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  1. Just booked an overwater for Jan 2020 cruise. So excited, we are cabana people and see a ton of value in having our own space. Price seems bugged. It says price is per floating cabana @ 1499 for me but when i added in guests it was trying to charge 1499 per person. I booked it for just me to lock it in and im going to call to add in the other guests. Question - Do kids count to the total guests? We have 8 adults and 3 kids (all 3 are 8 ) so either i'm excluding a family or the kids can watch us from the beach lol. Possible one of the families that is joining us may no
  2. I am making a photo scavenger hunt for our Jan 2020 Harmony 7 day cruise. I think i have a pretty good start list but I'm looking for more unique things to put on it. Teams will be be based off our staterooms, 4 teams 2-3 adults per team. Each team will buy something onboard for the prize pool. Disclaimer: This list is pretty mild but their are some risque items at the end ( I am actually looking for more of those ideas ) It is not meant to offend anyone and they can not be rude when taking pictures. A rule will be to not take pictures directly of people unless you ask... it can a
  3. The pricing for the cabanas on my Jan 2020 sailing are going nuts on my planner. I was thinking about purchasing one then canceling once the overwater ones finally show up. Chill Islands are currently priced at $1,200!!! That's just insane, especially after seeing what you get in the pictures. I know pricing can fluctuate but the pricing sheet i saw had overwaters listed for only slightly more than that! On my Disney cruise the cabana was one of the highlights of the entire trip. It seems you don't get as much space or privacy, at least on the normal cabanas. It seems like a night
  4. I get 20 vacation 5 sick and 7 holiday. Realistically i can only actually be away for about 5-10 days a year, as i am always on call. So I'll make 1 or 2 week long trips per year and use the other time "when i can" locally. Plenty to do locally so i don't mind much. I can't be away during any holiday just in case I get called in, which does not happen often on holidays. Most of my call just requires me to be available by phone to handle issues but it's just easier if I'm around.
  5. You can get them at any drug store, big box store or grocery store. Pretty much anywhere that has a supplement isle. If all else fails there is the almighty power of amazon. It's in no way a proven hangover cure. Pretty sure most of the medical info on it actually claims it won't help with alcohol. But how activated charcoal works is it absorbs toxins preventing them from entering the bloodstream. Hospitals use a stronger / different type of charcoal for ODs and some poison cases. The way i see it is that if it could help at all, why not? It's like 4-10 bucks for a bott
  6. We did a "scientific experiment" with Charcoal pills. About 12 of us went on a trip. We drank really hard, like we shouldn't have drank that much hard. Half of us took the charcoal pills (multiple doses) the other half didnt. 730 am the charcoal guys were up making breakfast, laughing and ready for the day. 930am we started seeing the others stagger out, a few of them didnt even go out to riding that day because they just wanted to stay in and recover For the amount i drank I should have been hung over, but i wasn't. I keep a bottle around now. It's not a 100% but it h
  7. My planner doesn't even have the words sale on it at all though. Literally there is nothing on any page that is any different price wise or wording wise. The email does say there is a sale going on though. I'm guessing that $18 thing threw them for a loop and they just reverted all the pricing back to normal until they straightened it out. I sent an email to RC stating the issue, nothing but the automated response back as of now.
  8. I know there was some sale fiasco earlier this week. That was never available in my planner for my Jan 2020 sailing. I did however get an email from RC about a 4th of July sale starting 7/2. BOGO 50% off drink packages / dining packages. 25% off select excursions etc... However NOTHING is showing up lower at all or even marked as on sale. Is there just a glitch going? I have been waiting for a sale to happen for my sailing so i could buy a few things, it finally shows up but doesnt at the same time.
  9. lol saw your post on the "other" board. I'll post the same thing here I have been watching my planner ever since i booked for jan 2020. I havent seen a single person claim they have booked one yet or that they have even seen one on their planner. Since they are scheduled to open but havent yet, my guess is that they are not available to book at all yet at all. I would keep checking,.
  10. I booked a Loft Suite about a month ago for a Jan 2020 cruise. I keep checking the prices to see if there is a better deal. The selection is already a lot more limited on the rooms. Booking early and checking often for price adjustments is the way to go. I'll be looking at Forth of July sales and Black Friday sales for Drink / Dinning packages.
  11. I would rather stay at the Port over Orlando also. If we stayed in Orlando I'd feel pressured to go to a park or some more expensive places. Depending on the number of people going renting a car to drive from the airport to the port is typically a bit cheaper than using a service / shuttle from the airport. Plus you get the freedom to drive around a bit in Coco Beach. Some good restaurants down there as well as plenty of places to pick up last minute items.We got Ice Cream, went to the beach, had dinner and picked up some beach gear that isnt really available up north.
  12. I love a formal night. I usually stay dressed up after dinner and hit a few of the nicer bars / clubs or casino (i might ditch the tie though)
  13. I'm sailing in Jan 2020. Last i saw they are expected to be done Dec 2019. I'll be checking daily, if one pops up I'll be getting one. I'm not expecting them to pop up until they are confirmed to be on time with the project. Price is steep but you pay extra for the over water experience.
  14. Dont see anyting on my 7 night on Harmony in January Guess I'm waiting for black friday. Im sure i could out pace $57 a day but id also have to drink a few more because my wife probably wouldnt lol. Ships have drunk tanks right?
  15. We always fly in the day before then rent a car to drive to our Port Canaveral hotel. It usually cheaper than the shuttle for a single day rental. We can then drive to the beach, grab a bite to eat, and explore. Last time the drop off location for the rental car was 1 block away from our hotel, i just did an after hour key drop and walked back to the hotel. Wake up early, grab breakfast at the hotel and use the hotels shuttle to get to the port. It works out great, it's cost effective and it's extremely flexible.
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