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  1. I've received many military discounts over the years. I don't recall having to show my ID card. Right before final payment I got a several hundred dollar military discount on two rooms on July 1st sailing of Allure. It is a real discount and it is out there. Just keep checking and repricing.
  2. I don't see around Australia and New Zealand cruise for 2025. Any word?
  3. Six years to go. Just moved to Margaritaville in anticipation.
  4. Looks like a load test this morning. Very few cruises offered at very high prices. I do not believe the complete list has uploaded yet.
  5. I find the easiest way is to go to your BoA web site and click on the View MyCruise Points button below your reward points total. That will take you to a new BoA page that displays your point total. Beside that total is a Redeem MyCruise Points button. Pressing that will take you to a new web site that has your redemption choices.
  6. Agree. We did the land tour first for just that reason.
  7. In 2017 we got double points for both the land portion and the cruise. I can not speak to any change in policy since then. Southbound Alaska & Hubbard Glacier Radiance of the Seas Jul 21 — Jul 31, 2017 Points earned: 20
  8. Did three day Land Tour through RC in 2017. We arrived a day early in Fairbanks taking the kids to North Pole, AK and the Museum of the North. We joined our tour group that night and the next day toured the gold dredge and took the optional river tour. I was impressed with both and felt I got my monies worth. Next day was glass domed train to Denali and we took the optional long bus tour of Denali. Again worth the dollars spent. Third day was the long bus drive to Sewerd with a stop for lunch in Anchorage. A travel day really. Pros I was impressed with the production value of the gold dredge and river tour. The glass domed train was great with drink service, tour guide, and fresh cooked breakfast. Denali long tour was long, but worth it. The Hotel in Fairbanks was nice and fun in a local tourist way. If staying in a suite you get double points for the land portion as well. Guide and driver were great. Cons The long bus tour in Denali is long. You do lots of stops. They give you a snack box, but you will miss a meal or possible two so eat first or bring something to eat. This is a school bus not a motorcoach. Our hotel rooms in Denali were not very clean and had a noticeable unevenness to the floor slightly less than a carnival fun house. I would recommend and felt we got our monies worth. Next time I will plan our own with less motorcoach and more glass dome train.
  9. Wife loved flowers in the cabin. I hate that you can no longer get them.
  10. Get there early and grap one of the beach beds by the pool.
  11. Prior to COVID you could order in room flowers for most US sailing except Alaska. Also many ships had a flower cart in the promenade. I have not looked for the cart in some time so I don't know if it is still available on sailings or not. My gut feeling is flowers have gone the way of Tux rentals.
  12. Just book 3 night Perfect Day and sea day. No Nassau. GTY Inside. Trying to do this on the cheap. Will have just sailed Allure with family over the 4th of July. Looking forward to the new ship. We haven't done a new ship since we sailed on Allure's 100th cruise. Got free Champaign on boarding and a nice certificate. We did not know and it was a nice surprise.
  13. I wonder if C and A status is negotiable in divorce proceedings?
  14. Correct. I'm trying to work the math out. If the sale price is $800 and the before sale and discount price for a cabin is $1600 would it be better to use the Cruise Discount of $500 for 50K of points or the $1000 for 50K for a Free Cruise. On the surface it seems like easy math, but the terms for a Cruise Discount are more favorable than the Free Cruise.
  15. Two questions about BOA Credit Card points. 1. I've booked a cruise for summer 2024. If I apply my points to a Free Cruise certificate, 50,000 points value $1000, will the price of the cabin be recalculated to the "full price" before RCCL "sales" and discounts? 2. If my cabin is under the $1000 value of the Free Cruise certificate, will the excess value be applied to OBC? Value of using your points for a "free" cruise is $0.02 per point, twice the OBC or Discount Cruise certificate. I've used the Discount Cruise certificate many times in the past and it has not recalculated my cruise fare that I recall. I've never used the Free Cruise Certificate. I have read the terms, but I'm wondering if and how they are applied. Thanks.
  16. Getting close to time to replace the Vision Class. I was wondering if Royal might roll out a smaller ship for that purpose.
  17. They are assigned, for the most part, in order of reservation. We reserved early one year out of fear of not being able to get a cabana. We had #1. I would not recommend as everyone had to walk past ours to get to theirs. On a positive note, it was very close to the water and the closest to the bathrooms.
  18. Wife forgot to pack our youngest shirts. Left them in a neatly folded pile on her bed. She franticly searched every suitcase on the ship twice hoping to find the missing shirts. Finally, with tears in her eyes, my wife asks me what is the child going to wear. I said go down to the logo shop and buy her a bunch of Royal tees. Problem solved and disaster averted. We all had a great cruise.
  19. Sorry to hear. It was so beautiful when we visited in October. It was our favorite port of the cruise.
  20. Thanks. We are doing the same cruise in 3 days. How was boarding? Did they make you stick to your arrival times? We have an 11 arrival time. I am hoping that showing up about 10:30 will not have us waiting too long.
  21. We sail a lot in October due to our anniversary. I am surprised the number of children on board. I thought we would be the only bad parents that would take their kids out of school.
  22. My wife is a Titanic fanatic. We booked the Titanic cemetery tour. I think I remember there is a small museum of Titanic artifacts?
  23. Next cruise will put us at D+. It only took us 23 years and a pandemic with double points. Don't see Pinnacle happening in this life time.
  24. Dang it! I just bought and received my test kits for my up coming cruise.
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