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  1. Wonder why its not showing me this on the calender ???I've search for MDR with no luck
  2. My wife and I are doing our first cruise aboard Anthems Of The Sea for our 23 anniversary . I was just wondering if they offer anything special for couples celebrating anniversaries ? Because it took a lot of convincing to get her to try a cruise id like to do anything to make it special so when we are back home maybe a second cruise can be booked .
  3. So Im on the schedule for dining . I cant find the Main dining room to select it on the first day out . Is the Solarium Bistro the MDR ???
  4. Any chance it Anthems of the sea Nov. 9 ?? We are on the cruise and have also got a accessible room for my son . I wouldn't consider you having a accesible room a issue . Im sure you'll still be in some sort of recovery still and wouldn't you rather have the room you may need then changing and having problems during the cruise? Great job on getting back on your feet !!!
  5. I was reading the discription for the Atlantis Tour and it says "This tour is accessible to guests with limited mobility; however, guests must be able to climb into the coach and take a few, small steps on their own." Does anyone have any input on if this is still a issue ? The problem is my son is 17 and in a wheelchair and he cant climb or walk (even a few steps) . Ive been told the tour at Atlantis is great but is the vehicle doing the transporting doesn't have a lift ill assume we wont be doing that.
  6. Would the Anthem of the Sea menu for a 7 day Caribbean be similar to this ?? It looks so good id almost hate to dine in the Windjammer ..
  7. I'm hoping they will return as its a dish i've never had and would like to try. My wife and son on the other hand might not enjoy 🤢
  8. Thanks for the info . I feel better knowing Ill at least get time to get use out of these considering the cost.
  9. My family and I are getting our first passports soon and I wanted to know how long is a passport good for ? They do seem to be a little costly but our agent says its in case something happens and we need to fly home . We plan on a cruise on Anthems of The Sea with 2 stops in the Bahamas.
  10. Thanks for all the great info !!!!! 1.) Yes he will require a lift for the pool so is the Solarium pools are for adults/young adults ? 2.)Yes I was concerned about a tour depending on the accessible stops . I assume the bus has a lift ? Anything great or must see near the Nassua port ? I agree on CocoCay .We will at least will enjoy a meal there , look around . 3.)The shows how a great chance of being enjoyable to him , ill know more when they are posted.Great to hear about the family restrooms , they will be a help. 4.) North Star is on our list. 5.) In regards to our room we booked a acessible one and from pictures ive seen the bathroom will do well for him. 6.)Looking forward to the staff helping . Thanks for the great info there , it really helps !
  11. Thanks for all the great info , its great to chat with folks who understand my sons handicap. He cannot walk anymore , at 1 time yes(some) , but in the last few years no. Ive considered the dolphin swim for him . Do they have those beach wheelchairs ? Because Id have to wheel him at least to the water if not in it I would need that. So is it the Blue Lagoon dolphin swim ? Ive seen several listed . Do you recall the price ? The ifly may not work for him but we wont rule it out yet , .Im unsure how he would react to it.I might book it a couple days in so I can judge it first and if nothing eles just cancel. North Star is something we will do for sure!! If myself or my wife ride with him im sure the bumper cars would make his day. Loading him in it would be a challenge but im sure well worth it . Our travel agent suggested touring Atlantis so its great to get a thumbs up from a parent. What is the GIFT ???? Thanks for the great advice , im trying to get my plans in order so when the plan goes up at +90 days I can have things set.
  12. I recall reading the corkage fee on Anthems was $25 .
  13. So it is just wine or would they allow for me to bring a small bottle of rum ? Wonder why they want you to do it carry on and not packed with the rest of my stuff? Thanks for the advice on the North Star , im thinking my son will love it.
  14. Wow , lots of replies , thanks. Ill be sure to check out the bridge as the ship goes under. Do I really need the drink package ? Myself and my wife don't plan on drinking sodas and my son does not drink them . I like my alcohol but the plan is for us to purchase a bottle of wine to celebrate our anniversary and maybe 1 or 2 drinks for myself. There was mention of North star . I might take him up that but I need to look up a video on it and see how he might handle it.
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