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  1. We did find Solarium deserted 2 nights when hubby and I wandered in there. Got to sit in comfy cushioned round seats.
  2. If you thought Harmony's pools were busy, never go on Anthem! (2 pools- 1 outdoor, 1 indoor) My girls were happy the last day at sea turned the outdoor pool into a wave pool so there was room for tweens to get in and actually move around! Guess the waves ruined it for the "just sit there with your beer" crowd. As for me and my husband, we did look around the Solarium (which has a 3 tiered pool) . Man, that was crowded! But we had no plans to actually hang in the Solarium since we had our girls with us. 1 tween and I are going on Harmony next November. Hoping for the best re
  3. My daughter was 14 this summer on Anthem. She had to wear a special bracelet to be allowed into the gym. She always went when I was there- we even did a yoga class. I can't comment on what would happen if your son went without a parent.
  4. Do you recall when the Crown and Anchor platinum and up event was? I think I read that it’s normally Day 2 around 4ish? Just wondering. Thanks!
  5. On another note, from Periscope it looks like you all have the old Freestyle cups and not the new ones with bendy straw and carry handle. Am I correct?
  6. I'm not sure of the particulars. You can park in NJ for the ferry ride over, but and here's the big but..... if you want Crown access then you have to reserve months in advance. They are currently taking reservations out of NJ for October 2019. Now you can buy the tickets for the bottom part of the Statue and Ellis Island for July, just not the Crown. Below is the link. Good luck! https://www.statueoflibertytickets.com/Statue-Of-Liberty-Tours/
  7. Enjoy reading this blog. We’re on the next 9 night cruise on Anthem. Hoping to learn something new.
  8. Hello, I am newer to this forum, but have found everyone to be helpful and respectful. So, here's a question for those that have done this or the Helmet diving in Bermuda. Should I pack water sandals (with straps so they don't fall off) for walking on the ocean bottom or do people just go barefoot? Trying to limit the amount of shoes I pack and we want flip flops for the beaches. Thanks in advance!
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