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  1. For the villa, book early, iE years out when the itineraries are just released especially if you are looking to cruise popular times (spring break, holidays etc). Those rooms go quick. The other option is a couple of two bedrooms grand suites. You can add a DX beverage package and unlimited dining packages and you will have close to the same experience as a Star Class room. The same applies here as well. Book as far in advance as possible, then track prices to catch price drops. Pricing is fluid and there is no magic “book at this time for the ultimate best price” point.
  2. Uber XL is for groups up to 6, so you would have to do two separate Uber trips. In the long run it may be easier to just use your own vehicle to park at the port and deal with the parking charge. if you truly want to avoid parking at the port, you could use your vehicle, drop everyone and luggage at the port and return to the hotel. Park the car for free and then a Uber for 1 back to the port. Do this in reverse on disembarkation day when you leave. Drawback here is dealing with the crowds on disembarkation day, but will be cheaper.
  3. The general consensus is book sooner than later because inevitably prices will rise, or the rooms you want may be gone. There could be a rise in price by the time you cruise that could offset any extra OBC that you may be offered, and your choice of rooms could be gone.
  4. I will do my best to help here. We sailed Anthem in 2018 and had a great time 1) Yes they should. Just tell your waiter you are trying to make the show and they will push the dinner faster, appetizers can be delivered with entrees etc. We did this on our cruise. 2) Shouldn’t be a problem 3) When we sailed, the reserved area for suites was in the balcony. We had a suite, and there was a “bouncer” checking seapass cards. This was before the key so I am not positive how it’s arranged now. 4) If you have reservations, which it sounds like you do, you probably don’t have to be there thaaaat early, but each crowd is different so who knows. YMMV Have a great cruise!
  5. I have Oasis of the seas in 764 days. Do a dare usurp the usurper on longest live blog?🤣
  6. I'm thinking maybe a hunger games type competition on the ship. That could really make it interesting.
  7. Per this page http://www.royalcaribbeanincentives.com/full-ship-charter-faqs/ Its only 6.5-11 million to charter an Oasis Class ship for 7 nights. I bet @Lovetocruise2002 could YOLO that with @Matt for one heck of a group cruise
  8. Nope, those are all included. The only time there will be an extra charge is if the kids stay past 10pm when it becomes $7hr
  9. The upload photo seems to vary by ship and port. Sailed on Anthem and Navigator and was able to upload a photo. Sailing on Liberty in a few weeks it wasn’t an option. For both sailings where I uploaded photos, they were retaken at the port anyway and didn’t really slow down our boarding process.
  10. Looking at previous cruise compasses for Harmony, my time dining starts at 6:30 so you wont be able to go much earlier.
  11. @JLMoran, Thanks for the info again! We used air2sea for our upcoming Liberty trip and had good results. The flights were cheaper than what I could find directly with the airlines. While unfortunately we are flying into IAH on United, the price is okay. We looked at Southwest into Hobby and it was 1k more. All other flights were crazy expensive (presidents day vacation week, and I guess in Galveston is having a Mardi Gras celebration) Even with United baggage fees, that number from Southwest is way higher. We also got to pick seats with United via air2sea which buying from United directly I believe costs money. Speaking of picking seats, this turned into a free upgrade for us too. Our flight from EWR to IAH got changed by United after we had booked, and we lost our seat assignments. (this was shortly after booking )I had called United after and they told me since the tickets weren't paid for by Royal yet (this was prior to final payment date) I was SOL, and could call back after then and maybe pay for seat assignments......great........Any way, yesterday, I suddenly remembered what the United rep told me, so I pull the app up to look at our flights, low and behold, there are seats assigned..Awesome...wait, the assigned seats were terrible. They were middle seats in all different rows. Not good when traveling with two small kids. I called up United to see if we could maybe put us all closer together. I explained how we originally had seats, but then there was an itinerary change and we lost them. The representative was super helpful! He said, yup, he could see the change in the itinerary, and that the change was initiated by United. He looked where our seats were assigned and said, no that wont work, and moved us all up to the Economy Premium section, which if I did on my own would have cost $540, but he waived the fee since they caused the change and loss of original seats. I would have been happy having our seats closer together with all the other "steerage passengers" but I'll gladly take a free upgrade! For the Anthem group cruise I will absolutely look into air2sea again to price this out. I just need to figure out the day the flights get released and set a calendar alarm. We also plan on going a few days early to do some sightseeing. My wife is a huge Downton Abbey fan, so we plan on staying in a local pub/inn/B&B near Highclere Castle and visiting the castle grounds prior to the cruise.
  12. Are you asking about third party excursions? There should be a bunch of Royal Caribbean sponsored excursions in your cruise planner that would meet your needs
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