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  1. I see you are in PSL. Me too !! We just built a house in Riverland but we had been in SLW for a year before. Small world.
  2. Simply gorgeous ! I'm so jelly. It took a while, but the end result was [hopefully] worth the wait.
  3. Whew ! Glad to know the price hasn’t gone up on the CT. I don’t recall the 18% being tacked on but it probably was.
  4. You’re welcome. Sorry there was no price drop
  5. Wow ! $88 ? Was that total, or per person ? The last time we were SC and had the Chefs Table we were charged $25 PP (which I thought was outrageous !). No way would I pay $88 or even $44 for the wine at CT. Neither of us even really drinks wine. I usually take a little sip and leave the rest. In all of the SC cruises we have taken I can only remember being charged for an over-the-limit drink once (and that on time WAS an expensive wine (Caymus, I think) at Vintages). They normally just let it go. Either they are just VERY strict on Ovation or the program has had some big changes. It seems so petty that they would micro-manage the drink consumption and completely ignore the elements of the Unlimited Dining Package. Interesting that the casino seems to be exempt from the excess charges rule. Who would have guessed ?
  6. Supposedly, the specialty restaurants are noticeably underutilized on the first 2 nights of most cruises. This is due (from what I have heard explained) "new" cruisers don't discover specialty dining until day 3 and beyond ! The explanation goes...that they are trying to fill the specialty restaurants on nights 1 and 2. That's what I've hear.
  7. Not normally. The 3 day package must be used on day 1 or day 2 but I have heard of people being able to push it back in the past. The "rules" however, say that you must use it on either day 1 or day 2.
  8. The GT (2BR GS) is retailing for $5625PP. Of course, you must factor in promos and discounts to get a final price but at least you should be able to see if the base price has changed. If the base price that you paid is greater than $5625PP then you should definitely contact your TA and have them check to see if you have a overall reduction.
  9. Unfortunately, with a sold-out cabin category your TA is your only way of doing a price check. If you give me the sail date I will probably be able to give you the current full retail (no discounts or promos) rate and hopefully that will give you an idea whether the price is up or down but that’s only part of the story…
  10. I am not much of a wine drinker and I have NO wine sensitivity at ALL but that Mondavi Oberon is my absolute favorite.
  11. Welcome, Luke. Congratulations on the awesome ATS deal. You won’t be sorry…until it’s time to book your next cruise….and you realize you are totally spoiled for anything except for SC ! It’s very addictive.
  12. Yes. This is correct. You are required to pay any additional taxes and port fees, if they are greater than the original fees. It is very common.
  13. Sorry, I know this is the wrong thread....but I have been thinking about you and your pool project. Would you please post an update and let us see the final product ?? I want to see some splashing and noodle-floating !
  14. Sorry. I didn't really mean to laugh. I'm sure it was humiliating at the time but the mental image ! WHEW !
  15. In all the times that I have been to that website and looked at my offers, I never noticed that menu ! Thank you
  16. So sorry to hear that your husband tested positive. Will you have time to re-test ?
  17. Repricing can be pretty confusing b/c there are so many factors that have to be considered. This is the sequence that I use to see if there has been a price drop or not : 1. Has the base price of my cruise changed ? This is the original, retail per person price before any discounts have been applied. 2. What are the current discounts ? This is the hard part. You have to be able to determine what the current offers are and that can be confusing but the bottom line is all that matters. If the base price has gone down but the current reductions are also less than your original price then there may or may not be an actual overall price reduction. Check each one to see if it still applies or if there are any new or different ones. 3. When you call make SURE that the agent applies ALL of the effective promotions and discounts. I had an issue with this very recently. The agent (this was a casino comp so I was working with a casino agent) told me that my current price was lower than the “new” price but I knew that was wrong b/c the base price had gone down and they were still offering all of the promo/discounts of my original pricing so I knew there HAD to be a reduction. After a few minutes of discussion she realized that she had not applied one of the discounts. She made that change and sure enough, the overall price went down ! This can really get confusing when you start talking about Kids Sail Free or Single Supplement pricing and since none of those ever applies to me, I’m useless !
  18. I really don't know the answer for sure, but I think there is a very good chance that the cruisefare would be repriced if you removed pax at this point. The advice that I think you will receive here is to simply have the 2 young'uns be no-shows at the pier. Basically, do nothing...but they simply don't come along. You would be refunded taxes and port fees for them but the cruisefare would not change. I would discuss this with your TA if you booked through one and there's no down side to calling Royal to ask them if you booked directly.
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