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  1. What’s the earliest time allowed to arrive at terminal?
  2. Sailing tomorrow on Empress out of Miami. My friend is gold level, I am not. Can anyone explain the priority check-in benefit and since we are sailing together am I able access to gold member lounge with her?
  3. Hello, can anyone tell me if Royal Caribbean ships have Diet Sprite?
  4. Hello, sailing on the Empress departing on Thursday 10/17 and just wondering if we are allowed to bring protein powder on board?
  5. Thank you!! I appreciate everyone’s feedback and suggestions Departing on Thursday 10/17 So will update post. KLC317’s post regarding recent trip on Empress sounds like we will be able to access HDMI
  6. Hello, My BFF and I are sailing 10/17 on Empress of the Seas and I’m wondering if anyone knows if the television on Empress has HDMI ports that are accessible. We love to crash late at night and watch horror movies
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