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  1. Equinox is much smaller than Oasis and does not have any toys. Pools, hot tubs, bars & restaurants. Smaller ship, better crew/passenger ratio, and I've experienced a better service and dining experience. Celebrity and Royal are different in what they offer. Royal is clearly more of a family with/ or without kids line - lots of ship activities (water slides, rock climbing , carousel , escape room, rock climbing, ice skating, and far more eating/drinking options) whereas Celebrity is more focused on adult clientele - no toys. Quieter, focused more on dining and entertainment. Both have casinos. Oasis class offer large theater productions and aqua theater, Celebrity - more modest entertaining offerings.
  2. When ever I pay off, I call RCL and ask for a 0 balance folio. They've alway's been good about it.
  3. Sailed them once, and it was enough (just like Carnival). Remember the service was exceptionally bad.
  4. Not sure it really mitigates anything, catches a few carriers. But most likely a lot more un-confirmed +s are getting on-board. As we've moved on to living with this bug, might as well drop it. A zero infection case strategy is impossible.
  5. I just rechecked my final folio, and did not find any service charge for adding $$ to casino account from ship account.
  6. As of 2 weeks ago, I didn't. Had about $200 OBC in my bank. I went to the casino and asked to move money from my ship account casino account. They gave me a ticket to play in the machines, which I promptly played a spin then cashed out at the window. I didn't see any charge on my folio. Other than the amount I moved.
  7. The service is definitely better as there's a better guest/crew ratio. Regarding the food, there are good menu days and less attractive menu days. If you're not satisfied with the menu on a particular day, you can order from one of the 4 MDRs also. We've done that especially for appetizers.
  8. Odyssey in Naples with us this morning
  9. Currently sailing on a 3 June Med itineraries. 1968 boarded, ship has a 1% infection rate. Service great. Masks required in casino, theater and Celebrity buses. All our ports have been normal as protocols are dropped Italy, Greece, Croatia, Montenegro. Hoping the dropping of US return testing is real as we fly home early next week. No official word from airline or cruise line.
  10. Great. Current in Italy and fly home next week. Have not seen anything from my airline or any change to VeriFLY. Doesn’t come into effect until 12:01 AM Sunday. Have tests just in case.
  11. It's just a crap shoot. But, wouldn't let that get in the way of a good cruise, especially if you're getting the right price. If there's an issue, the ship will steer away from the bad stuff. And there could be itinerary changes. You just don't know in the Caribbean, which is I favor Alaska, west coast or Med cruises during hurricane season.
  12. Yes - innovative hull design - different angle on the bow . Also the blue coating is more than just a paint - its has a special composition to resist barnacles and reduce drag. All the ships will end up with that same coating as it reduces fuel consumption.
  13. There was a glass blowing/craft class on some of the Solstice class ships.
  14. Is the correct strategy to operate the whole fleet or operate a smaller fleet that is better staffed and provisioned? Too many dissatisfied guests will reduce future bookings. Overall prices are up and the effects of higher fuel hasn't kicked in yet. Of course, the industry (and other travel industries) is still being held back with health protocols too. Many are not sailing because of the rules to get to/from home countries.
  15. Reading a common theme from the some folks who unfortunately tested positive at the end of their European cruise. For Americans, exit testing is required within 1-day of return flight to US. You want to perform that exit test BEFORE getting off ship. If you or your partner test positive, and asymptomatic or mild symptoms, you have the option to remain in quarantine on the ship, meaning there is not a need to find a quarantine hotel and wait for the clear to travel test. This means you need a proctored internet test and the premium service to connect to the proctor. The basic internet service is not sufficient to maintain connectivity. Current protocol has Celebrity distributing that final test kit after you've disembarked leaving it you to find adequate internet service to administer the test. And if positive, you'll have to arrange a quarantine hotel somewhere.
  16. No toys on Celebrity. Focused on culinary, entertainment, and service experience. More of an adult experience (not much for kids to do). Edge class ships offer more included dining and premium dining options and are priced higher as newer. Sail 3 classes of ship: Millennium, Solstice, and Edge. All three have unique feel, but we now prefer Edge (more culinary options) and Solstice. ts all personal preference. Read about experiences from those who sailed and see what resonates.
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