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  1. I sailed on Symphony in Oct out of Miami and took full advantage of the Suite embarkation line. Check in was scheduled for 1pm. Arrived at 12:30 and was on board in the promenade by 12:50. It was glorious!
  2. How about just picking up the phone and calling before doing anything if you are worried, concerned or afraid that things may not go exactly as you think they should.
  3. A bit unrelated but here goes anyway…we were awarded Royal Up on Symphony sailing in Oct (2days notification). Had no issues printing new luggage tags at home. Apparently our upgraded room still showed as empty on the cabin logs for the floor as did not have any cabin service on embarkation day, nor next morning. A quick call to Guest Service got it squared away though.
  4. Ran into the same issue on Symphony in October. Despite the UDP showing up (various times) in Cruise Planner, when I tried booking I got the same message. Even when calling Royal they confirmed the package was not available for Booking online. I learned that it was simply “sold out” online despite it showing up as an option in the planner. I was able to upgrade on the ship from 3night to UDP without any issues.
  5. Correct…I booked all speciality dining (we had the UDP) directly on the app as soon as we got on the ship. I wanted to review the one sheet with all the major showtimes before booking. Couldn’t have been easier. I can’t speak to the linked reservations functionality unfortunately.
  6. For what it’s worth, I had zero issues booking all reservations directly in the app once onboard (Symphony)
  7. You can make reservations directly from the app once onboard. No need to visit guest services.
  8. Here a quick snapshot of show times from my sailing on Symphony. I suspect times would be similar but not necessarily exact. V= vaccinated…E= Everyone Comedians sold out first, they ended up opening 2 more shows in the main theatre for everyone as a result.
  9. No, it was not open for dinner on our cruise but chances increase with every sailing.
  10. I was quite surprised (and happy) with the royal up from CP balcony to JS. I bid $300 p/p on Symphony and think I could have gotten it for even less. Being able to “skip” the lines on embarkation day was a huge bonus. Also, I found the JS room category to be well wort. It. The walk in closet, bathtub, large balcony and extra living space sold me.
  11. Ran into the same issue on Symphony with cruise planner, however was able to purchase within 10mins of boarding the ship.
  12. It’s back! I believe it restarted on Symphony in early October.
  13. Here you go…hope this helps. Keep in mind this is Eastern Caribbean itinerary
  14. 2704 was the number I was provided, but I also saw Matt post a reader shared somewhere ~2800. Fair to say under 3000 in total. Windjammer still closed for dinner.
  15. Happy to offer up answers for anyone one with q’s about Symphony of Seas. Much and respect the message board moderators. Absolute best place for an RCL education. I plan to offer a comprehensive review as a 1st time RCL cruiser post return home (for what it’s worth).
  16. I’m on Symphony sailing right now (Oct 23rd - Eastern Caribbean). I can verify that Playmakers does broadcast Fox. We watched NFL last Sunday (Eagles vs Raiders) and they are broadcasting the World Series, all of which are on Fox. I believe there’s a strong likelihood you’ll be able to catch the game.
  17. Walked past his office today on Symphony
  18. Boarded Symphony today and rooms were not ready until 2pm. We “tried” several times to get access but was directed away each time. We had 1pm check in time. Showed up at 1230 and was able to get checked in immediately (JS stateroom). Made it through and onboard by 1245.
  19. I booked a CP balcony on Symphony 10.23 and my best royal up offer was a JS. My assumption was that the list of options were tied to C&A status (I’m a newbie to RC) but that’s just pure speculation. i don’t think I would downgrade in hopes to get a better upgrade option. Only downgrade if it fits all your other needs. Royal Up should be a bonus, but not part of your decision rationale (imo)
  20. So…I checked on my set sail pass tonight and was pleasantly surprised to see our room was changed to a JR Suite for our Symphony departure on Saturday. I have not received an email yet stating my offer was accepted and our luggage tags still show the original room. Should I expect the luggage tags to be updated as well before we leave or should I call and have them confirm/update?
  21. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/1916817-lock-on-balcony-door/ this is an oldie but might help
  22. Equally interested in the answer. I don’t underhand how the UDP is sold out but yet I can book individual reservations at any restaurant every night through cruise planner.
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