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  1. Check in complete!!!! Now comes the nervous waiting.
  2. On our last two cruises we received a list of shows in our cabin when we arrived. Reservations were made on the app and as stated would only allow one reservation for each show, even if it was shown twice. We sat and made them immediately and were able to see everything we wanted and when we wanted. We thought it was much easier than the long lines, having to arrive 30 minutes early to make sure we got in and as stated earlier, the lower level is for vaccinated only and the masks came off immediately. You are suggested to have at least two seats between your party and another and only had one show where there was so many people that we only had one. Will say that show had a very long standing ovation for the performance. As they say, schedule it early.
  3. JS does not get the hour early perk. In some ports you do have a “Suite” line which skips the rest of the riff raff.
  4. The Platinum level will give you a discount on your first drink and a couple of other smaller perks. You will get a letter in your cabin giving you the details, remember some you have to ask for. Check the link shown above.
  5. We noticed on our last cruise the “exact” 24 hour mark on the health questionnaire. Wish they would make it like the COVID testing and it is the “day” before starting at midnight.
  6. We have done the 11am flights from FLL but only because of the proximity of the airport to the cruise terminal. Usually do a 1pm so we can have a leisurely breakfast and they have to blast my behind off the seat to get me off the ship.
  7. We have not found any that thrill us either. Last time we were at these ports we ended up walking around enjoying the weather and shops.
  8. I think I was on that Ovation Alaska cruise. They closed the Solarium pools and whirlpools due to the rock and roll. Was the only time they were empty and I could not get in! We were having a lot of fun watching people walk down the corridors.
  9. The Diamond 4 per day worked out great for us without purchasing the DBP. However we do not drink a lot and have free drinks in the Casino due to our status there so it is a mixed bag. On previous cruises we were frantically ordering the free drinks at the Tier event and would end load the day based on that. Many an evening the ship seemed to be swaying in the swells or maybe it was just me. Now the 4 drinks spaced out during the day works out great and we actually enjoyed watching others sway in the swells.
  10. We were fortunate in that we ordered them immediately when we heard of the tests and our expiration dates on 6 of the 12 tests we ordered (5 cruises in 5 months) is in mid-January which will cover us through that date. For the next cruise after that in March we will see what has transpired from now and hopefully we will not need them. My son ordered 6 tests for their cruise and his expiration dates are sooner than even our early expiration's! Looks like they used the last in first out method of filling orders.
  11. Am glad FL have Walgreens with the rapid tests. In North Texas the Walgreens only does the PCR tests which take too long. CVS does the rapid tests but only in a select few places. We can get into these for our tests but have opted for the eMed testing online and purchased enough to last through our January cruises with one to spare. After that we will see which one we will use, the pharmacy or the online. Maybe by then the pharmaceutical company (Abbott) will have new online kits available.
  12. Only issue would be if it is a Casino booked cruise. Then the person who had the Casino offer must be present. Normal reservation, no problem as long as it is paid.
  13. Agree with SpeedNoodles you might try near your cruise port. Royal announced that they are going to offer tests at some ports and would check with them although I heard it will be around $100 per test.
  14. Several ships have been experiencing itinerary changes due to port restrictions and number restrictions. Our Liberty cruise on October 31 changed from Grand Cayman and Jamaica to Costa Maya and Roatan a week ago due to Grand Cayman's closed until January 2022. The website has not updated our itinerary and the cruise planner at least now shows 4 Costa Maya excursions but they are very slow in updates. Really do not expect it to update until about 14 days out so any discounts will not be probable. Doesn't matter, we still get to go cruising!
  15. Two weeks ago on Ovation the fitness class was mask optional as everyone had to be vaccinated. Did not see any participants with mask on but they were spread out. Saw several folks with masks on using the weights but not the treadmill. No one had any problems and each did their own thing.
  16. On our two cruises, one on Adventure and one on Ovation, the theater bottom floor is for vaccinated guests only and once seated you can remove your mask. This was true at the Music theater on Ovation and Two70. The upper floors are for everyone and you must wear your mask. At Two70 we sat in the upper level due to better viewing and the mask was not an issue. Our dining was vaccinated only and once seated the masks were off. We are from Texas and do not have mask requirements except for some cities and venues but many do not wear them. Overall the mask wearing does not affect the cruise experience and as other have said we had to remember to have them with us for those particular areas.
  17. Our October 31st cruise finally announced that our Cayman Island and Jamaica stops were replaced with Roatan and Cost Maya but the Cruise Planner has not been updated. On my wife's FB group they said it has typically taken two weeks for the website to update. Only problem is we had some great prices on those stops and now if we cannot reserve until one to two weeks out we will definitely not get good pricing. Oh well, at least we will be sailing.
  18. The eDocs for our October 31st cruise showed up this past week (just under 30 days out). The itinerary for that cruise has changed due to port closures and the documents are not updated but they did show up. All that really matters is the Set Sail pass anyway!
  19. We asked the personnel at the pier in Seattle that question on why we had to show it to three different people (yes it was three different people who could literally see each other). They told us they are from three different agencies so they must check themselves. Maybe one of the day these folks will get together and we can have one checkpoint again. Until then I supposed it is good that people have jobs. Either way it was really fast from the bus drop off to onboard the ship (15 minutes).
  20. Hang in there and hope you get it.
  21. If the movies that you GOT TO see are in the theater then I would suggest going there to view them. Nothing beats the big screen and sound system for the movies. Otherwise the suite is a good place to see them. As far as the 6:45pm reservation I will defer to our other members who regularly sail out of NY. To me that is a little short on time and would move it a little later.
  22. You need to each create a Navica account and you can do that at any time, preferably before you call for the test. There are numerous You Tube videos on how to take the test, one of the best is La Lida Loco. He actually messes up and has to retake it. Shows you what to avoid. You will have to take the test individually and not together as the results are your own and go to your app. It is very easy and I suggest you do it early in the morning to avoid any waiting for the proctor who watches you do the nose rooter. We have a dozen tests at home to cover most of our upcoming cruises.
  23. If you play the casinos enough you achieve Prime status which gives you free drinks while you play. My wife has that and it also gives us a lot of free cruise offers in the future. The points are cumulative so she did not have to gain the level all at once. We have a strict budget for the casino and sometimes it goes quickly and sometimes gives a return but I always expect to spend it. The amount is never more than what we would have spent on the cruise fare so we figure with the perks it is a good deal. Cannot say which machines are best but we NEVER play the coin pusher or the "key poke" machine. Never enough return and few if any points.
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