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  1. OMG. Explorer of the Seas is why we love Royal Caribbean. It was our first & second Royal ship. Cannot go wrong with a Voyager class ship. I am actually kind of jealous right now :).
  2. I get 3 weeks and depending on the year (4 or 5) personal days. So, about 4 weeks (give or take a day). Wife gets 3 weeks too but it's for everything, but also earns comp time when working extra hours which gives her a few extra days a year.
  3. I agree that Royal's website can be frustrating at times, my last cruise took me all day to finally book (was almost a year ago); however, I reported the issues to their IT department, they do want to know. It's also upsetting that some features have been removed - like changing dining options & bed configurations & etc. However, modern web development is a complex animal. Those who do web design / web development for a living can speak better on the topic, but a site like Royal's isn't a one week task. There are a lot of moving parts between what we see and what we do not see. I will say, since launch, the site has improved exponentially. Do they test properly? Probably not. Are some of their programmers inexperienced? Maybe. But, they are improving, and I am personally impressed with the Cruise Planner portion of the site. To make all that happen, all the different programming languages, databases and tools interconnected isn't easy.
  4. EWR is our go to for most flights too, Stewart just doesn't have the traffic and most flights require a layover. I too grew up in Rockland. Went to Suffern High in the 90's.
  5. JetBlue flies direct to FLL from SWF (small local airport to me), I have a lot of miles & a friend in FLL.... HMMM ? Edit: not "small" exactly. A military base/airport but does a few flights a day. It's not the EWR/JFK/LGA type airport. You can get from Security to gate in about 3 minutes (that's stopping for a beer).
  6. Bermuda is my favorite island. Enjoy!
  7. We are considering Oasis too but at the moment we are leaning towards Adventure. We sailed Oasis twice and loved everything about her.
  8. ^This. We once took a land trip to New Orleans, our flight was canceled and had to stay another night. It took a lot of phone calls and a bit of Walgreens luck to get her the medicine she needed for that evening and next morning. My wife uses a pill container and has never been questioned via TSA or boarding a cruise ship... Never an issue with customs either. Just keep them on your person, never check them or give them to a porter or anything. Dan
  9. That is actually a really good point, you just walk off (assume no tender) ... My situation was a bit unique as I was rolling off suitcases LOL!
  10. Our first cruise was in 2006/7 (?) onboard Carnival Liberty, it was a 3 day country themed cruise... I have no idea what happened it went by so fast LOL. All I know is I didn't think I would like cruising but instantly wanted more! Booked the 5 night on Explorer of the Seas as a second cruise from NJ to Bermuda in September of 2007. We met good friends on that trip and we still sail with them to this day (when schedules allow). In fact we also hang out outside of the cruising world LOL. Besides one NCL cruise just to try the brand, we've stuck with Royal and couldn't be happier.
  11. ENJOY! We sailed Adventure in 2012 so a few things have changed but we loved it! Considering it for next year when it's in NJ.
  12. Awesome! I've done a few Bermuda cruises because of the proximity.
  13. Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I've been reading / relying on the blog posts for years, finally decided to join in on the discussions. A little about my (cruising) self: I've been on 13 cruises, 11 with Royal Caribbean. My home port is Cape Liberty in Bayonne, NJ. I am a Diamond member. Royal ships: Anthem, Explorer, Freedom, Liberty, Adventure, Oasis My next cruises will be in September on Anthem to Bermuda (love that island) and Harmony in 2020. (Now to find one in between :)) Anyway, Hi Everybody (insert Dr. Nick's voice from Simpsons). Dan
  14. Am I the only one who pictures a guy walking off the ship in a white T, bathing suit, flip-flops eating a double cheeseburger from the Windjammer? Seriously. My wife and I got married in Bermuda, the hassle we had getting luggage off the ship was amazing. Said luggage contained decorations, dresses, etc. Everyone was on top of their game, food, no way. As stated, you'll find food in the port area to bring with you. You could do what we do ... stuff up at the Windjammer before disembarkation. :)
  15. Little luck. Little no one is there to rob you.
  16. One of the great things about a cruise vacation, loosely speaking, most people are trustworthy. Things of monetary value (seapass, cash, flip-flops with bottle opener) you want to keep within an eye shot of course (on your person is best) however, I've left other items (T-Shirt, towels, books, flip-flops without bottle openers) on beach chairs and nothing has happened to them. Always keep a guard up, but, for the most part, other guests aren't looking to rob/steal from you. Enjoy!
  17. It's as easy as pulling up, hopping out and handing the luggage to the porter (hand over a tip if you'd like) and you're on your way. As others have stated, immediately following the luggage drop off is a nice parking garage. It's a few bucks more than an offsite option, but personally, the convenience is worth every cent. There will be traffic leaving the port (It is NJ after all), so the faster you can get to the car, the better :). Enjoy!
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