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  1. This was my Third time sailing with Royal Caribbean and this is the first time I got the Key. Since I need internet and the price was almost same as the internet. I went ahead to try it. Walking in was very smooth, they told me to go to the other line, which was no one there, and just show them my sail pass and check my passport, boom, walking in and go straight to the cruise. Then I walk around and then went to the diner room to have The Key lunch, I went with the burger. it was not bad. The only benefit I use for the key was I went on the Northstar without paying, but there's a set schedule for it during the sea day, I was up there for 15 mins. It really extend out to the ocean. If I didn't have the Key, I would need to pay $15 for sea day. Was told port day is free, but only goes up and stay there like about 10 mins. On the Disembarkation, I went to have breakfast before I leave. Breakfast was good. I believe if The Key is almost same price is the internet then is worth it. Overall my experience with the key was good. If the key is around $20, I would go for it. Here's was menu for The Key Lunch and the The Key Breakfast.
  2. Hi Currently on Anthem of the sea. Nov 20 to Nov 27. Here's the show.
  3. It took me less than 10 to get on the ship once I parked. They Key was very helpful. At my lunch at Chick. Now in room... Just finished unpack my stuff...
  4. I order the Voom Surf and Stream and enter my cc info. It kept saying please make sure I enter correctly. I try 5 times and it still said please enter info correctly. I checked my cc online it went thru 5 times, and it still wouldn't go thru. This is a nightmare. Been trying to purchased something since this morning.
  5. I check The key for my other 3 bookings. Original price is $41.99 now is either 30% or 35% off to $28.99 per day. Not worth it, I was hoping for less than $20 a day. Also. Voom Surf + Stream can not be purchased. It's grey out.
  6. Hi Yes, I had that issue earlier during around noon time. I had 4 up coming cruise, they didn't show up, I log off and log back in, in 15 mins they show up again. I think they were either updating their system or there's a glitch. But I did see my 4 up coming cruise in my account.
  7. Thanks for the great review. I really enjoy reading your day by day. Thank you.
  8. Where did you booked it from? Is this the one? https://www.juneautours.com/all-tours/#combo Was thinking for the Juneau City & Mendenhall Glacier tour, but now that they have the Juneau Whale Watch & Mendenhall Glacier for $165. I might do the whale watching combo. or https://www.shoreexcursionsgroup.com/excursions/?port=AKJN&date=2023-05-14
  9. This will be my second time on Anthem, traveling solo. 90 days to go. My first Anthem will be on this up coming Nov. 20th. 14 days to go.. Can't wait...
  10. Will you be on those two cruise also?
  11. Is this an 8 days Bahamas cruise?
  12. Yup, I looked at on my Feb 4 & April 23, both of them is 8 days, and both of them is Miami then Nassau then back to NJ port. Being Nassau the last port then coming back to NJ.
  13. I did that, there's like almost a liquor store on every other blocked. I read some review saying is good some is bad. Some try to rip off or scam tourist. I just want to know if anyone has a preference store that's all..
  14. I also, booked Feb 4 Anthem of the Seas also.. hmmmm
  15. Anyone know any good liquor store in Nassau Bahamas that sell hard to find spirits? Like whiskey and Bourbon? Somehow, I haven't see ship sell or carry any Macallan at all. Thanks,
  16. Just got off Adventure of the sea, they are still giving out paper menu in MDR.
  17. I was surprise they have Buffalo Trace at the Bar.
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