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  1. I love the beach club. Think of it as 'suite' life on Perfect Day. LOL!
  2. This is from the RCL website: Final payment of the balance must be received at Royal Caribbean's offices at least 75 days prior to the sailing date for 1 - 4 night cruise vacations and 90 days prior to the sailing date for 5-night or longer cruise vacations. The payment schedule for groups is different from that of individuals. You will usually have access to your cruise documents 30 days prior to your sailing as long as your reservation is finalized.
  3. You are going to have to give us a class on how to pick out the best slot machine and how to play them. I am usually out of money after the first 5 minutes. I don't really care about winning the big bucks but I would like to stretch out my fun.
  4. I feel sorry for the people who had morning or early afternoon flights. What a hot mess. Enjoy your remaining time in FL.
  5. Gee, I guess I have missing out on all the fun because I go to bed around 11 pm. Next time I cruise, I will definitely go people watching in the bars around 1 am. LOL!
  6. Excuse me for asking a dumb question but what is KSF?
  7. You will be purchasing a single package (recommend surf and stream for youtube). Then you will be able to select 1, 2, 3, or 4 devices. It is cheaper that way instead of purchasing 3 packages for 1 device each.
  8. Don't forget that you can lower that 6+ mixed drinks/day amount by considering all the other beverages the DBP includes. Have a glass or two of freshly squeeze OJ along with a specialty coffee or two in the morning. Then have a few sodas at lunch and a milkshake in the afternoon. Finally, make sure you grab a few water bottles during the day and keep them in your room's refrigerator. The following is old but you can get an idea of how much you would need to drink to break even. OR just consider the convenience of getting a drink whenever you want as part of the price. Beer – $8.25 Glass of wine – $9 to $16+ Cocktail – $14 Spirit and mixer – $9 to $11+ Soda – $3.50 Coffee – $4 Bottle of water – $3
  9. But at least they cracked the claws for you. That would have been the hardest part. And those are HUGE Claws!!
  10. I would recommend having a list of restaurants and times in your hand (or phone) as you board. But also have a plan B and a plan C just in case you can't get your first choices.
  11. Just be careful. For example, Radiance has a 2 bedroom Owners Suite. It says it can sleep 8 but it only has 2 bedrooms with either 2 t win beds or a single King bed and a double sleep sofa. The Royal Loft Suite has the same. So the question you will need to answer is who is willing to sleep on the sleep sofa in the living room area? It may be just me but I would want a bedroom with a door, even if I am cruising with my family. But the lure of a suite may outweigh my discomfort of sleeping on a sleep sofa in the living room. YMMV.
  12. I googled this question: How far in advance can you renew your passport. Here is the answer: You can renew your passport whenever you want if you have good reason to do so. You should include a letter explaining the motive for the request along with the renewal application if it is submitted more than 9 months prior to the expiration date. How long does it take? Routine is 6 to 9 weeks. Expedited takes 3 to 5 weeks (with an extra cost).
  13. Hi @joannabanana. Welcome to Royal Caribbean Blog. You may want to repost your questions on the Royal Caribbean Discussion site or the Shore Excursion site instead of this live blog site. Your posting will get more visibility. To try to answer your question, getting on board as soon as possible is a benefit for several reasons: 1) You can have lunch. 2) You can book any specialty dining. 3) You can book your entertainment. 4) You can take a swim before the pools get too crowded (carry your swimsuit in your carryon luggage since the rooms may not be available until 2). If you don't care for specialty dining or you don't want to deal with potential long lines to get on board early, then go with a later time. This way your rooms may be available and you can go directly there.
  14. Agree. Get a new agent. That is why I use an agent - so they can go to bat for me. I hate to push my elder aunt (who is my TA) but she will even tell you that that is why she is there. She has no problem sitting on the phone for hours until she gets an answer I want. NO guarantees of course. But that is how she earns her commissions and have people keep coming back to her even though she is semi-retired.
  15. Nothing yet. It may still be a supply chain issue. But I have read that some people have success using their old ones. They bring them on board and get them reprogrammed at Guest Services. Can anyone confirm this rumor as true?
  16. Once you have mailed off your application, you can track the status of your passport here: https://passportstatus.state.gov/
  17. Here are the processing times taken directly from the US Passport website: (https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports.html) Routine: 6 to 9 weeks* Expedited: Costs an extra $60. Takes 3 to 5 weeks.* *Processing times begin the day we receive your application at a passport agency or center, not the day you mail your application or apply. Expedited at Agency or Center: Must have international travel in the next 14 calendar days.
  18. I believe that some suites have only a single bedroom while the larger suites only only 2 bedrooms. So I am not sure if the suites will give you want you are looking for. What we have done when we have gone on long trips is one person would be in an interior room just for sleeping. Then that person would join the family to hang out on the balconies. Not sure if that would work for your family.
  19. I don't think anyone was recommending having the kids just wander all over the ship. But if they are in the AO and was going to meet their parents for lunch at the MDR, they really don't need to be escorted at 11 year old. I think they are old enough to make that journey by themselves. But it really all depends on how mature the children are. Some 11 year old can do it while some 18 year old can not. Or maybe the child wants to leave AO because they are bored and wants to meet up with their parents. The internet will allow them to keep in contact with their parents to ask them where they should me.
  20. @Ampurp85Thanks for taking care of those kids. I would love to know why the parents walked away. Did they think another family member had them? We will never find out.
  21. @TheRick- I noticed in your live blog that you had attended the sushi making class. Did your granddaughter attend? If so, did she like it? Was it appropriate for her age? Thank you.
  22. Wow, all this time I have been drinking a Bloody Caesar? I am from Ohio and my father always made his bloody mary with 1/2 tomato juice and 1/2 clamato juice. I love it!
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