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  1. Breaking news! There will be some sailings on the Mariner of the Seas and in the Navigator of the Seas with two stops at a perfect day at CocoCay. It’s a pilot, and it’s only available on some selected 4 night sailings.
  2. $69 plus 18% gratuities = $81.42 per day per person.
  3. Hi John, Those sailings for the Harmony of the Seas were cancelled due to the drydock the ship will be at. Call the redeployment desk to get more info about the compensation being offered.
  4. Hi Kirsten, unfortunately complementary items can’t be a exchange or “upgraded”. Neither before getting to the ship or once you get there.
  5. You should contact RCI and one of their supervisors can reach out directly to the head of the royal genies on land and submit the request for you. I’m sure if she’s still working and on the ship you are going they can definitely help you.
  6. YES you will! Whether you get a boardwalk or Central Park balcony you’ll get the amenities.
  7. At the pier they will definitely take it away 😞 due to the outlets. They are very picky with things with multiple outlets since they could get on fire vs just USB outlets.
  8. The sooner you book the better! Trust me. Also remember once you book you can ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS reprise your reservation up until your final payment day to ensure you are getting the best deal possible. Either you book with a travel agency or directly with RCL the same reprising policy applies. Of course it’s as easy as that but make sure you are checking Apple to Apples. Example if you book a refundable ticket check for refundable prices only, unless you are committed to your sailing date and you are ready for the non refundable T&C go for it since it’s always cheaper the the refundable ticket 🙂
  9. Well I maybe new in this group, but I certainly know what I’m taking about sorry. You feel so powerful and important that your complaint achieve something, however it does not take of the table the fact you are and will continue to be in error. Ups sorry not sorry lady. If you want to know about RCL T&C and hidden polices hit me up I can teach you a LOT!
  10. I’m sure RCL apologize and “recognize” their “”error”” due to the severity of your complaint. I’m sorry but you are the one in error. The starting price is of $XX and when that price is booked it will only shows then other prices left to book. If you don’t know it, each spa service will vary in price depending on the time and day of booking even though it’s the same service, but booked on a different time/day.
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