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  1. Our first cruise was on Enchantment back in 2014. While there were many great memories made on that cruise, I think my favorite memory was having drinks with my buddy in the schooner bar, which on that ship, has a great view of the sea. We just sat there drinking scotch, and as firefighters do, discussing how we were going to solve all of the world’s problems while watching the sea go by. What also sits in my memory is that this was before dinner. After eating dinner, my buddy and I went back to the schooner bar. The same bar tender was there. She saw us walk in and immediately poured what we were drinking. it was a great day.
  2. Current situation. Standing at a desk at Baltimore Airport charging the phone and caffeinating while waiting for our next flight to FLL. The surprise went well. We picked the kids up from school and headed to the airport. Thankfully they didn’t notice the luggage in the back of the car. We live close to the airport so a statement of we have to run to a store in Albany and that kept them from asking what was going on. Once we pulled into the airport, they started asking “why are we here?” To which we replied WE ARE GOING TO FLORIDA!!!!! This was met with cheers of excitement and are we going to Disney, Seaworld etc. so of course we told them no. We are going to Miami to check out the beach and stuff. I’ll attempt to get a screenshot of the video we took of the kids excited faces to post later. We arrive at FLL at 11:30pm so the next update will be sometime tomorrow.
  3. This does seem silly. Another RC IT goof maybe? I would call them and see what is going on.
  4. Thanks again for the info! I actually canceled my rentals with Enterprise and reserved cars with them. It was half the cost. New plan will be pick first car up at FLL and return to their 5th location embarkation day. I’ll take an Uber back to the port after dropping the wife/kids/luggage off early. After the cruise I will pick up rental #2 at 5th st and head to Orlando and return at MCO. There were no “one way rental” fees for either of them.
  5. Me leaving work this morning since I am now on vacation!! Wheels up tomorrow, I'll start packing soon I guess..
  6. Thanks for the tip!! I just looked at their prices and they are 1/2 the cost of my rental from enterprise. Do you know if they have a shuttle from the port to MIA, or do you Uber/Lyft?
  7. Yup, we have seen that one, but have not done it. Maybe this time we will do it since Coco Cay is down
  8. Yup, with the Odyssey “sale price” of $82, that means 102.50 per day on boats prices.
  9. Yup, I will post them in my live blog for you.
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