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  1. Even if it's not actually Memory Foam, if it's close enough to fool you, it's close enough to make her happy! Thank you from the both of us!
  2. I have a similar viewpoint. On top of that, I have a family history of high cholesterol & type 2 diabetes, so now that I'm in my 40s, finding ways to stay ahead of that seems prudent. I like going meatless at least a couple of meals a week, and while the Impossible burger certainly isn't a dead-ringer for it's beefy counterpart, it stands in for it well enough for me...
  3. Uhm, my wife is requesting a link to said shoes post haste!
  4. Absolutely still sounds like a good time, and a good option for younger ones who might not want to do AO one night (depending on the movie!).
  5. Well @JLMoran, if it helps, there's always this: https://spoonuniversity.com/lifestyle/most-alcoholic-wines-in-the-world-to-drink 2 bottles can ease a bit of the pain...
  6. Mr. Pibb is just a less intellectual Dr. Pepper.
  7. I'm not heading out until August 2020, but my Cruise Planner DBP just went up to $65 today as well...
  8. Now that Coco Cay is really up and running, has anyone done the glass bottom boat tour there? Is it worth it? Looking for something to do with my two boys (5 & 8), and while they both LOVE the beach, neither of them particularly like water slides, so Thrill Island isn't much of an option. We're also planning to do a beach day the next day in Nassau, so I wanted to break it up a bit for them. Figured we'd start the day on the 11 AM tour, then spend the afternoon exploring CocoCay. Would appreciate any feedback!
  9. God, this is such an easy solution once someone points it out to you. Thanks for the direct link, @cdixon22, made it all that much easier. For future topic searchers: looks like the outdoor movies on Oasis are at the Aquatheater, which while probably not QUITE as exciting for the kids, makes a ton of sense logistically...
  10. Hey all! Another topic that I've seen conflicting information on, so I figured I'd turn to the experts. Do they do movies on the pool deck on Oasis-class ships (specifically, OAS?). I've seen some deck plans that mark the movie screen, but not Oasis'. If they do, do they generally play a kid-friendly movie or two? It seems like something both my boys would absolutely love! TIA!
  11. Absolutely. The Hamilton night was good for the convenience of going into town and exploring the bar scene until the wee hours, but other than that it wasn't a huge deal. What WAS impressive was watching them navigate into the port. You could lean over the sides and it sure LOOKED like you were mere feet from the reefs on both sides coming in. I was still in the Coast Guard at the time, and the thought of being on that bridge gave me palpitations!
  12. I did that exact cruise on Empress of the Seas (it was still Nordic Empress at the time!) back in 2000, and it included an overnight in Hamilton! It was a really unique cruise having all of that time on the island with no rush to get back. We absolutely loved it!
  13. Bumping my own post after editing it. I originally listed the port as Freeport. It's Nassau. Figured I'd update it with a minor detail like THE RIGHT ISLAND.
  14. It's been a LONG time since my last cruise, but back in the day I had luck with these bad boys: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001UE7SC8/?coliid=I2RUK5KY694XZQ&colid=27FAG42S5W2OK&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it No wire or surge protection, but grounded. No one ever gave me any trouble. As an aside, on my last family trip, we foolishly left our sound machine/projector at home, and the boys were not happy about it. Downloaded an app from the Apple Store called Night Light which provided a nice choice and volume of white noise options AND scrolled through a series of colors o
  15. I checked them out, and it looks like it's out of the service area. Thanks for the suggestion, though!
  16. Hi all! Curious if anyone has any experience using Groundlink (RCCL's suggested ground transportation company)? We're leaving from Cape Liberty next August, and I can park at my in-laws about 20 miles from the port. Ordinarily I would probably just Uber/Lyft in, but we'll be traveling with a 5 year-old, so the booster seat could be an issue. I've also heard rumors that rideshare drivers in the Port Liberty area on arrival days hang back and refuse to pick up people until surge pricing kicks in, so that's not ideal, either. So, Groundlink seemed like a possibility. Any feedback/info? Tha
  17. Hey everyone! This site is such a wealth of knowledge, thank you all for taking the time to share your experiences and expertise. My name is Jerry, and my wife Andrea & I are taking our two boys (age 5 & 8 ) on their first cruise on Oasis of the Seas out of Bayonne on 8/16/20. The wife and I used to go on a RCCL cruise every year when we were young (I proposed to her on stage on Enchantment back in '99!), but we've not been on one for 14 long years now. We couldn't be more excited to be cruising again! Until then, I'll be digging through these boards, watching some live feeds
  18. We did the jeep tour in Cozumel a NUMBER of years ago on the Enchantment, and we booked straight through RCCL. We had an absolute blast the whole day, and the lunch on the beach was great, too. I would say that it was definitely a top 5 trip for my wife and I. As is the case with most of these tours, the guides themselves make or break the experience; a great guide can make a mediocre experience memorable, and a bad guide can make a great trip kind of "meh," but most of the groups that work directly with the cruise lines themselves are pretty good. We didn't have kids at the time, so I can
  19. Hey all! I'm heading out on the Oasis of the Seas in August 2020, and I'm already thinking about Shore Excursions. I know, I can't help myself! Anyhow, the list of RCCL Shore Excursions in Nassau, Bahamas is pretty disappointing for me as I'm just looking for a nice beach day there. I'll have two kids, 5 and 8 in tow, so I ask all of you experts, where should I go for a great beach day in Freeport? Thanks for any advice you may have in advance!
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