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  1. Amazing.....B.C. has approx 7 deaths per day from this farce based on the real time death tracker my wife showed me. Sorry.....letting my unpopular opinion show through ?
  2. I put in a full deposit. But was told since I booked at the 'fully refundable rate' it would all be refundable if I changed later. I figure 1. If 2020 gets cancelled, I can work it out on the phone and lift and shift into this reservation via cancel/shift (this is probably more work than most would need/want to do but there is only one royal suite on these boats. We had it booked in 2020 and I figured if it wasn't available that would make the lift and shift offer harder to use. I also have a booking I made my inlaws who were going with us in 2020. But figured if it is cancelled, I should be able to move their reservation easily enough given the number of GS on the boat) 2. If 2020 doesn't get cancelled, this is over a year away....we may want to go again....and I can update the reservation to a non-refundable lower price point one later or cancel/move it to a different sailing altogether.
  3. Keeping a positive vibe is always a good thing but at the same time we need to consider all possibilities. Here's another thought that occurred to me last night....if Royal can't start sailings in Alaska until August...does it even make fiscal sense for them to have any sailings in 2020 Alaska season given they need to reposition the ship(s) to support only a few weeks of sailing. This is why I believe other lines announced their bagging the whole season up north (they cited air travel, hotels, and port availability) but none of that is known for August yet....the only facts they have now are ports wouldn't open until July (earliest), their own operating expenses to get ships in position, current booking levels, and best case estimates of number of sailings they might be able to complete which led them to cancel. ? ? ? This is why I reserved a fully refundable 2021 slot last night so that if I do need to do a lift and shift....I've already placed a hold on the specific room I want, on the boat I want, on the itinerary I want. I don't like the idea of delaying this trip a year so I am still keeping positive vibes it will work out...but plan for worst...hope for the best....right ?
  4. Ugh.....I felt obligated to just go make a 2021 reservation now because I feel even more strongly my August 2020 trip will be cancelled.
  5. Well.... Texas Holdem has limit of $50 on pairs plus
  6. The generally frown on photos taken in the casino ;). But I've been there alot....seems nice enough...lotsa tables and slots for a boat ? My biggest gripe (which seems to be the same on all cruise ships) is a lack of high limit play for both Slots and Table games.
  7. Sarcasm is noted. The issue has become less about the actual virus and more about society's reaction to it. I just made the final payment for my August 2nd sailing so I am certainly on the hopeful boat ;)....but....carnival has pretty much bagged Alaska for the season, I've seen on Facebook some tour operators have bagged the season, and the whole darn thing has devolved into political arguments instead of true scientific debate; theory creation, hypothesis testing, peer review, etc. I just ordered a hard back copy of 1984....it has been 30 years since I read it as a kid and it seems so prophetic of today's environment that I feel like I need to reread it.
  8. I am aware of that. I am also aware they have a '4 phase plan' And you're guess is as good as mine where cruising falls....I assume 4.....which is more than 90 days away according to the reported 3 weeks or so at each phase. I also know my Alaska cruise leaves from B.C.....so I am more concerned with what Canada will do with their July 1 date to end port closures. But I suspect they will follow closely to whatever Seattle is doing.
  9. Waivers don't really matter if Seattle remains closed. We just have to cross our fingers, wait, and hope really really hard that sanity returns to the world.
  10. Why do we always assume people will apply logic to the dictates they have been empowered (and emboldened by) through 'emergency powers'......giving proclamations from on high is a difficult thing to stop once started.
  11. 9 days till my final payment is due for an August 2 cruise...... Impatiently waiting/worrying about my Prime 2020 free cruise and the FCC for my cancelled April cruise..........I wonder if either one of them will show up before it is too late per RCL policy to use on this cruise.
  12. NOOOOOOO.....there's viruses on those ropes....you're gonna kill us all. Yeah that was sarcasm
  13. If you can swing it and can afford it....the Royal lofts are the most comfortable way to sleep 5 in a 'single room' in my opinion. I always try to get them with just my smaller mob of 4......they have 2 separate rooms with bed configs that can be for couples or singles....plus a pull out in the main living room so no need to have an ugly roll away sitting around in the corner during the day time. It also comes with the added benefits of star class meaning all specialty dining, drinks, and wifi included....plus a Genie (personal/dedicated concierge that does everything for you that you will need on the ship). Many have report that if add up the food, wifi, and drinks....the star class level isn't much more than standard suites. It's easy to spend other peoples money though so I will say 2 simple adjoining rooms with balconies (not suites) are far cheaper as an alternative to think about.
  14. Lofts have a bed for 2 upstairs and a sleep sofa....that's 4. Same as Panoramic....so you would need to add a roll away bed (no pullman's in these rooms)...so I don't think it would be very 'comfortable'....but that's just my opinion...if I need a room for 5 I would pick something called '2 bedroom' because they sleep 6 easy.
  15. Thanks....it was a huge pain to lay...but I managed through...as noted in the NE with basements you occasionally get water....so I built it to be able to take on about 5 inch deep of complete standing water before anything really needs to be worried about. All walls are based with pressure treated and then double stacked before insulation starts, and drywall is only above the wainscotting. So other than the overstock rug under the table...nothing that will wick up water.
  16. Found a couple ? Done with a crappy fish eye....but you get the idea....typical North Eastern US basement bar and game room....some place to hide away during the winter months ? Complete with pool, darts, foosball, and pinball....and a retro 70s stand behind dry bar
  17. Yes OBC can be used in cruise planner prior to boarding, I can not speak to how long it will take royal to have it show up in your account though.....since the latest round of cancellations indicated April 30 to see things happen...I would suspect sometime in May
  18. I bought frames to hang up records that I like ?
  19. I love bar photos......I've got one around here somewhere.
  20. I Understand that (sorta) since I have my 'upstairs' rack that I made from my Grandmother's China closet that my sister was going to throw out because she didn't want it, she wanted a more modern dining room setup ? It is.....unfortunately also mostly empty with only 4-5 bottles in it this evening ?
  21. How do you keep it so full.....the is the 'fullest' I have ever been able to get mine.....usually it only has 10-20 bottles...I drink it so fast. Holds 780 though ?
  22. Thank you....will save for later ?
  23. Hey Matt where is that screen cap from? Website or some T&C for agents?
  24. The most confusing thing of all is that we have people who both definitively say "You can't use FCC on a booking/reservation you already made, it has to be a brand new booking" and "You can use FCC on an existing booking/reservation you already made" I expect to find out definitively now on or about May 1....since my April cruise was cancelled, they are issuing a me 125% FCC and I plan to call to reprice my August reservation to have Prime discount applied and then apply the FCC to it ?
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