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  1. One thing I did notice in the planner is that because I had previously bought all day thrill park passes, there was a schedule conflict buying passes to the club as well. I had to delete the park passes for the transaction to go through. Frustrating, as I planned to take my son over to the park for part of the day to ride on some slides. I may have to call in to see if i can make a double excursion happen on coco cay.
  2. Booked passes for April 2021 this AM. Cabanas are just a beach...er...bridge too far.
  3. Question - I'm reading the terms Matt posted for this sale to see if I should try to reprice a 7 day 4/2021 cruise in a JS. Many of the discounts for seem to apply to 2020 sailings only. But things like on-board credits don't appear to have a date range. Would this imply that some of the sale items apply to any sailing? Thanks in advance PhuckPhacha
  4. Settled on the Hilton for a day pass. Seems like the best balance of convenience and accommodations.
  5. Thanks Fiona - appreciate that. Yeah, I've been looking at Melia and a handful of the other hotels that have day passes. Thank you!
  6. Hello My wife and I are booked on the 2/2/20 Explorer out of Miami and the first stop is at Nassau. I've bought the VIP beach day at Blue Lagoon as a placeholder excursion, but I'm really confused about the reviews I've read on both the island, and the VIP experience. I'm wondering if anyone has real world experience with the package. Ideally I want a quiet place to lay around and ensure that I'm in an advanced state of refreshment. The idea of an adults only area is appealing, but again, the reviews I've read have a disjointed nature to them that ranges from "the best thing ever" to
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