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  1. No, I wasn't going to move the cruise or choose a different sailing/ship based on the cost of the DBP. I was not choosing a sailing or ship based on those costs, It was a specific sailing I had inquired about and based on the information I received, I booked the cruise. If the price for the DBP on that particular sailing was not within my budget I would not have booked. I guess I am lucky in that I always end up receiving a cruise fare and DBP price I am comfortable with. I would not have inquired about other sailings to pick and choose based on the different prices.
  2. When I booked directly through RCI, the agent was able to tell me current pricing on the Cruise Planner for the DBP (with regards to a particular sailing) as I wasn't going to commit to booking unless it was a price I was comfortable with. You may be able to call RCI directly and ask for this information then book with a TA.
  3. We were meant to be sailing next Friday from Southampton. Like everyone else on the Blog we are missing the cruise life. We plan on recreatng embarkation day at home, or at least the dining aspect by day drinking Prosecco, Cocktails, and having food delivered while listening to a Royal Caribbean playlist. Not sure what will be on the food menu as of yet, what would be your choice?
  4. I am a healthy eater at home so when I am on a cruise, it's a total junk food diet:) Huge Windjammer breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausages, hash-browns, and more. Lunch is a Hot-dog, Burger, or Fried Chicken. Dinner is two main courses in the MDR, mostly steak! Pizza at Sorrento's is a good evening or late night snack.
  5. If RCI cancelled your cruise they will will change your FCC into a refund as long as you apply by a certain date. • You may request a refund and you’re certificate will be deactivated. You must request your refund by: ◦ December 31, 2021 for sailings departing March 13th – May 11th, 2020, plus Alaska sailings departing May 12th – June 30th 2020, Empress of the Seas June 1st, 2020 & June 12th, 2020 sailings, and May 2020 Voyager of the Seas sailings (excluding May 25th, 2020 sailing). ◦ December 31, 2020 for sailing departing May 12 – June 11th, 2020. This only applies to RCI cancelled cruises, not if you cancelled yourself.
  6. Last Cruise: 231 Days since we sailed on Anthem of the Seas Next Cruise: 170 Days until we sail again on Anthem of the Seas
  7. Still seeing vacation and cruise commercials here in the UK, LOL!
  8. In my opinion it is Very clear that you can accept a full refund or 125% FCC. The terms and conditions for FCC are easy to find and also in my opinion very clear.
  9. Very confusing post. You say "We gamble quite heavily during our cruises" and say "8 years ago and started cruising DCL exclusively" but DCL do not have casinos on their ships?
  10. Just my opinion, but if I wasn't willing to go near NYC next February I wouldn't ever leave the house again. I personally cannot bear to think that this wont be resolved to a large extant by next February, I need a vacation sometime this year:)
  11. Both 3 and 5 night dining package are both being offered on Anthem sailing October 17th 2020.
  12. I got to actually use the survey in the UK, unfortunately I was not given the best service by the sales agent, so wasn't able to give good marks.
  13. Exactly, my thoughts, we don't get many.
  14. Food quality I could see maybe, But the service quality will probably remain at the same level, unless they start recruiting from different areas? Just my opinion.
  15. Anthem Of the Seas - October 17th, 2020 - 10 days, round-trip Sunshine In The Canaries Cruise
  16. I have stated before on this forum: Those of us booking in the UK/EU directly with RCI or through a legitimate travel agent are (ABTA and ATOL protected) fully insured against cancellations and bankruptcy. I would be disappointing for sure if my cruise is cancelled a second time, but not worried about receiving a refund or a future cruise. I believe this is one of the reasons we pay a premium over here and cannot reprice like the US (just my opinion). All package holidays and “flight plus” holidays sold to you in the European Economic Area by ABTA members are financially protected by the ABTA scheme. So if your company goes bankrupt, you'll be able to continue your holiday as planned or get a refund.
  17. When i made my latest booking, the RCI sales agent was able to give me current cruise planner pricing while I was on the phone. I had made it clear my decision to book was based on Cruise planner pricing for my sailing and the price of the DBP specifically. He gave me the current price it was selling for and that was that.
  18. My email says: If you purchased Cruise Planner Items… You can opt-in to receive an Onboard Credit in the value of 125% of the total Cruise Planner purchases on your reservation.
  19. In the UK, severe or chronic Asthma (as classed by some insurers and healthcare) is usually having a hospital visit for it in the last 3 years or using daily nebulisers. If you have asthma and use an inhaler with no further care required, they don't even blink when it's mentioned or at least my travel insurer didn't. If you have really bad asthma I would definitely get a letter from your doctor. My wife has very mild astha and I may get a letter from her doctor prior to our next sailing, but that is still a maybe.
  20. In the UK, RCI sell Cruises as Package Holidays so your cruise/money is fully insured (against bankruptcy) with ATOL and ABTA.
  21. Thank you. Yes, unfortunately the extra 25% does not make up what I gained in incentives on my previous booking. Definitely doesn't make up for the savings (Black Friday) on a drink package or pay for the difference in price on the drink package on the new cruise. It would be different if they allowed your FCC to be used as non refundable OBC (never gonna happen). Such is life, it is what it is, not ruining my cruise buzz at all. I just need to decide refund or FCC :)
  22. Thank you, Yes things can get weird in the UK with pricing for sure, but I agree that most likely I will not be given any consideration to book again, and will be better off getting a refund.
  23. Thank you - I figured as much. Wasn't sure if they would be willing to retain my custom or would rather give me a full refund. In this case it would be most definitely better for myself to get a refund and book a new cruise (with RCI or someone else possibly) vs. the 125% FCC. This is all dependent on RCI cancelling my cruise, as I will be sailing if the cruise goes ahead :)
  24. Does anybody know whether RCI will honor previous offers when they cancel a booking? For instance I was able to take advantage of Black Friday pricing for my May 2020 Cruise, if this gets cancelled and I book a future cruise for October 2020 would I be stuck with whatever prices were on the cruise planner for the future cruise? Or offers made at booking, like reduced deposit and OBC? I plan on asking RCI to offer me the same perks, but just wondered if anybody had any experience. I realize a lot of this would be depend on whether you booked through a TA or with RCI directly. I booked through RCI originally because I was able to twist their arm and get a really good deal for myself. I'm booked for May 15th on Anthem out of Southampton, and basically waiting for the announcement it has been cancelled. Such a shame I was really looking forward to my cruise (like we all were) and as I said got a fantastic deal on booking and through the cruise planner on Black Friday. I hate to see all that pre-planning go to waste:(
  25. 70 days out on Anthem of the Seas with no Entertainment or Activities to book other than the full ship tour. Wonder if its because we are sailing from Southampton (still haven't reached final payment date)?
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