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  1. I just read an article of how bad things are on St. Maarten. Destruction is everywhere. Looting and crime are rampant. 100 prisoners escaped from a prison. Relief supplies being stolen upon arrival. There will have to be some law and order before anything else. Scary stuff.
  2. I don't know who had to pay what. It was widely reported in Houston that those on board for up to 5 extra days did not have to pay, and in fact were given free internet and telephone. Back to my point, I hope they didn't force anyone out into an evacuating city.
  3. I think the cruise lines have done a really good job, for the most part, in Houston and in Florida during these two storms. However, I don't think the cruise lines should have forced passengers off the ship into an evacuating city. I like the idea of coming in a day early and letting anyone off who wants to get off, but they should have taken the remainder out of the way of the storm in my opinion.
  4. I agree, but I'll mention to please be sure the 3 youngsters are familiar with all the aspects of safety being separated from you by so many rooms. Glad your 19 year old is a male. I know it's not pc to say, but I was nervous enough with daughters 19 and 17 being across the hall last year. I would not have been comfortable with them being further down the hall... let alone a half a ship away. I don't say these things to scare you, but you and your kids need to be vigilant on a ship just as you would in the a safe part of a city at night.
  5. Just need to go to the Guest Services desk to get an extra key to one of the rooms. Did it last June.
  6. Probably not the right time to talk about it with people's lives on the line, but I would much rather go to St. Croix than St. Marteen to begin with. If the upcoming Independence itineraries switch, I will book one as soon as I can.
  7. Jose appears to be a non issue as it will turn North and head into the Atlantic. However, all the Florida weekend turn arounds are in trouble from Irma. Many have already altered their schedules.
  8. ABC Islands are in the clear. In fact, that is currently the one safe place in the Caribbean for ships to be. I saw RCCL changed the Adventure's current itinerary from a Sea day Thursday and St. Maarten on Friday to Bonaire on Thursday and Sea day on Friday. Other than that, I think the Adventure will be ok. The storm will be clear of San Juan before Saturday's turnaround. The cruise lines can work around most storms... unless the home port gets hit. It happened in Galveston last week, and it's about to happen to Florida on the weekend. With Galveston there were less than half dozen ships affected. Between Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and Port Canaveral, this is going to affect dozens of sailings on several cruise lines. It looks like a real mess. Hopefully no one gets hurt.
  9. I don't disagree with you. However, two families I know (parents, adult children, grandchildren) plan their cruises (about 1 every other year per group) in the fall because otherwise they wouldn't be able to afford to go. So far, neither has had a bad experience. While it's true that both families are playing with fire, I think I'd do the same if that was the only way I could get to go to the Caribbean with my family.
  10. It's looking like Saturday/Sunday departures in Florida this weekend could be a problem as the hurricane could be there at the same time as the cruise changeover. Could be another storm coming right behind it too. September 10th is the annual peak, and it appears to be holding true this year.
  11. I think the 10% to the US from this position is probably correct. However, the one thing that causes them to be steered to the US from here is strong high pressure over the Atlantic (often called a Bermuda High). It is in place in spades right now. Additionally, while I'm concerned for the US, I'm also concerned for the islands my family and I love so much. All of the Leewards, Pureto Rico, Hispanola, and Turks and Caicos are in the cross hairs.
  12. That would be unusual as most storms begin to turn North way before the ABCs. Although Harvey was unusual too.
  13. Looks like high pressure to the North us blocking this storm from turning North as many do.
  14. Are the new menus just as good, better, or worse than the old menus? It's probably a matter of time until the other lines cheapen their MDR menus to force passengers to upgrade to the upcharge restaurants as NCL has done.
  15. Both the Carnival Breeze and RCCL Liberty of the Seas appear to be headed for Galveston. Carnival has cancelled Thursday's cruise on the Valor, but signs are pointing to this weekend's trips happening as scheduled. There appears to be some movement at the Port of Galveston this morning. I can't imagine there not being problems getting to and from Galveston in three days. In all the loss and devastation, I hope at least that folks scheduled for a vacation, many of them from the Houston area, will get to go as planned. Most of us on this board have been on several cruises and other vacations. I hate to think how a person who's had very few, if any trips like this, booked a September trip because it's so inexpensive, and then not get to go.
  16. The Liberty of the Seas is on the move. marinetraffic.com com shows her rounding the south FL mainland with a heading of Galveston.
  17. The latest update on RCCL's website sounds encouraging for this Sunday (Sept 3).
  18. Until they tell you not to go, you should plan to go. But, don't be surprised if it's cancelled. Since the storm is again off shore, Galveston is getting storm surge from the North. Just saw it on the Weather Channel.
  19. The Carnival Breeze is pulling out of New Orleans now. Perhaps there's only room for two ships there. She's almost certainly not headed back to Galveston. It will be interesting to see where she goes.
  20. Carnival Breeze is pulling out of New Orleans now. I don't know where she's going, almost certainly not to Galveston, but she's on the move.
  21. I've cruised from there twice. Those parking lots are massive. I think there is a higher percentage of drive in cruisers in Galveston than the Florida ports. Just my opinion.
  22. My opinion, and it is only an opinion, is that next week's Galveston cruises are in jeopardy. By the 9th and 10th, I think they will go, but I wouldn't be surprised that there be some hiccups at the port and with transportation and parking.
  23. Given how bad the flooding is, and how damaged the infrastructure is, I think there is a real chance next week's Galveston cruises are in jeopardy too.
  24. I know this is a serious situation, and that some lives are lost, and some will never be the same. But, as an experienced cruiser, wouldn't it be fun to be on a half full ship for three days? Full staff. Everything working as usual, but very few on board.
  25. Those fighting this thing on the Liberty of the Seas will be better off than those on one of the three Carnival ships. They will all be in New Orleans by this afternoon where they will face the now expanded storm with heavy rain and wind today. Kansas Cruiser, I'm glad you are ok, and that it looks like you have a solution that works for you. Your 6:45 flight shouldn't be a problem as it looks like your ship is on 50 or 60 miles from Miami now.
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