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  1. We also cancelled during the time between when Carnival opened up to changing but before the cancellations. I was surprised... shocked actually... when they issued us the $600 per stateroom obc that was offered after all cruises were cancelled. I feel really good about how Carnival has treated us.
  2. No surprise. I hope that's the end of it, but I'm starting to think otherwise.
  3. Under no circumstance should anyone book an aft balcony on any ship. As a service to all of mankind, when I cruise, I will think of the other person first and take the aft balcony off of someone else's hands. It's a heavy price for me as just one humble individual to pay, but someone's got to do it. TIC of course. Aft balconies are the bomb.
  4. The peak of hurricane season is Sept 10 with a secondary peak Oct 10. The ships for the most part can adjust to avoid storms. Sometimes your Eastern Caribbean itinerary will become a Western Caribbean itinerary. As long as you are ok with that you should be fine. The only usual real problem is a hurricane that hits the home port on change over day. Can't avoid that.
  5. Somewhere around here I have an 8 X 10 of my brothers and me with the 5 members of the Barenaked Ladies. They took a studio photo with each party that came on board the ship that day.
  6. Something I've been thinking about with regard to America helping a cruise industry that is foreign flagged but affects American interests. How about rebates to Americans through the cruise lines to be paid at cruise check ins? Sure it may result in higher cruise fares, but the instant rebates would more than make up for that. The competition would be fierce, and we, as the users, would benefit.
  7. One of the problems I see in the Scientific community is that you can't believe them anymore. If a guy can get Government funding because he says it was caused by bats, then he can get more Government funding to say it was caused by pigs and an HIV positive human in the wrong place at the wrong time. Then he can get more Government funding to say the combination was actually engineered purposely. The best example of this is global warming... err climate change. It's all based on modeling. The guy with the biggest hockey stick gets all the money. The fact that the weather don't come a
  8. Nice topic Dan. My favorite ship specifically is the Adventure of the Seas and generally is the Voyager Class from RCCL. I've been on Voyager Class ships several times. The layout is great and the size is perfect from my view.. My favorite cruise is without a doubt January of 2007 on the Carnival Legend. It was Ships and Dips 1 (Barenaked Ladies Cruise). I've written about it here before. The Barenaked Ladies remain a favorite of many in my family and they gave an up close and personal experience to the passengers on the ship that week. There was the Barenaked at Sea photo, a
  9. How about the following in lights: "$500 in OBC" ?
  10. I believe that is the Breeze in Port Canaveral.
  11. Hey Purdue Flyer. Boiler up. I have a brother and sister-in-law (husband and wife) who are grads of Purdue Flight School. That experience led to an amazing life for them and their family. Sadly, we lost my beloved brother to ALS a few years ago. Purdue was good to them.
  12. I'm a little surprised RCCL is taking these huge ships into the small spaces the Alaska experience is. I didn't think they'd ever take anything bigger than a Voyager class up there. Would be a site to see for sure.
  13. My classroom and pool work was at the local YMCA which was new at the time and very nice. My open water dives were at a nasty gravel pit in Muncie, IN. While I think it best to do the certification at home, 20 years later I think I'd take a pass on that gravel pit. I guess piggy backing on your idea Twangster, get everything done at home except the two open water dives. You could do those in the Caribbean.
  14. It really is good to be certified. Do it at home before your trip if you can. As Sonny mentioned, vacation time is sacred.
  15. The band is Gaelic Storm. The name of the song is: 'The Night I Punched Russell Crowe In the Head'. It's a true story. If you see Russell Crowe today, don't tell him about the song. Gaelic Storm is afraid Crowe will sue Patrick (the front man). Funny stuff.
  16. I would give it some time. Late June is 3 1/2 months away. It would be best to let RCCL come to you with changes as you will get the best deal that way.
  17. The peak of Hurricane Season is September 10th with a secondary peak on October 10th. That said, many people successfully cruise during Hurricane Season every year. The rates are low and the ships can mostly avoid the storms. The problematic issue would usually be related to a hurricane affecting a home port on embarkation day. Other than that, they can usually avoid the issue.
  18. This might be a good time for President Trump to temporarily strike down the Jones Act. In a National Emergency, he can do it. That would allow Alaska itineraries to home port in Seattle this year.
  19. I'm sure your doctor will do so after this blows over. If not, find a new doctor. I had an annual physical appointment scheduled for this Friday. My doctor's office cancelled it because they are too busy and too concerned with sick patients.
  20. Update from Carnival just came in: We booked the Breeze after we were allowed to change our trip for free but before Carnival ceased operations. I figured we were out the $1200 in OBC (2 staterooms @ $600 each). I just received the email that we get the credit anyway. I just applied for it. Carnival just handed us $1200 we didn't expect. Again, I am partial to both RCCL and Carnival. I know some on here have no use for Carnival, but they stepped up to the plate for us... and the Breeze is a really nice ship.
  21. I like Carnival's lunch options better. I like RCCL's MDR dinners a little better. I like Carnival's comedians better. I like RCCL's fleet much more. Carnival has simply not competed in the ship "arms race" until very recently. The majority of their ships are more than 20 years old (Fantasy Class and Spirit Class). The Breeze and Magic are very nice. They are a nice comparison to the Voyager Class and came 10 years later. But it's only in the last couple of years they have anything that compares the RCCL's newest ships. They have nothing to compete with the Freedom Class and even
  22. I really do agree Tony. Carnival got the reputation of a frat house at sea decades ago. It's just not true. Sure there is more late late night stuff on Carnival, but truth be told, a blindfolded person would have a hard time telling the two apart. I realize, I'm defending Carnival on an RCCL forum, and I really like RCCL. I guess I've dissed Disney Cruises because of all the kids and I've never been on DCL. Truth is, all the major lines do a really good job, and we may have our preferences, but you can't go wrong in a normal situation on any of them.
  23. As mentioned in another thread, it appears all three ships scheduled into San Juan this morning were turned away. All three are heading NW... perhaps to Miami or Ft. Lauderdale.
  24. I'm surprised this isn't in the news more than it is. I appears to me all three ships scheduled into San Juan this morning were turned away. All three appear to be heading NW as of now. Miami or Ft. Lauderdale maybe?
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