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  1. What great news ! I am so happy for all of you.
  2. 23 of 24 of my cruises are back but all of the cruises that have converted to "My Royal Cruise" is locked out of the planner. UGH. 1 step forward, 2 steps back. My 12 March 2022 Symphony cruise is still missing. It went missing this time yesterday.
  3. My CP shows -0- upcoming cruises. I will try back later.
  4. I wouldn’t worry too much. I’ve been reading that many peoples’ cruises are temporarily disappearing from the website. My 12 March 2022 Symphony cruise disappeared this morning and is still missing. Someone else booked on that cruise said it’s still showing up in their upcoming cruises so I’m sure it’s just a Royal IT glitch. Go figure !
  5. The 12 March 2022 SY cruise is missing from my list. In other news, access to my Cruise Planner is still FUBAR.
  6. Congratulations !!!!!!! Have a GREAT time.
  7. YIPPEE !!! So happy to hear that you are moving in the RIGHT direction. Keep up the good work and good luck with the school recon !
  8. I was going to ask you about that....wondered if they would allow live blogging. My guess is that they would not want that to happen.
  9. I have to agree with @Ampurp85. I also agree with you....if you HAVE to cruise under those conditions, being Star Class would at least make it more comfortable for you...but eating every meal in your suite ? I dunno. If it is possible to go another time, I think I would have to cancel and wait. I feel so bad for you, @Leikela. I know how disappointing it is. I just had to cancel a SC cruise myself. It broke my heart...but it was the right thing to do for us.
  10. YIPPEE !!!!!!!!!! So happy for you. Did you get your Passport back yet ?
  11. That's exactly the way it's been going for me. SOMEtimes it will let me into 1 CP but once I leave that one, it will not allow me back into any other or even back into that same reservation. If I wasn't using Incognito I would swear it was some kind of cookie issue. It's MOST annoying.
  12. Nope. Nothing about any extensions. I have 4 annual comps that haven't been used but the prices on my existing bookings have gone up so much that the comps would actually be more expensive if I tried to convert them to comps. I guess they're just going to waste as I have NO intention of booking any new cruises until the vax protocols allow us to go to the casino. I guess they will just go to waste. Your March 31, 2022 booking should be good to use your annual comp. It just can't be for anything beyond April 1. Good luck using it. I don't know when you booked your cruise originally but if the price has gone up substantially, your annual comp will be useless.
  13. So orry to hear this, Jill. I'm glad he's getting better. Did you say that he had already been vaccinated ?
  14. They charge for iFly and NorthStar if you are on a sailing out of China, otherwise, they are complementary
  15. So THAT'S what's making that clanking sound !
  16. You get the points associated with your original booking. So if you upgrade from a balcony to a suite, you would get the double points associated with the balcony (2 per night). If you upgrade from a room that already has double points (JS or higher) then you would get 2X2 or 4 points per night.
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