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  1. The MDR is meant to be an upscale dining experience. My wife and I enjoy having a conversation with those we are dining. We like that each course is not dumped on the table within seconds of each other. Eating in the MDR is not a speed eating event. It is meant to be as much a social experience as a dining experience. We have met many other people from around the world when seated together in the dining room. It's a wonderful opportunity to learn about other parts of the country and the world. If you are concerned about being late for an entertainment event then take into account how long
  2. Luggage tags are included in your edoc page found on the front of your cruise planner page. When your edoc page is available the luggage tag is usually on the next to last page of the cruise document.
  3. Calling the TV channels available on a cruise ship awful would be a compliment. If there is TV programing you enjoy the Firestick, Roku TV, HULU, or Netflix would be major improvements.
  4. You should be able to use your Firestick on the in cabin TV by plugging it into the USB on the side or back of the set. There are several You Tube videos available to show how this is accomplished.
  5. The surge protector protects the user but can disrupt the electrical circuits on board the ship. The cruise line is more concerned with providing good electric service to all of its guests, not just one cabin.
  6. You can have a power strip but not a power strip with a surge protector or circuit breaker. You can obtain a Sunbeam three outlet power strip at Dollar Tree stores for just a dollar.
  7. 1000 Points would equal $5000 play in a slot machine ($5 played = 1 Point) That's a VERY EXPENSIVE Drink Package...LOL The UDP would be much less expensive!!!
  8. There are two ways to get from the port to Atlantis. The water ferry is a nice water tour of the expensive home that line the shoreline leading up to Atlantis. The cost was about $7.00 per person back in 2017. The issue with using this method to get to Atlantis is that the spot where you are left off is better than a half mile from the entrance to the Atlantis Casino. My wife and I got lost and wandered into a private resort when walking the remainder of the distance to the resort. The second is the taxi service at the end of the pier. Where some people don't like using the taxi services
  9. +1...I fully agree with MM2001...We live in northern NY state where 6" snows are a "nuisance" weather event but can still mess up the best plans. We are leaving 4 days early. Not only to make sure we don't miss the ship but we can get together with family and friends that live in Florida and to do some of the things we love about Florida (yes, yes we are Disney addicts). Flying into Orlando, renting a car, and doing the slow crawl to Miami.
  10. Primarily you use cash in the casino. Most cruise lines charge a service charge to draw cash from your sea pass account. Yes, you insert cash into the machine and any remaining balance stays on the account until you withdraw it.
  11. You'll need cash for the casino and for any additional gratuities you might want to provide to ship's crew for exceptional service.
  12. We've used Jo Junie tours. They have a tour that visits both sides of the island along with spending some time at Maho Beach to watch the airplanes land and take off. They were an excellent tour operator. We are using them again in April.
  13. I had the same issue. Call RCCL and ask them for the C & A number. If the person doesn't have one they'll sign them up.
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