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  1. I you want to change it, you should be able to. If you want to sail as planned, I would watch for notifications and closely monitor this board. The good people here know things before they happen sometimes.
  2. I'm with you Twangster. The original premise was that single use gloves wouldn't eliminate the problem, but would mitigate it. I agree they must be used correctly to help. A trash can at the end of the Windjammer line to push the glove off from the inside would be the proper way to do it. Having drinks poured for pick up rather than self service drinks or drink machines would help too.
  3. I find myself doing a lot of the same things. I don't think my wrists are quite a bony as your's though!
  4. I think the use of a single knuckle for elevator buttons and maybe the elimination of the handshake could be coming to all of us.
  5. Why are single use gloves not a big part of the answer in all facets of life in public and particularly on cruise ships (thinking of Lido lunch lines)? You would actually only need one glove for touching utensils and use an ungloved hand for holding your plate. This would not eliminate risk, but it would certainly mitigate it.
  6. Hey Brobbins. A big thank you for pointing out cruise mapper. I have been using marine tracker for years, and I still will do so for certain things, but I really like cruise mapper too.
  7. We are loyal to both Carnival and RCCL. In this case, Carnival wins hands down. We cancelled and rebooked our March 21st sailing on the Breeze before it was cancelled but after options to rebook were announced. We took a slightly more expensive cruise. Carnival transferred all of our cruise fare, deposit, taxes, and prepaid gratuities with no questions asked. We just have to pay the difference which is about $100 each.
  8. There will be a ton of ships in the immediate vicinity of Miami, Port Everglades, and Port Canaveral. I agree about not extending into May. We already rebooked our trip (for June) on the Carnival Breeze that was supposed to be March 21.
  9. I think it will be interesting to watch where the cruise lines keep all this ships for the next month. The Saturday cruises should all be home today. They will have to be moved to allow the arrival of the Sunday ships as well as all the 3 and 4 nighters that will be coming in starting Monday. Just off shore maybe? I would assume there will be a deep cleaning over the next month.
  10. This was a 10 night cruise. The crazy flame fanners currently have momentum. I hope it burns out soon.
  11. Just moved our Carnival Breeze from March 21st to June. Cost a little more for cruise, and a little less for air and precruise hotel.
  12. We (wife, son, Grandma, and I) are booked on the Carnival Breeze on the 21st. We are on the fence about going. Right now we have $200 per cabin obc. I inquired with Carnival tonight about our options (stay, rebook, or upgrade). We are considering upgrading to a balcony just in case the is a qt. The customer service rep said there are as many people booking as cancelling and the price per cabin to upgrade is still more than $900 per cabin. If true, I am surprised many people are booking.
  13. Too many Americans, and probably people around the world, believe what they hear or even see sometimes. Funny how important news like trying to protect our Southern Border from daily invasion doesn't jibe with their agenda, so it goes unreported. Yet this affects a tiny percentage of the World and is all over the place to the point where people I know who never pay attention to the News are stocking up on Clorox wipes. This board is not about politics and I'm not trying to make it such, but it is ironic the amount of money Congress printed up for Corona in about 3 days was the exact sam
  14. Thanks for posting actual useful information. This thing has taken on a life of its own with the US Media being the main culprit as usual. Why are these facts not at the top of every story about it? Must be because it would calm the panic. We can't have that.
  15. I realize I'm responding to my own post, but looks like even if our Carnival Breeze trip doesn't re price, we still get $200 per cabin (2 cabins in our case) cruise credit. That's pretty awesome considering the price we paid to begin with.
  16. We are booked on the Carnival Breeze on the 21st and have a price guarantee. I keep thinking the price will drop to fill cabins from those who have cancelled. It hasn't happened yet. I check about every 3 days.
  17. There are tons of chairs. They just may not be in the shade or right near the pool. There are lounge chairs on several decks.
  18. It was updated with new bedding and carpets a couple of years ago. A steakhouse was added and a few other things. It's a great ship. I would say that if the mini golf carpets have not been replaced by now, it is a real shame. Otherwise an awesome ship.
  19. I can help a little with your questions, but first let me pay my debt of gratitude to your husband and family for his/your service. Without it, and millions others we would not be free to share ideas on this forum, let alone actually go on cruises which everyone on here loves to do. With regard to your stateroom on the Navigator I would say you have nothing to worry about. The ship is huge and has built in stabilization. Unless there is unusual weather you won't know you are on the water the vast majority of the time. I will say a few years ago my now deceased beloved brother had his
  20. This is right in my wheelhouse. To me San Juan is easily the best North American port from which to begin a cruise. I guess it may not technically be North America, but it's easy for people from North America to get to. With a January sailing, your chances of good weather are much higher out of San Juan than anywhere in Florida. You get much deeper into the Caribbean from San Juan than Florida. Most Americans have been to Florida many times but much less to Puerto Rico, so it will be new for some. Nowhere else in North America is so much History concentrated in a small area as in Old San
  21. I tend to agree with you about San Juan, but I am getting concerned that currently in the Summer of 2021 the only ship scheduled (on Cruisetimetables.com) weekly from San Juan is the Carnival Fascination. The Freedom is back there in November 2021, and I didn't look to see where the NCL Epic is next Summer, but there is some concern there. I haven't been everywhere, but San Juan is the ultimate home port for me, and I would consider it a major blow to cruising should it cease to exist as a viable option.
  22. Apparently the family's new talking point is that the grandfather could not lean out the window because of the distance between the rail and the window. Maybe that's true, but it still does not change the fact he leaned far over that railing before picking the girl up and holding her far enough out that when she dropped, she dropped to the ground rather than between the rail and window on the ship. No reasonable person could fault the cruise line.
  23. You can probably find an operator in the port who can give you a good day at 7 mile beach for less $ than going through the cruise line. Heck, it's about a $4 cab ride apeice to get there and 4 more to get back. The question is what kind of accommodations do you want? You can negotiate all of that on the spot. Cayman is safe and aside from some traffic, easy to get around.
  24. I'm somewhat surprised CBS broke this video. It seems the media would like nothing more than to take down one of these giant cruise lines with all those ships burning all that fuel and dumping trash in the ocean (their perspective... not mine).
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