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  1. Thank you for the information and pictures! Did you stay 1 or 2 days in Honningsvag? I'm also interested in the Norway Arctic Circle cruise and it seems that there are 2 journeys a year: One where the ship stays overnight in Honningsvag and the other where it is only scheduled for 1 day. I don't know what is better and if then special shore excursions are offered in the evening or at night and you can maybe see the midnight sun at the North Cape. But maybe it's just 2 days because there's a lot to see over there and then you can do more shore excursions. Any experiences?
  2. @wordell1 Thanks for your feedback. Were you able to book shore excursions for Barcelona by phone or on the ship? Or was this not possible at all? I definitely want to visit Barcelona, so I am particularly interested in the shore excursions that day. When I search Royal's website for shore excursions at this port, there should be more than just excursions followed by an airport transfer. I hope this will work.
  3. Thank you for your comment, Vincent. I am also going next summer and get the same messages when I go to the website to see the shore excursions. But this also affects other options, like Dining or Spa & Fitness. It's just too early and these options should not be visible to everyone. I spoke with Royal today and was told that the shore excursions are not bookable at this time and they are not released until 6-9 months before the trip. So it could be that shore excursions are not visible until January and so I will be watching the website for the next few months. I was assured that despite interport, I will be able to book the shore excursions before the trip, at best through the website, but otherwise by phone. The employee on the phone looked in his system and said that he could book shore excursions for guests of interport trips of the next few weeks, so that should work. Therefore, I stick to my booking for now and wait until the shore excursions appear on the website.
  4. Booking of "things"? I guess what you mean is you can't book shows and maybe onboard activities before you cruise. Yeah, it would be a pity if you could never book it in advance again. But as long as you can do it on the first day on board, it's OK with me too.
  5. I think the problem is that Royal doesn't inform about these differences beforehand and then of course people are disappointed because they don't expect it and are used to a different experience. I also have a booking for next year departing from Rome and only learned about interport and the problems by accident. Luckily I know about it now and I think if you are prepared for it, it's not half bad. A search here revealed that the topic has been discussed covered before and there are also people who have had a slightly different experience and also gained something positive from it, e.g. here:
  6. Hi all! Thank you @Tammy LR and @wordell1 for sharing your experiences about sailing out of interport Rome. What I am still especially interested in is whether it is possible to book shore excursions in the cruise planner on the website in advance in this interporting cruise? Are they perhaps only bookable until Barcelona or possibly not at all? I found out about all these disadvantages only by coincidence after my booking and if I cannot book any shore excursions at all before the trip then that would be a no go and a reason to change my booking to Barcelona after all. Rome I have already visited several times and had chosen this port because I wanted to see more of Barcelona and had hoped for better shore excursions because the trip then goes on for me. But if shore excursions in Barcelona are basically very limited for all guests and perhaps only last max half day then the whole thing may not be worth it. It's a pity that Royal doesn't communicate beforehand that a lot of things won't work the way you're used to on an interport cruise. There is nothing about this on Royal's website and a search for interport does not yield a hit either. Especially because you can't manage anything on the ship via the app you have to plan everything before the cruise and should therefore be able to book dining times, shore excursions and other reservations via the cruise planner. I would be happy if someone can say something about my question from experience. Thank you!
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