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  1. I am on vacation, DILLIGA*.
  2. Can't wait to see the new ship. Anyone else on this sailing?
  3. How sad is it that we all get excited to see what the new schedule will be. This is the only pleasure in the cruising world now. Can't wait to get back!
  4. Thank you for your input. I assumed this was the case but just wanted to see if others experienced this as well.
  5. I am curious if anyone else out there has had to pay extra taxes when they chose to do a lift and shift? I chose the exact same cruise just moved it from April 2021 till April 2022 and my travel agent told me today that there will be an extra charge for higher taxes in 2022.
  6. So much for April 2021. Did a lift and shift to April 10 2022 on Anthem
  7. Not trying to change the subject here, but can anyone tell me where to find info on parking rates at the cruise terminal?
  8. Just did a lift and shift to Odyssey on Jan 23 2022
  9. From what I can remember there is no door on that side from deck 14.
  10. I had the same thing happen when I went to make final payment on my rescheduled cruise for January 2021 they said they had over paid me almost $400. When I went and verified all the numbers they where correct. So I had to pay that back as well as my final payment. No problem doing that. They have been fair with all that is going on.
  11. I signed up because cruising is the most relaxing way to vacation for me. I have always been one to volunteer to help in an emergency situation and I feel the cruise industry needs our help. What better way to get the industry cruising again so that others can enjoy the experience as well.
  12. April 11 2021 Anthem of the seas
  13. Just booked a 6 night on Independence January 24 2021
  14. I have the same issue. Just waiting for it to appear at this point. I figure with all that is going on it will take a while.
  15. We are sailing on the Harmony in September. I will keep looking in on occasion. Thanks for the info.
  16. We are first time RC cruisers. We have sailed with other companies and are trying out RC. My question is when will the entertainment section of the cruise planner be available? We are 175 days out and most other cruise lines allow you to book at 180. Thanks for the help.
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