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  1. Do not miss the bogged down elevators after a show, embarkation day, disembarkation day
  2. Think if anyone has an upcoming cruise this year (that actually goes). Guests should isolate themselves 14 days before they leave for the airport/port minimizing the contagion vectors prior to travel. So if they get sick after the cruise, there's an indication it came from the travel event (and not brought on-board). And then at least high probability you become symptomatic after your trip and not during.
  3. Wonder if Silverseas line is able to spin up faster (get back to sailing) with the smaller ships. They'll have penned up demand too.
  4. That's interesting. Guess the return on investment (ROI) is better completely buying a high end line than completing amplification.
  5. Feel better about being on a cruise ship than the aircraft to get me to the port.
  6. Think everyone has heard first cruising will be done at reduced capacity. Rumor (just seen it in a couple of articles) that the break even point on a ship is about 30% - probably depends greatly on the class of ship and itinerary. We also probably know the entire fleet will not be sailing to begin with. Maybe 4-8 ships per line will start. Those who participate on this site alone will account for a lot of penned up demand. Also rumor that the rooms used for initial cruising will be the higher revenue rooms - balconies, suites upper decks. (And fuel is cheap so far). Therefore - there might be some decent profit even with operating at the reduced capacity. We'll have dollars chasing goods & services which is inflationary - prices don't have to be dropped. Just a theory
  7. What's really cool on Oasis is go to Deck 7 (cabins on that deck) and walk to the front of the ship as far as it goes. Look toward the stern and you'll see a tiny light which is an exit leading to the Aquatheater. Its the one interior deck you can look unobstructed from bow to stern (no obstructions or bends/turns). You really get a feel for the size of the ship.
  8. We use 2 agents (when not booking ourselves) One is an agent who I noticed on Youtube and the pitch made pushed me to give him a try. First cruise went well, was very responsive, able to give us a little OBC, Using him for second for a Nov cruise (if it happens),and again, was able to get us a little OBC that our non-Youtube agent could not. We're operating under strange times, so lots of churn with cancellations, bumps, L&S, FCC etc . I haven't had a cancellation (yet) so informed on how he'll operate under distressed situations. We haven't had to have those phone calls for contingency planning. We've had very good luck so far, but with the stuff that's going on - who knows.
  9. If you travel a lot during a year. You can purchase an annual policy with some companies.
  10. Ditto's. We ran into neighbors on a chef's table on the Equinox . Funny who you run into on ships.
  11. When we sailed Symphony in the summer of '18, we asked about the chef's table. At that time (and we haven't sailed her since then), they made a decision not to offer a chef's table because of the large number of dining venues on the ship. Do not know if that's changed, but we really enjoy them. First one we did was on Oasis and it was a great experience.
  12. We really enjoyed the Secret Underground River at Playa de Maya. It can be somewhat physical. You wear a wet suit and walk/float through underground caves. Not for the claustrophobic but a really neat experience. Finishes up with a nice lunch. Will need to take a ferry (fine as long as the water is smooth) and a van ride to the site.
  13. Everyone is going to get it. Just a matter of time. Do you pull off bandaids fast or slow?
  14. Thinking the same. Except Oct could be the early side of the restart. Mid Sept will be tough to make.
  15. Here's a friendly story: https://www.foxnews.com/travel/health-expert-cruise-ship-safer-travel-coronavirus
  16. I just went back to the RC website and not there. Now can see only 7 day. They were in the Nov-Dec 2021 timeframe and was a rotation from Europe. With a followup 11 day from Galveston to the canal. Wondering if it was post-amplification which is now cancelled. Sorry for that.
  17. Thanks - Makes sense. Could be equivalent of a "Staff Captain"
  18. We've done the stingray city. With variants, you can add sailing, turtles etc. Good times. We found driving around the island, to get away from the port area is pretty nice. Its a nice island and you'll appreciate better if you get away from port area.
  19. Had issues with "timing" out. Guessing it was a loading issue.
  20. Makes you wonder, under the new circumstances, if the lines might not elect to hire folks from countries that cannot/will not repatriate their own citizens? Its a risk they have no power to mitigate.
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