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  1. Sounds like just your shore excursion got canceled, not the port stop.
  2. The three missing charges posted yesterday. So in the end we paid for everything and Royal "gave" me the opportunity to pay for all my cruise planner purchases over two statement periods
  3. Just received my credit card statement and found not all of my cruise planner purchases made on 11/23 have posted. Charges made in the morning of 11/23 are there, charges made in the evening of 11/23 are not there. I got email alerts from my bank for everything as the charges were made. Everything is showing up in my purchase history and in my calendar. Charges in the morning of 11/23 are showing purchased on 11/23. These charges are posted on my credit card. Charges in the evening of 11/23 are showing purchased on 11/24. These charges are not posted on my credit card with nothing pending. Is Royal really 19 days behind in processing credit card charge transactions?
  4. Use your phone as the camera on your PC or laptop with the Iriun app. Position phone for the desired angle, get great video quality and the convenience of using the PC screen size and browser.
  5. Dry dropper bottle happened to us too but we had extra tests ready just in case something happened like this.
  6. We got ours today, ordered 4 from the Royal link on 10/10, all have expiration date of 10/5/21, extended to 1/5/22.
  7. I use Podcast Addict, never had any problem until today. I tried every option available for the links you gave, still won't "play" nice. Attached screenshots.
  8. Anybody else having trouble downloading or playing the latest Podcast Episode 422 - Odyssey of the Seas cruise review
  9. OK lets compare the deaths adjusted for population, no testing required...
  10. Adjusted for population difference, comparing the Bahamas to the US, I'd rather be in the Bahamas...
  11. If the reward is for OBC it will show up in the cruise planner, always has for me
  12. I've used it twice. It covers the entire cabin. The discount has pleasantly been more than 10% of any number or combination (cruise fare, taxes, fees, etc) I figure.
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