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  1. While I agree, I'm not positive that things will start back up in the 30 days, though I hope they do. He is heading home actually because his contract is up. He does mention that more in a later video. He did not indicate that he is planning on signing a new contract or anything. I wonder for the other crew if that is the case and that they are all on expiring contracts. He also goes on to say that RC is making and arranging all the flights, and are paid by RC.
  2. I follow Corey Rogers on Facebook. He is currently the cruise director on Liberty. He posted that they are anchored 12 miles off the coast and that he is putting together activities for the crew. They are still putting on performances of Saturday Night Fever, the ice shows etc for the crew. He did not mention whether or not the crew get to stay in the guest accommodations while this pause is going on, but it does sound like they are doing their best to entertain the crew and make the most of their break.
  3. With everything going on with this virus, I certainly hope that management at RC isn’t dumb enough to do something like this. Cruise lines are already under enough pressure as it is, the last thing they need is to come across as dishonest. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/finance-companies/norwegian-cruise-line-managers-urged-salespeople-to-spread-falsehoods-about-coronavirus/ar-BB115f3c
  4. This reminds me of the post I made way back when you were talking about booking the ATS something along the lines of agh...people...take me back to 17!
  5. There is no harm in asking. It will all depend on the number of kids etc. They need to maintain safe staff to kid ratios. I can tell you that on my last cruise, there were a surprising low number of kids, and many times, the adventure ocean sessions age brackets were combined into one large group. All this, of course, will vary by ship, sail date etc. Give it a shot, YMMV. I wouldn't worry about the kids being with new people etc, they make new friends easily. I couldn't believe by the end of the week how many kids my daughter knew and said hi to when passing on the ship.
  6. Keeping my fingers crossed for you guys that plan A goes off without a hitch!
  7. A normal baseline pulse-ox for someone without chronic respiratory disease is typically greater than 92%(some literature may say higher numbers) Anything lower than that starts becoming cause for concern.
  8. Here is a toast to your Dan, and to you @pamici
  9. I second the single malt, but from Islay. That red one looks interesting.
  10. When you register your kids from Adventure Ocean, you can specify who is able to pick up your kids. Just make sure that you put your friends on your form and vice versa, and you should be able to pick up each others kids.
  11. Based on other ships amplification, no. If the rooms are touched, it’s to replace a worn out sofa etc here and there.
  12. You can smile😂 but it does have to be on a neutral background and some other guidelines as well.
  13. When checking in you can upload a picture of yourself. The guidelines on the size etc will be there when you get to that section. The cruise line uses that picture to attach you to your seapass card so that there is an added layer of security. Each time your card is scanned, your picture pops up so they can verify the correct person is using the card. If you don’t upload pictures they will take them for you at the port when you check in at the pier. Even if you do upload pictures just expect to have them taken at the pier as well. They have done that with my past two cruises.
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