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  1. I had dinner at Giovanni's and I loved it
  2. I sailed on Allure back in June. I also booked embarkation day lunch at Chops. I agree, it was a great way to start our cruise! Maybe you are not seeing the option for May yet? Maybe they will add it later - closer to the cruise date??
  3. I was recently in Victoria - arriving by ferry from Vancouver, heading to Seattle. Since I was arriving in 1 port (Swartz Bay) and needed to get to another port (James Bay) 20 miles away and had all day to get there, I had hired Alset Tours (https://www.teslatours.ca/). Their fleet of cars are all Tesla. We had the owner, Kevin Belanger, take us around Victoria, visiting wineries and breweries. Kevin customized the trip to our wants. It was fantastic. So, if you are stuck going to Victoria and looking for something a little bit different than the usual RC shore excursions, try looking at other tour operators and getting something custom made for your interests. Or, just stay on board and enjoy a nearly empty ship. There are so many options.
  4. I just read that Allure MAY be schedule for its upgrades in 3 years. But don't hold your breath.
  5. I love my TA for that reason - knowing my preference and taking the time to make sure I get what I want.
  6. I can't add much to this discussion except for this: Most of us tip according to a percentage of our bill. For example, most of us will tip 15% to 20% of our restaurant bill. However, RC changes a set price per day. So, it makes sense for them to increase the gratuities ever couple of years. The fact that they only do it once every 3 to 4 years even if the cruise prices have increase during that time means the staff is shorted before the next increase. It also makes sense for RC to have a fix rate since how much we each pay varies widely across the board. A percentage would not make sense. Yes, I prepaid the gratuities because I don't want the bill at the end of the cruise and because I know that I won't be able to find the people behind the scenes to thank them with a tip. Yes, even with prepaying the gratuities, I still tip more to brighten up someone day. Especially since I can afford to. I don't know if this will chance once I am a fixed income but it feels good to do it today.
  7. When I went, there was no loop so that makes sense. Thanks.
  8. I was also told to make sure you are on the left side of the train for the best views - if I remember that right. But if I am wrong - maybe someone can correct me.
  9. This is one reason why I always prepay my gratuities as early as possible. Not only will my CC bill be smaller at the end of the cruise but I also don't have to worry about unexpected increases.
  10. Thanks for the advice about calling for a paper copy. I will remember that for my next cruise.
  11. You can only sign up for it one you are on board. Just click on the bubble in the upper right corner of the RC app. You will get a screen, listing the price ($1.99/day), and telling you that you can only communicate with others who had purchased the service.
  12. I was on June 19th Allure of the Sea. Both my husband and I had taken the Walgreens Rapid NAAT test. The test results were accepted
  13. I was in June 19th Allure of the Sea. Both my husband and I had taken the Walgreens Rapid NAAT test. The test results were accepted!
  14. I want to give everyone a heads up. Back on June 17 and 18th, my family of 6 were getting their pre-cruise Covid tests. Our cruise was on June 19th. Most of my family had issues. One sister elected to get the a lab test on June 17th, the one that takes 24-48 hours. Why the full blown test? I don't know why but that is what she thought she needed. But she started to worry so she went to CVS for a second lab test. Yes. Another 24-48 hour test. It was a good thing that she did because she never got the results from the first test. These tests were taken in PA. My husband and I went to our NH Walgreen for a rapid NAAT test on Friday morning. We were supposed to get our test results in 2 to 4 hours. No such luck. It was only after 12 hours and after our flight to FL that we had received our test results. My second sister and her husband went to Walgreen in Florida on the morning of June 18th for their rapid NAAT tests. They never received their results. They ended up spending $100 EACH for a rapid test at the Royal Caribbean terminal. The crew wanted my sister to wait for her original results. Fortunately, she asked to be given the new tests since she NEVER received the first results. She was about 2 hours delayed in boarding. She had an 11 am boarding times. My brother from Vegas was the only one who did not have a problem. Talk about pressure! I hope our experience is a one off problem and no one else runs into these problems.
  15. I went 2 days early for my last cruse. It was an easy decision for me to make since my cruise was on a Sunday and my flight was after work on a Friday. I had fun visiting with my sister and soaking up that FL sun. I have never been so relaxed before a cruise before. I even got my COVID test on Friday morning.
  16. I thought the same but I did not even come close. After the first day, I kind of forgotten about the mocktails. I did dribble that freshly squeeze OJ every morning.
  17. The rooms should be available by 2. But as a back up, she could always carry a casual outfit in her carry on. Then she could change either before or after her massage in a public bathroom.
  18. I just got off the Allure. My siblings and I all purchased the CHAT to help keep in touch with each other. Only the people using chat needs to pay for chat. It helped us keep in touch. The only problem I had was there was no notification of new chat messages. I would recommend it.
  19. I had Chops as my embarkation lunch meal. It was very good. All 6 of my family members agreed.
  20. I just got off of Allure of the Sea. My family did the Chef's Table - which was fantastic. My husband was in a suit while my brother-in-law was in a button down shirt. Both were dressed appropriately.
  21. There is a separate PDF form that you would need to fill out. The PDF and your brokerage account should be emailed to [email protected] The body of the email should contain the following information: Please process the shareholder benefit for my upcoming cruise as follows: Guest Name: XXXXXXXX Ship: NNNNNN of the Seas Sail Date: MONTH DD, YYY Booking Number: ###### My brokerage statement is attached. Please let me know if there are any issues. NOTE: The brokerage account statement needs to be relatively recent. You should also redact all info on the brokerage account except your name, the date, and number of RCL shares. https://www.rclinvestor.com/content/uploads/2019/07/RCL-Shareholder-Onboard-Credit-Offer-Request-Form.pdf More information can be found on this thread: Royal Shareholder OBC Good luck!
  22. Also, there are European style outlets. If you have a converter, you can have another outlet.
  23. From what I have read, the lockers are free.
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