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  1. There may be vax requirements to get off the ship but the Mex/CA ports do not require that the ships calling be fully vaccinated the way that St. Thomas and The Bahamas do.
  2. ...and yet they have changed our 11-14-21 AL itin FROM Nassau and St. Thomas TO San Juan and St. Kitts. Even with these changes I doubt they will let the unvaxxed cruise....so I don't see how a port change will really affect the vax requirements. They're gonna do what they're gonna do....unfortutnately.
  3. It is my understanding that all L&S'ing has ended. If, somehow, you were offered a true L&S (nearly unheard of these days), then I would assume that you would keep the double, double points as long as the reservations number does not change.
  4. For specialty restaurants, I', betting that the 25% discount would only apply to onboard pricing and would not apply to the UDP which has to be purchased prior to boarding. I'm also guessing that 25% off of onboard pricing will not be lower than the UDP price. Room service will almost certainly NOT apply to specialty restaurants - only for MDR menus.
  5. The tender ride into Belize is WAAAY longer than the tender ride into Grand Cayman. I'm not a huge fan of Belize.
  6. Sometimes my edocs will come to me directly in an email and sometimes I have to download them from the website. Who knows why....
  7. I remember the trip tiks very well. I can't remember how we got them. I guess maybe we did go to a location and pick them up. Gettin' old. I guess I had forgotten that !
  8. AAA has "locations" ? I've been a AAA member for over 25 years and had no idea that they even had any office locations ! LOL
  9. Welcome to the blog @skyking. The 2 BR ATS has always been a Star Class category. Some of the SC suites on the Asian sailings have been wonky but since Asia never had a full time Oasis class ship, the ATS have, pretty much, always been SC. There is no reason to worry that they won't be on Wonder.
  10. Not dumb at all ! The UDP is a must for us, too. Nobody wants to pay more than they have to !
  11. Very good possibility. The last few BF sales have been somewhat disappointing but there should be SOME kind of sale on BF.
  12. As the others have said, there really isn't a good indication of timing quite yet....but since your cruise is a good ways out yet, I wouldn't worry about it selling out in the near term. ...and sales come and go. If I were you, I would wait until the next sale, buy it and then check periodically to see if the price goes down.
  13. WOW ! Good thing you had the presence of mind to call and ask. I would have made a VERY BAD assumption that it wouldn't be a big deal.
  14. We had Reyno twice as a Genie - both times on Harmony. He’s super high energy. Since he is a former “milit’ry” man, he walks at a forced march pace everywhere he goes. I’m not that fast ! I could never keep up and he never seemed inclined to slow down for me so I was constantly bring up the rear…. Lol Reyno’s strengths are in party planning and party planning. He’s REALLY good at it. I think you’ll really enjoy having Reyno as your Genie.
  15. So very sorry to hear about Scooby. What a cutie. Never easy and even harder when you cannot be there. I have never forgiven myself of leaving my golden in the [doggy] hospital overnight where she died alone and afraid (I just added that last part out of guilt). At least your FB post was a combination of sorrow and humor. That's a very good combination and a good sign. Enjoy the rest of your cruise !!!
  16. Usually, Royal will offer a "special" (read: expensive) meal at one of the specialty restaurants on Christmas Eve and NYE. It is usually Chops but it could be one of the other specialty restaurants. Just be sure that if you want to eat at a specialty restaurant for NYE that you choose one of the ones that is NOT charging extra for the privilege. We are booked for both Christmas and NY (Symphony) and we have the Unlimited Dining Plan on both of those cruises but I am not interested in paying for the "special" menu so I will have to book my Christmas Eve and NYE in one of the "other" restaurants those nights. We often do Izumi on the holiday nights b/c it's rarely crowded and we like the food. My guess is that the MDR will have some kind of festive and special menu on NYE.
  17. I can empathize. It is very hard to go back. And you're right - First Class (or Biz Class) is a game-changer. Enjoy it !!
  18. YIPPEE !!! So you have the whole CC problem fixed and you are good-to-go ? SOOOO happy for you...but sorry too b/c you won't be happy with a balcony ever again....
  19. We have a cruise on Allure 11-14-21. The original itin was Nassau, St. Thomas, St. Maarten. They recently changed it to San Juan, St. Maarten and St. Kitts. This is actually very good news for us as it eliminates all of the prohibited ports and adds new ones that do not prohibit unvaxxed. Whether Royal will let us sail is, of course, a completely different issue....but at least there is hope now.
  20. For real ? For sure ? Are you going to have to sedate Mr. Speednoodles ?
  21. That's the beauty of the cabin crawl. You can be a "see-er" without being a "show-er". I've organized a number of CC over the years - most notably when we are SC. It's a lot of work. I haven't done any recently b/c I just don't have the energy to do it all. The last couple that I organized I was just a "show-er" and did not trek all over the ship to look at others' cabins. In general, people are very interested in seeing the SC rooms and I enjoy showing them off (since I have the incredible help of the Genie, the cabin attendants and generally room service to help !!). But it is fun to see the other cabin types, particularly the less well-known versions.
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