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  1. I’m on the Anthem right now - security coming back to the ship was EXTREMELY strict. Anyone with any pastries was told (loudly) to either get out of line and eat them or throw them away. People were trying to eat cannoli and Boston cream pies as fast as possible. It was not a happy scene. FYI - this was the Boston port security - not Royal’s....
  2. We're also on the 10/10 sailing on Anthem - we're in a regular balcony and have bid on a Grand Suite....still no word and fingers crossed!
  3. If you are going on the Oasis or the Allure and want a traditional fixed dining time, you select either early or late and Royal assigns you a dining room. MTD is American Icon on Deck 3, and traditional is either Silk on 5 or Grande on 4. You find out your assignment when you get your Sea Pass card - I suppose if you don't get Grande you could try asking to be moved once on board....
  4. Keep in mind that if you take a bit of a soda flavor to sample, you wont be able to fill your cup the rest of the way until after the waiting period is over! That tripped us up a couple of times.....
  5. Matt - I just sent along the Teen Compass from the June 5 Allure to your email - hope it helps!
  6. I think I still have the Teen Compass from our recent Allure sailing, and would be happy to scan it and send it to Matt.....
  7. We have booked a cruise on the Allure - so excited! We selected a D4 balcony cabin on deck 9. I am trying to figure out whether it has the bed by the closet or the balcony, and have heard conflicting info. Some people say to find the nearest connecting cabin, take the right hand room, and then alternate balcony, closet, balcony, closet from there. Others say that ALL triple and quad cabins have beds by the closet. According to method 1 we have booked a 'bed by the closet' room, and would love to have the bed by the balcony. According to #2, there's no point, since they're all the same. Would love to hear from anyone who has booked this category. Also, I have seen photos with the sofa bed open for the night, and it appears to almost fully block the balcony doors. True, or is there room to maneuver past and go out on the balcony? I tend to wake up in the middle of the night and like to go out and peek at the ocean, but don't want to squeeze past DD sleeping in the sofa bed and possibly wake her up. If the bed is by the closet, how much room is there between the bed and the closet? DH is 6'4" and want to make sure he has room. We have only ever sailed on DCL, so are used to larger staterooms. Thanks!
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