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  1. Apologies for not getting back to this earlier. Credits were received on my Royal Caribbean Credit Card on Jan 21st. So there appears to be a four day period between being issued and being credited.
  2. Further update received. Royal advise cruise planner refunds were sent on Jan 17, so I need to check with Credit Card company to find out why not applied to the account yet. For that, I will allow to 01/25/21 before I reach out to them.
  3. Partial success, received an email with FCC numbers in it last evening. Still waiting on word about cruise planner refunds.
  4. Sadly, we will not be able to partake. A shame because I really do want to return to Dominica. We were scheduled to go with Serenade in 2018, but unfortunately hits from 3 hurricanes in succession shut that idea down. In 1978, I was the guy on TV hauling down the Union Flag after Princess Margaret read the order of independence. So we deliberately booked a return on the year of the 40th anniversary
  5. We did this on Navigator in Feb, and I have to say, it was a great time and totally recommended. I wont spoil it by giving you all the details, because we each have things we all enjoy etc. But it was very much worth it
  6. We are in the same position, and additionally have not seen cruise planner refunds to the credit card, although we have the emails to say they are happening. This morning I emailed Royal to ask for a status update. The first step in the chase. I will give it another 7 days to see responses then will expedite by phone if needed.
  7. For us, Brilliance will always hold a special place. She was the first as a birthday present to Sheryl, and I finally said yes. Instant conversion from the moment I felt the living soul of Brilliance under my feet.
  8. We have contemplated returning to ships we have cruised on previously. There are always things we talk about relating to each ship (particularly Brilliance) and while the models arent exactly a motivator for rebooking on a previous ship, it is a bonus that we can pick up the models we didnt buy. We return to Navigator Sep 21, this time the model comes home. Serenade, Freedom and Brilliance to follow.
  9. The good cigars are special. One of those and a fine brandy in a crystal brandy balloon out on my pool deck 4 times a year. It is my "you made it" moment. I won't give the full tale of woe, suffice to say I was born into the slums of late 50s Liverpool and will retire in Florida.
  10. We had made final payment on our Feb 21 5 nights on Independence, then whammo, cancelled. Out of the options available, we are going to take the FCC and rebook for Feb 22, leapfrogging our current Sep 21 4 nights on Navigator. We had booked a JS, so we may take the 125% and put it towards a grand suite and absorb the balance. Yes we were disappointed the Feb 21 sailing was cancelled, but there is an advantage here, and we always look for the positive.
  11. I may have to follow you on that. I did pick up some hand rolled havana cigars in Nassau. They were astoundingly good. So I can't wait to get more. Yes I know they are bad for me, but they are an occassional indulgence.
  12. A ship name Tshirt is an absolute for Sheryl, if it is purple, so much the better. My take away is 2 large bottles of Captain Morgan Private Reserve.
  13. If RCL say masks are mandatory, and give instruction on where and when they are to be worn, then Sheryl and I will be wearing them. To us it is more important to cruise than to worry about the mask.
  14. This is a more cultured way of saying "Taking the Mickey" or having a laugh at the speakers expense.
  15. I havent seen anyone mention my own packing hack, so I am surprised. Disposable plastic shower caps. One shoe fits perfectly inside, so the soles (and whatever bacteria may be on them) are effectively prevented from coming into contact with clothing.
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