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  1. It is my understanding that you need a reservation. There isnt an actual bar in the specialty restaurants that you can go to and grab a drink from and take it elsewhere.
  2. I have always used a drink package. There is some great info here to help you decide if its worth it to you. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/royal-caribbean-drink-package
  3. I have always purchased the surf and stream package. The value gets a little better when you have multiple devices. As far as streaming to your stateroom TV, I believe you are not able to do that, but there are movies you can watch on their own service. I have not tried attaching a firestick so I can’t answer that for you. The speed is decent to where you can watch Netflix etc, but expect some buffering at times. I believe some ships have newer technology than others and may be faster, but I’m not 100% sure on the numbers. I believe @twangster has some speed test data on another post. as was stated, put your phone in airplane mode. Use WiFi.
  4. Question on this, since we love Atlantis, and have usually done it through the ship. For the Comfort Suites, I saw on their website that tickets to the waterpark is included with a room. Do you just book the cheapest room, and on the port day, take a cab there, "check in" and get the Atlantis tickets, but obviously not stay the night?
  5. emsff02


    I've been to Nassau twice now, and will be back again in September. We really like visiting Atlantis. There is plenty of shopping in the resort, as well as the Aquarium that is there is very nice, and the water park is great.
  6. Check out https://www.boddentours.com/ for Roatan ideas. We will be doing a full day private tour going to their Monkey business park to see monkeys, hold sloths etc, horseback riding and a trip to a beach resort. The cost is <100pp for the whole day. Their tours are customizable so you can see if there is something you and your son will be interested in while in Roatan. We found these prices far better than anything RC has. They pick you up at the ship and make sure you are back to the ship in time. Staying on the ship for the day will be fun as well if nothing there interests you
  7. Here are my thoughts. My last cruise was on Anthem out of Cape Liberty in a sky class room. Question 1. The arrival time given by Royal Caribbean is just a suggestion. You can get there earlier and start your vacation earlier. Arriving around 10:30-1100 would probably work. When we got to Cape Liberty, there was zero wait to get on the ship. There was a dedicated suite line and we bypassed everyone and was on the ship within 10 minutes of arriving at the port. Question 2 I will have to punt to others because I’m not sure. Question 3. When on Anthem, our cards were on our door, we we were able to get them immediately. You shouldn’t need them to access Coastal Kitchen, we didn’t, but you can always verify your stateroom with the host at coastal kitchen. Your boarding pass will also have you stateroom and class listed and will act as your seapass card if it isn’t on your door. Question 4. Coastal Kitchen is absolutely the best place to go for lunch. We had a great experience on embarkation day. Pretty sure we pissed off a few hundred passengers, who were waiting to get into the windjammer first lunch when we walked passed all of them to go into Coastal Kitchen. @Lovetocruise2002 will also tell you to eat there night 1 of your sailing for dinner for their filet! Have a great cruise. For embarkation day, get there early, get on the ship, grab a frosty beverage and go explore the ship while it is still in port and have a great cruise!
  8. Next year I will have 13 days that I can take off. I’m a career firefighter and I work 24 hour shifts, so “one day off“ is 24hrs. The nice thing with my schedule is I can take two work days off, but actually have 16 days off.
  9. Ive been to Atlantis in February and the slides were running, and it was plenty warm.
  10. I would be interested to know as well. I'm on Liberty in February in a suite as well.
  11. I did the galley brunch when we were on Anthem. I worked in food service in college and still thought this was interesting. It was neat to see everything on such a grand scale that goes into the meals. The brunch was tasty, the champagne was chilled and took advantage of that. If you do it, look for the “Harry Potteresq” roll making machine. 7C9CEEC2-EFF3-41D3-ACC7-105CAE6A9281.MOV
  12. You can download the app and look up to see what the fare will be. If you look it up around the time you would be traveling to the port you can gat a more accurate estimate since the fares change based on demand.
  13. Yes, you can take full size items. There are hotel size toiletries in the bathrooms. I have not used a lanyard. I just keep my seapass in my pocket and have not had any issues.
  14. IMHO, I say go for the flights. Its early enough that even if there are airline hiccups where the flight gets cancelled, you can still drive from Orlando to the port as a backup plan. Three hours in a car sounds less fun then a very short flight.
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