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  1. Or fix the pool tables. Agree about the pub! Radiance is our favorite ship, maybe because we did our Australia/NZ cruise on her.
  2. Some people we have cruised with actually enjoy taking the train. Should be easy from Boston.
  3. Well that's not right. That's just not right!
  4. Get a drink. If ship has a Park cafe, get food, otherwise the WJ. If cabin is ready drop off carry ons and then explore the ship. Get a drink.
  5. This has nothing to do with this topic, as it looks like it is adequately covered, but I am trying to figure out how to sort the posts so the thread starts with the most recent comments. Without starting an entirely new thread for such a limited topic, can it be done?
  6. How in the world does a ship that holds 6,000 pax get chartered?
  7. My memory is not good. I have been reminded that we always tendered in Belize. Sorry to get us off topic. Port or Starboard, as long as we can get on the ship, it's all good.
  8. We feel your pain. The only bad cruise we every took. It has been awhile since we have been to Belize. Did they change where the ship anchors? Going again in Feb.
  9. Now I am confused because we never tendered in Belize before. They have a huge pier. In fact the best bar is the Sandpiper Tiki bar at the end of the pier.
  10. We have almost always have been able to get a table for two. Depending on the configuration of the dining room we have been with other tables for 2, which is really neat. because you can still talk to other folks, but you don't feel obligated.
  11. Where the ship docks varies. Do your due diligence and go with your gut.
  12. What is your ship and sailing date. Maybe we can find it for you. Our AOS cruise is over 1 yr away and we have that info already.
  13. WE love MTD. As soon as you embark, check the dining room. MTD are usually on the upper level (at least they have been for our cruises. That will give you an idea where you would like to sit. Then specifically arrange it with the receptionist. They will not guarantee it for the whole cruise, probably, nut we have always been able to have the same wait staff.
  14. Pretty sure RC Excursions get priority, although it would depend on the time. That's what I am hoping anyway.
  15. Good topic. We will be in port for 11 hrs (AOS Snowbird Cruise). We can wait for the line to get smaller.
  16. We love the Radiance. We are going on the AOS for the 2nd time next year. That has a promenade so it isn't that same. We did a B2B on Visions and really like that ship. So the answer to your question is, it will only be a disappointment if you want to make it so.
  17. Small grain of salt. :) Some people just insist on complaining. You have too much to be excited about to be worried about what some sad sack says.
  18. How much time do we have. :) There are limited outlets in the cabin Bring some zip lock bags for wet things and other stuff. You may want a highlighter for the Cruise Compass, but we never have. The walls ad doors are metallic so you can bring magnetic hooks if you like. The empty luggage can usually be stored under the bed. Make sure your credit card company knows you will be gone Make a copy of your passport, embarkation docs, etc for you carry on and luggage. As others have said, plan on an extra day if you are flying. Enjoy your first cruise! It is exciting. :)
  19. What Gina said, It is a very nice, smaller ship. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles of larger ships, but if you like the more intimate atmosphere, you will really like it.
  20. We use two TAs. The local one is for group cruises. She travels with us and the reason we started cruising in the first place. We use an online TA for other cruises. Same guy each time. We don't see any disadvantage.
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