excited about the holidays.
  17. Just came back from Grandeur. We had a wonderful time. We made over 210 days and had a picture taken with the Captain. Booked two more cruises for 2018. We have 9 cruises with RC and 1 with Celebrity. We can't wait until the next deployment schedule is released. Yay for cruising!!!!!!
  18. The sail date is Oct 6, 2016 on Empress.
  19. Talking with the staff and crew is like reading a book and/or watching a movie. I love talking with them. They can give you tips on ports, ships and life. I have had the best discussions about books with the staff. I am an educator and sometimes we talk about their children. So I believe in tipping. They go out of their way to make sure you have the time of your life,
  20. We were so impressed with Empress that we changed our Majesty to the Empress for October 2016. RCCL changed everything without penalized us. The smooth transactions were completed and we are still in a junior suite. Yay!!!!!!
  21. We are planning to stay on board in Nassau while on Grandeur. Our cruise leaves August 18. We will stay on board when we board Majesty in Oct 2016.
  22. My husband loves Johnny Rockets. He loves the burger, fries, onion rings and milk shake. During a 12 day cruise, we have to go at least three times. The upside, I love Chop Grille. We go at least 2 times during the same cruise.
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