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  1. Keeping this screenshot on my phone. It's "Exhibit A" for when I ask them about their onboard terms and conditions. Will they let me Periscope while I do that? LOL
  2. About five weeks away (November 19) ... definitely keeping an eye out for more discounts.
  3. Now this makes me go Hmmmmm... LOL I’ll make sure to ask them about this when I sail. Do they kick out “complaining” guests? ... or should I say tell them to “walk the plank”?
  4. Where did you see those terms and conditions? IIRC, I was able stream NBC content during my last cruise. They even say on the website that you can stream videos.
  5. On both the Harmony and the Majesty, I had no problem asking for 2 bottles of water at a time.
  6. For my 11-Night cruise on the Serenade, I got the Refreshment Package for $233.64 ($18/day base price) and VOOM Surf + STREAM Voyage Package - 1 Device for $175.89. I hope those were good deals. Do they do price guarantees?
  7. I have several reason why I use the plastic luggage tag holders: 1. I can hold on to them during my flight to the port and easily attach them to my luggage before boarding the ship. Mishandling by airport baggage handlers can mess up the paper tags. I would hate the hassle of attaching those paper ones at the airport or at the dropoff point at the cruise terminal. 2. I've read stories of cruisers' paper luggage tags being soaked up and rendered useless by rain on the way to the terminal. 3. I want to keep one of my luggage tags as a souvenir from the cruise. The plastic holders are a good way of storing or even displaying them.
  8. Mine showed up around 50 days before the sailing. They came with the Cruise Documents via email
  9. I agree with the recommendations for the tag holders
  10. Hoping and praying for the safety of all ships and passengers affected by Hurricane Michael. Safe travels everyone!
  11. I think the Navy got all the ports here in Jacksonville. ha ha
  12. Just let me know if there's anything you'd like me to check out while on board.
  13. Started prepping for the volcano hike today. I should be ready in 40+ days in time for my Serenade cruise
  14. Try Googling "Lady G" and you'll understand why I had to ask. LOL (Note: I honestly did not know who/what Lady G was?)
  15. The website is back online ... but I still don't have the balance on my Ovation Alaskan cruise for 2019. Thank you, RCL for my "$250" 7-night Alaskan cruise. LOL
  16. They're back on Maintenance Mode. They probably found out about the glitch about the balances.
  17. Here's another view. I'm sure I'll be annoyed by that davit every time I see it
  18. With deck plans and exterior shots I figured out where 6652 is located. Looks like there is a large davit directly in front of the balcony. I'm now leaning towards giving up the studio room and getting the OV room
  19. Thanks, @JLMoran The OV room costs $200 more than the Studio Balcony, but I might still go ahead with it for the extra points. I'm sure there will be a lot of other areas on the ship that will provide good views of Alaska. I edited my original post to clear up the confusion on the price difference.
  20. I always travel solo. By my estimate, I will just need three to four 7-Night cruises to get to Diamond. That's why I'm considering the additional points. My Stateroom, 6652, is being reported by some sites as having an obstructed view. I called RCL about this and they told me that the obstruction doesn't get past the height of the balcony. I hope someone on this forum knows exactly how the room looks like. That'll make the decision making easier.
  21. I've made a reservation for a 7-night Alaskan cruise on the Ovation of the Seas for August 30, 2019. Right now I'm booked for a Studio Balcony Stateroom. The Ocean View room costs $200 more than the Studio Balcony. Which would be better, the balcony or the 7 additional points I get for paying the supplement? This will be my first Alaskan cruise.
  22. How many times have you refreshed your browser already? ha ha
  23. T - 00:05:00 Who else is waiting for the RCL site to go back online?
  24. Thanks, @firebuck . It worked.
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