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  1. Thanks to all who replied!!!!! My plan had been to drop off my wife and handicap (wheelchair) son thinking I can just drop off my luggage and go park somewhere cheaper .Im still unsure how that exactly works(luggage drop off) as Im new to cruising . I see I can save -/+ $56 but I hadn't considered the"convenience factor" , thats something to think about with our 4 hr ride home.
  2. I have a 7 day cruise on Anthem of the Seas this November and I see my parking will be $154 at the port(port Liberty) . Someone on here mentioned a much cheaper near by parking area but never eplained exactly where it was . Any help would be great .
  3. Anthem of the seas , .1U Interior Virtual Balcony Stateroom
  4. Well a couple weeks back I had booked KC online thinking it was the MDR . I had to call and change it back after learning our travel agent had already set us up for MDR. I kept wondering why the guy on the phone kept asking "are your sure you wanna switch ?" Ill have to speak with my travel agent I guess . We are in a center room(accessible) on the 10th deck , nothing special. This is our 1st cruise.
  5. I've read you need to be in a suite or better room to do the Coastal Kitchen . We are in a handicap room (for son) which is not a suite yet I have the option for the KC . Am I missing something here ?
  6. I can understand why folks don't get them after just applying for ousr at a cost of over $480 for 3 ,its kind of a hit to the wallet for something you can sail without. Because of my medical history and my son being in a wheelchair our agent insisted we have these .
  7. I called the phone # I found on the my cruise planner page . I was told our time was set at 5:30 pm for the MDR . I'm not sure if my travel agent set this up or what ? Ive check my calendar today and it doesnt show anything on dining . Maybe ill call back .
  8. Wonder why its not showing me this on the calender ???I've search for MDR with no luck
  9. My wife and I are doing our first cruise aboard Anthems Of The Sea for our 23 anniversary . I was just wondering if they offer anything special for couples celebrating anniversaries ? Because it took a lot of convincing to get her to try a cruise id like to do anything to make it special so when we are back home maybe a second cruise can be booked .
  10. So Im on the schedule for dining . I cant find the Main dining room to select it on the first day out . Is the Solarium Bistro the MDR ???
  11. Any chance it Anthems of the sea Nov. 9 ?? We are on the cruise and have also got a accessible room for my son . I wouldn't consider you having a accesible room a issue . Im sure you'll still be in some sort of recovery still and wouldn't you rather have the room you may need then changing and having problems during the cruise? Great job on getting back on your feet !!!
  12. I was reading the discription for the Atlantis Tour and it says "This tour is accessible to guests with limited mobility; however, guests must be able to climb into the coach and take a few, small steps on their own." Does anyone have any input on if this is still a issue ? The problem is my son is 17 and in a wheelchair and he cant climb or walk (even a few steps) . Ive been told the tour at Atlantis is great but is the vehicle doing the transporting doesn't have a lift ill assume we wont be doing that.
  13. Would the Anthem of the Sea menu for a 7 day Caribbean be similar to this ?? It looks so good id almost hate to dine in the Windjammer ..
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