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  1. Thanks for the help and suggestions, guys!!
  2. Have sailed on Brilliance (Radiance class) out of Tampa and it clears the Skyway bridge by about 2-3 feet, not a lot. I have heard but don't know for certain, that the bridge height was determined so that Navy aircraft carriers could enter Tampa Bay when necessary. This was back in the early 1980's. No class larger than Radiance can sail out of Tampa Bay and there is some early discussion here of relocating the cruise terminal west of the Skyway bridge so larger ships can be accommodated. Big bucks there but the older, smaller ships will eventually be phased out.
  3. Thanks, Coney...we sail in August. Checked out the Port's website and it appears you are correct about the parking so we will do that.
  4. My wife and I are sailing on Grandeur to Bermuda out of Baltimore with our teen granddaughters. We are driving from NJ to the terminal and the girls will be arriving in a different car as neither car is large enough for all four bags. Where is a good place to meet up with them in the terminal area so we can check bags and board together as we will have the travel docs with us? We have never sailed out of Baltimore before so we don't know the territory. Thanks!
  5. Just got back in on Freedom this morning. Generally two shows at 7 and 9 and occasionally a late night (adult oriented) show at 10:30 each evening. We did MTD each evening between 7-7:30 and never had a problem getting a seat for the show at 9. We too like a cocktail (or two!) before dinner so that schedule worked well for both of us. Enjoy your trip!
  6. Glad you had such a good time. My wife and I have been on BOTS twice in the last three years and have thoroughly enjoyed both cruises, especially the food and service in the MDR. On our second cruise we met one of the waitstaff who tended us on our first cruise and asked two days in, if we could be moved to his station for MTD. It was done within seconds and the ship was full on that cruise! The level of service on BOTS should be the "gold standard" for the RCL fleet
  7. We were on Vision last year during the playoffs and the games were all available everywhere on board; pool, bars etc. You could also view them on the TV in your stateroom.
  8. My wife is also prone to motion sickness. She uses "Sea Bands" which circle the wrists and she has not had a problem on any of our cruises. She says they are available ay CVS, Walgreen's, WalMart, etc. Hope this helps!
  9. We are cruising on Freedom in late February and have never before left from Port Canaveral. We will be driving over that morning. Where is the best place to park as my wife has difficulty walking. In Tampa, we can prepay for valet service and just leave the car at the ship when we arrive to embark. Is something similar available at PC? Thanks.
  10. Thanks, Doc! Clearly a group that is waaay past my time (although I did recognize Wil Wheaton!).
  11. My wife and I are cruising on Freedom OTS in February and noticed that some excursions are "for JoCo only." As (early) Seinfeld would say "Who aahr these people?" Just curious.
  12. Did a Christmas cruise in 2013 on Brilliance out of Tampa. Lots of Christmas decorations in MDR, Centrum and other passenger areas. Do not remember any balloons and certainly none from the ceiling in the MDR. You should be safe!
  13. Sailed on Brilliance twice out of Tampa. Great port, great ship!!
  14. We've had those Amazon luggage tags for a couple of cruises and they work real well and are easy to use. Much improvement over just wrapping the paper tags around your handles.
  15. Just booked a cruise on Grandeur, out of Baltimore to Bermuda for next August. We will be taking two granddaughters (one almost 17 by then, and her sister 14 1/2) on their first cruise (our fifth). We have connecting cabins but will sleep with the girls in one cabin and my wife and I in the other. I don't anticipate any problems but would like to get the combined wisdom and experiences of you other contributors as to potential problems, pitfalls and suggestions we should be aware of. Thank you in advance for any information.
  16. We are considering taking our teenaged grandchildren on a cruise next year. Is there a way to put restrictions on what and how much can be charged on their SeaPass card as they will be in a connecting room?
  17. My wife suffers occasionally from motion sickness so we never cruised until she tried seabands which are available at CVS, Walgreens, etc. Also available on board but will cost more there. We have now been on three cruises with no ill effects to her. Wear them all the time and they really work; no drugs, no pills, no side effects! Strap 'em on and enjoy your cruise!!
  18. ...and so it has!! My bad, meant 2016!!
  19. Waaay and Doc--Thanks for the comments, I think you are right and agree that RCL's comment is confusing; if MTD booking is not open yet, then say that! This is the first time we have booked a cruise this far in advance. Again, thanks for the comments!
  20. Matt--No we already have MTD booked when we booked the cruise. What I cannot do is schedule the dining times for dinner online. Might it be because we haven't made our final payment, because that has not been a problem in the past?
  21. We are sailing on FREEDOM next February and always book MTD in advance. I have been unable to book it for this cruise and keep getting a notice to book onboard. Has anyone else experienced this online? Since our travel agent thru AAA has moved to another position and we have not been notified of her replacement, that currently is not an option. Any thoughts, suggestions?
  22. @Bumzhabum re:sharing...my wife hardly drinks at all and I had no trouble getting a coke and giving it to her on our last cruise in late April. In fact, I didn't even carry around the cup, just went to the bar, ordered a coke and showed my seacard. Never had a problem. In fact, once I had a beer and she, a pina colada, and the waiter showed me that he had put the pina colada on the card (i.e., included in the package) and charged me for the beer! He got an extra tip for that!
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