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  1. November 24, 2016 (Thanksgiving) Brilliance ...then, February 24, 2017 Serenade (for our 50th wedding anniversary)
  2. Just got off Grandeur two weeks ago and soft drinks ARE included in both of the alcohol packages.
  3. I just checked our Feb. 2017 cruise on Serenade and the premium package was still available for 20% off (US $44/day + 18% grats). Maybe it is just a UK increase?
  4. We have never been on Independence but have sailed on Freedom once, and on Brilliance twice (with two more booked this Thanksgiving and the next). Everything everyone else has said is true about both ships, it really comes down to your personal preference. It seemed when we sailed Freedom, it was a long walk to get everywhere, an annoyance if your spouse has difficulty walking as mine does. The size of the Brilliance seems "just right" for us and there is more than enough to keep you entertained, especially on a short four day cruise. Also, Tampa is a joy to cruise from and sailing under the S
  5. My wife and I cruised to Bermuda with our two oldest granddaughters (almost 17 and 14) on the Grandeur last week. We normally cruise out of Florida in the winter but planned this cruise for when the girls would be on summer vacation. The Baltimore cruise terminal is incredibly easy to get to, and out of, as the exit (#55) is immediately south of the Baltimore Tunnel on I-95 and the parking entrance is literally just a few feet from the exit. We parked the car and were through embarkation and in the Windjammer within 45 minutes. Rooms were ready exactly at 1PM and the bags were there when were
  6. I agree, PRC...we love the Radiance class and will sail on Brilliance for the third time this Thanksgiving. In February, we sail on her sister ship, Serenade on a southern Caribbean itinerary. For us, Radiance class is the perfect size!
  7. Thank all of you for your info...Gina_E, we sailed on Freedom last February, good ship, good crew...hope you also enjoy it! Good sailing!
  8. We are taking our (almost 17 and 14 1/2 y.o.) granddaughters to Bermuda in August on Grandeur. Does anyone have information on teen activities on board? We know about the pool and such from our previous cruises and I know about structured activities for little ones but I cannot find much info on what is available for girls that age (besides the obvious...boys that age! Lol!) Any forthcoming information would be much appreciated! Thank you.
  9. Marc--That's what RCL did. When I looked ahead to our Feb. 2017 cruise, the Ultimate is now $67/day and the premium is $57/day, both plus grats. Bump up the price and run a "special." Certainly makes me want to recommend RCL to others! Lol!
  10. I am cruising to Bermuda out of Baltimore in August and went onto My Cruises to look at excursions, dining, etc. I decided to get the Premium beverage package ($47/day regular price) when I saw it was being advertised at 20% off, as was the Ultimate package. So I loaded it into my cart but when I went to check out, the price was the full $47/ day plus the 18% gratuity (which I knew would be added!). There was no 20% discount. Has anyone else encountered this problem? I remember some months back on this board there was a similar situation but the thread just seemed to peter out and I couldn
  11. My wife has suffered with motion sickness since she was a little girl (throwing up on trains, riding in a car, etc.) A friend told her about these wristbands a while back and she swears by them. Whether it's a placebo or not, it works for her and she has no trouble cruising. I do agree about being as close to midship as possible and with the bands she has no problem with the horizon while at sea.
  12. Really enjoyed your report on your Vision cruise. We took the identical cruise 15 months ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. I like the Radiance class a little better but Vision is also very nice. Glad you enjoyed your brief stay in Tampa Bay, we live on the other side of the bay so we see the cruise ships leaving in the evening shortly before they go under the Skyway Bridge. If you haven't been on deck when the ship cruises under that bridge, you will really enjoy it and your children will love it! Tampa is a wonderful port from which to cruise and very efficient but we cruised this past Febru
  13. Agree with Jacki_MEI...Cruising with wife and two granddaughters (17 and 14) in August, got adjoining rooms with connecting door (thanks to Michelle at MEI !). You will need the second bath (and so will your wife!!). Enjoy the cruise!
  14. Thanks for the help and suggestions, guys!!
  15. Have sailed on Brilliance (Radiance class) out of Tampa and it clears the Skyway bridge by about 2-3 feet, not a lot. I have heard but don't know for certain, that the bridge height was determined so that Navy aircraft carriers could enter Tampa Bay when necessary. This was back in the early 1980's. No class larger than Radiance can sail out of Tampa Bay and there is some early discussion here of relocating the cruise terminal west of the Skyway bridge so larger ships can be accommodated. Big bucks there but the older, smaller ships will eventually be phased out.
  16. Thanks, Coney...we sail in August. Checked out the Port's website and it appears you are correct about the parking so we will do that.
  17. My wife and I are sailing on Grandeur to Bermuda out of Baltimore with our teen granddaughters. We are driving from NJ to the terminal and the girls will be arriving in a different car as neither car is large enough for all four bags. Where is a good place to meet up with them in the terminal area so we can check bags and board together as we will have the travel docs with us? We have never sailed out of Baltimore before so we don't know the territory. Thanks!
  18. Just got back in on Freedom this morning. Generally two shows at 7 and 9 and occasionally a late night (adult oriented) show at 10:30 each evening. We did MTD each evening between 7-7:30 and never had a problem getting a seat for the show at 9. We too like a cocktail (or two!) before dinner so that schedule worked well for both of us. Enjoy your trip!
  19. Glad you had such a good time. My wife and I have been on BOTS twice in the last three years and have thoroughly enjoyed both cruises, especially the food and service in the MDR. On our second cruise we met one of the waitstaff who tended us on our first cruise and asked two days in, if we could be moved to his station for MTD. It was done within seconds and the ship was full on that cruise! The level of service on BOTS should be the "gold standard" for the RCL fleet
  20. We were on Vision last year during the playoffs and the games were all available everywhere on board; pool, bars etc. You could also view them on the TV in your stateroom.
  21. My wife is also prone to motion sickness. She uses "Sea Bands" which circle the wrists and she has not had a problem on any of our cruises. She says they are available ay CVS, Walgreen's, WalMart, etc. Hope this helps!
  22. We are cruising on Freedom in late February and have never before left from Port Canaveral. We will be driving over that morning. Where is the best place to park as my wife has difficulty walking. In Tampa, we can prepay for valet service and just leave the car at the ship when we arrive to embark. Is something similar available at PC? Thanks.
  23. Thanks, Doc! Clearly a group that is waaay past my time (although I did recognize Wil Wheaton!).
  24. My wife and I are cruising on Freedom OTS in February and noticed that some excursions are "for JoCo only." As (early) Seinfeld would say "Who aahr these people?" Just curious.
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