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  1. Hey, Lorraine ! Good to see you on here. It’s been a while.
  2. They’ve certainly eased the FCC requirements from the original “rules”. It used to be much more difficult to use, reuse and otherwise configure FCCs.
  3. We also did the champagne cat a number of years ago. It was one of the best excursions we ever did. Really enjoyed it. As I recall, we stopped at a sand bar and did some snorkeling. Really fun. Dan still wears the long-sleeved T shirt he bought on that excursion.
  4. Congratulations ! This sounds like it is going to be a blast. Excellent job on getting such a great price. I can answer the question re: having 2 different Genies. We were on a cruise (Harmony, I believe) a number of years ago and we had a number of friends with us. One of the groups were in 1 of the Star Loft Suites and we were in an ATS A1. Reyno was our Genie and I cannot recall the name of the lady Genie that they had. She is no longer with Royal. At any rate, they worked together as a GREAT team to plan parties, big dinner gatherings and everything we asked. Besides those of us in SC suites there were a number of others who were in non-suites and the Genies always included everyone. It was wonderful. Keep in mind that you can also request that you have the SAME Genie. I can't guarantee that they would do this but I believe that they would do it if they can.
  5. I know she will live up to your expectations. She is a lovely person. I am sooo bad at gifts. I got her a Pashmina wrap but there was no inspiration there. It was just something I came up with out of desperation. She is from Malaysia if that helps. Probably not. She is very private so she doesn't really share anything about her personal life at all (unlike Joyce who is a chatterbox but such a HOOT !). I am going to punt and tag @Lovetocruise2002b/c she is a much better gift-giver than I. Not sure if you still have time or not but something personalized with her name on it (maybe Etsy ?), similar to what @Lovetocruise2002got Smitha would be really lovely. Sorry to do this to you, Sabrina. Please don't hate me.
  6. You will love Yen. She is an excellent Genie. It takes a little while for her to get to know you…she may seem a bit impersonal at the beginning but she’s really very sweet and extremely efficient. She is also fearless. She’s tiny but mighty ! You're in a really awesome suite, too. Enjoy !
  7. As @smokeybanditmentioned, GC has had a love/hate relationship with cruising for many years. Frankly, they do not need the revenue from cruising like so many other Caribbean destinations do so they will or won't begin allowing cruise ships when they're ready and not before. GC is a very handy stop for cruise ships that leave from south Texas or western FL so it has been a routine stop for a while. I'm guessing that is why it was originally scheduled in but that doesn't mean it will continue to be a cruise ship port of call.
  8. Can you no longer go to Guest Services and get cash if it is refundable OBC ? I have never had to resort to such tactics but I thought you used to be able to get cash at GS.
  9. Hey, Bette. This is Raye. We met you and Bill at the Cascades a few months ago (we are all on the 9-4-22 Voyager TA). We finally moved into our new house in Riverland. Just wanted to say "hi". Glad to see you over here on these boards. CC is such a mess.
  10. Absolutely the Genie will help you. They may have to break your large party into 2 tables of 6 but chances are they will be able to accommodate everyone at one table with the Genies help. Also keep in mind that even though you envision everyone together at one (or 2) table at the same time, the chances are pretty good that someone (or 2 or 5) will have other plans. Trust me on this one. I have been “in charge” of waaaytooo many group cruises and there will always be someone who has something else to do. The term “herding cats” comes to mind. Personally, I would probably not purchase UDP for the entire group unless you are just feeling particularly generous. While you would love to have dinners together with everyone, you should (MO) give everyone the freedom to choose what they want to do and for some, that means grabbing something from the WJ or Sorrentos and moving on. Some may not be into the long, protracted meals that are inevitable with big group specialty dining (or even MDR dining, for that matter). I would really hate for you to “waste” your money on specialty dining that is skipped. Anyway….the Genie will help you coordinate whatever you want to do. This will prove extremely helpful. Trust me….and enjoy !
  11. Wow. You whizzed right by that whole surgery thing ! So glad to hear that it went well and you are recovering comfortably. That will make the cruise that much more special !
  12. I really have no info BUT I would suspect that it has been chartered. A certain lifestyle group charters an O class ship every year in January. In 2022 it is Oasis. I know b/c the 1-16-22 sailing was the middle sailing of a B3B Star Class trio that I had booked. It totally dicked-up my plans (see what I did there ?). So it could be something else but my money is on this explanation.
  13. I really agree with you about the virtues of the Radiance class. I love the sleek and elegant lines of this class with all of the wood and I think the Solariums on this class are the most comfortable. I really like the Radiance class for leisure cruising. When I want to party, I prefer the bigger ships but Radiance ships are refined and glimpse to an earlier classic time for cruising.
  14. I can’t answer this one, either. I have never cruise NYE on an O class ship. My guess is that they would do something special but I don’t know for sure. We will be on Symphony this year for both Christmas and NY (pending vax rules, of course) so I’ll know after that but not now. Sorry !
  15. I agree. We almost never get off in Coz anymore but I love staying on the ship when it’s in port so I’m good with it. I think the same will happen with PDCC unless we have a cabana or the Beach Club reserved and even that will only last so long.
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