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  1. *in announcer voice* PREVIOUSLY ON CLARK'S LIVE BLOGS: I said all of that stuff ONLY A MONTH AGO. Keep in mind our cruise ended on July 7th. We booked this cruise (this live blog) July THIRTEENTH. Now, I'm not mad or anything, but I'm pretty sure that my family is already loyal to Royal despite what we experienced on Adventure. I'm actually excited for this because I couldn't believe that we'd turn back to Royal this quickly. Considering the differences, there were some things we kept the same, like not using a travel agent. The biggest difference from last time, though, is that our party jumped from eight to thirteen. Last cruise was me, mom, dad, sister, aunt, other aunt, the other other aunt, and my uncle. Now it's me, mom, dad, sister, aunt, other aunt, other other aunt, cousin, other cousin, uncle, other uncle, and my grandma. (RIP to peace and the one week there was no family infighting fly high.) The jump from a Voyager-class to Oasis-class ship will be quite the jump, though. In fact, when we first were doing research for Adventure, we all thought that we were doing research on Allure. So we have a basic idea on what's going to happen. We also already planned out food too based on what we knew from Adventure and what we saw online. (150 Central Park is too sosyal for us. Deer? Ain't no way ) As of now, we're 85 days away. It's a long wait for us, but we can't wait. (Fun fact: Adventure OTS was the cruise for my dad's birthday and check-in opened on my birthday. This cruise is for my mom's and check-in opens on my sister's.)
  2. as I'm typing this I'm realizing that I never mentioned anything live By about day 3, my entire party started to realize that the on-ship experience could have been better. I noticed that most things were because of staffing issues. (Anyone who was trying to get pizza at Café Promenade on day 4 knows what's up.) At best, service was attentive yet frazzled and at worst, clueless and frustrating. That's not to say everyone was bad. A perk of being Filipino as a passenger is that service is immediately better from a Filipino (or Southeast Asian if we expanded the scope) crew member than a non Pinoy/SEA crew member. Kapamilya and all that jazz if you will. From someone trying to upsell us Giovanni's as we waited for Café Promenade on the first day to us literally getting our waiter's WhatsApp number yesterday, I felt some resolution when we interacted with a Filipino crew member. Hearing the language from someone serving us made me feel at ease. We also started comparing the service from previous cruises like Disney and Norwegian. It was a stark contrast, even knowing the conditions. If I wasn't cruising in the middle of a pandemic, I probably would've enjoyed RC more. I'll be open to try again in the future, but probably not now. In terms of food, it was hit or miss unfortunately. I went on a whole rant about it on my own blog (soon to post), but my feelings can be summed up as: "why tf did i have to pay extra for better food when y'all are known for it?" Entertainment-wise, ice team >>>>> stage team. I just came from "Can't Stop The Rock", but I was far more impressed by the ice team during "Cool Art, Hot Ice". (I didn't understand the theme for that one, stage team gets a point for understanding.) I've been performing on-stage, under the stage, and worked behind the scenes before for 6 years now. And the entertainment felt lackluster. I do understand if there were new performers, but there's not the spark that should get people going, even if it lit up people. For "Can't Stop The Rock" specifically, the only times people cheered were during the end of songs and when Rochelle was on stage Honestly, I still loved this cruise anyway. A lot of the negative experience was mostly because of management. I can see myself coming back on Royal Caribbean, but maybe once things settle down post-COVID. Things didn't feel right, but nothing felt wrong either.
  3. Yes that is exactly what I meant. I am very much leaning into the "Disney gay" stereotype right now for content.
  4. Thanks for the advice for contacting the embassy/consulate. I think I might look there for answers.
  5. Thank you for telling me about travel agents! I've tried telling my family that agents shouldn't cost extra but couldn't explain why. And I do think that I might not even need to reserve shows considering how small Adventure is tbh.
  6. Hey y'all! I'm sailing on July 2nd from Cape Liberty for 5 nights to Bermuda on the Adventure of the Seas! I've been playing cruise director for my family and I already have a lot to say about the experience just doing the "boring" stuff after checking in. While I am excited for the voyage itself, I want to compare this experience to my other experiences as a Disney cruiser for most of my childhood (even if it was only like two cruises LMAO). I've had nothing but amazing experiences on there and I've essentially sold my soul to the Mouse because of DCL. I'm willing to let that change though. Royal Caribbean has been a cruise line I've been wanting to sail with ever since the first Symphony of the Seas commercials hit airwaves on TV. It's a dream come true cruising on Royal this year, especially having gone 5+ years without international travel. I've done so much research on Royal Caribbean as a cruise line, Adventure of the Seas as a ship, and as mentioned earlier, have been playing cruise director for my family, researching ports and activities on the ships. For now, I already have some thoughts to share from booking and checking in. We did not book through a travel agent (my family wanted to save as much money as possible easing back into international travel like this. At 17, what else can you do ), so trying to get connecting inside cabins was a pain. Every time we found rooms next to each other, they weren't connecting. If we tried finding a new price, those rooms wouldn't be available unless we went back to the previous settings. This was low-key a dealbreaker because we preferred having that access to each other's rooms. We eventually gave up on the idea and settled on rooms adjacent to each other. Making reservations on the cruise planner website was ridiculously easy. On DCL, there was no way to plan your cruise as extensively and as easy as how Royal has it set up. We were able to reserve almost everything we wanted except for theater shows. I'm not too mad about it, but it was interesting. Maybe it could've been because we were too far out until the sailing. Checking in... waiting had to have been the worst part. We booked around mid-April and just waiting got the gears going for me. I like to look cute on a vacation and have fun doing so and knowing where and when we were going might have almost cost me my Pinterest account here and there. ANYWAY, checking in had to have been the easiest thing ever. I punched in everyone's data on my computer and we were basically set. The one concern I did have was the lack of resources available to us to make sure my mom (a Philippine citizen and American permanent resident) would be allowed to travel into Bermuda without a visa. Everyone thinks she's good, but we're on the lookout for an answer. (If anyone does have any answers, please check out this thread to help a concerned son out.) I'm über-excited for this cruise, especially with how it's just right after summer break for me. Entering senior year with a bang we are!
  7. Afternoon y'all! My family and I are sailing on Adventure OTS to Bermuda in July later this year. All of us except for my mom are American citizens. She's Filipino. We're concerned that she needs a visa to enter and it might not get approved in time, but also confused because she's a permanent resident here in the US. To add onto that confusion, the official government website for Bermuda does not provide any clear (layman's terms lol) definitions or state which countries are visa exempt. Would my mom's green card be a valid visa? Would she need to get a visa approved to enter Bermuda? It's been a while and we've never had to experience this kind of problem before. Thank you everyone!
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