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  1. We are cruising out of Miami 2 weeks from today. We are masking up and not hanging out with other indoors as much as possible. I do have two days at an in-person conference this week, which makes me very nervous, if I'm being honest. We are flying to Miami the day before the cruise, and I have N95 masks and face shields for all of us. I'm completely over caring if I look silly at this point. We have been planning this cruise since 2019, and I just want it to happen!
  2. Oooh, that is good to know! If we have to wait a bit to board, I can try to see if I can do it on the app. Thank you!!
  3. Thank you! I will start there! I will report back with how things go! I appreciate it!
  4. Thank you! I guess I am wondering which specialty restaurants are typically open right when you board. ?
  5. This is a very specific question, and I know that things might be different with the restart, but I am on the first Symphony sailing (8/14), and am going to have to make my UDP reservations right after boarding. I’m thinking there will be a big line at the podium in the promenade. Does anyone know what speciality restaurants I might be able to go to in order to make those reservations after boarding? Thank you!!
  6. I get that message when I go to the page - https://www.royalcaribbean.com/booked/cruise-room-upgrade, but when I click on the "modify/cancel" link in the email they sent me confirming my bid, I can see that all but one of my bids are expired. So, I'm thinking maybe that message comes up if you click that original Royal link once bidding is closed?
  7. Thank you so much!!! This is what I thought when I purchased it (and one of the reasons I did), so I was really nervous. I appreciate you taking the time! Phew!
  8. This is our first time purchasing the unlimited dining plan (we are on Symphony on 8/14). I purchased it back in June of 2020, and honestly have no recollection of whether I signed up for a dining time. However, on my husband's app, it said that we will be dining at 6:30 each night, which does not sound like a time that I would have picked, as we prefer to eat later. I called RCL and was told that I needed to eat at the same time each night with the UDP AND that they could not change that time now without canceling and rebooking (we got it for $160/pp, and it is now $217/pp). I definitely thought that part of the benefit of the UDP was that you could make your reservations at different times and restaurants each night. (I know that it should be the first thing I do once I board, which is why I've been stalking the website/app to see when I can actually get a check-in time.) Can anyone confirm what the policy is in terms of times? Thank you so much!
  9. I've filled it out three times so far. I sail in a month, so I'm just going to keep filling it out whenever they send it, just to be safe.
  10. I got this for my 8/14 SY cruise. I didn't notice any new updates in the protocols email, and I don't think it included which areas would be exclusively for vaccinated guests. @WAAAYTOOO were you able to find that in the protocols for Symphony anywhere?
  11. I was able to! In the confirmation email, there is a button to "modify/cancel" the upgrade bid. Just click on it, and you should be able to change your bid while it is still pending.
  12. Thank you! I know that seems obvious, but I was just suddenly second guessing everything. ? I appreciate it!
  13. Hi, all! I received my royal up offer, and I want to make sure I understand it. This is our first time thinking about putting in a bid. I am traveling with my husband and 2 children, and we are currently in a balcony stateroom. When I go to bid, it says "double occupancy" and I do not see an option to increase that. I see that it says that we only pay for the first two guests, but I just want to make sure that there is not a chance that they will put us in a room with less occupancy than we need. We would definitely be moved to a room that sleeps at least 4 guests, is that right? Thanks for all of your help!!
  14. Oooh! That's interesting! So, where do you go for breakfast?
  15. Oh, no!! That is disappointing. What complete roller coaster this past week has been! I guess I thought that most itinerary changes would have been sorted out before the announcement on Friday. I will have to mentally prepare myself for a potential change to the 8/14 sailing, as well. Thank you for the update!
  16. If you haven't heard about it, that makes me feel better! ?
  17. I just read (in a couple of places) that, at least for Symphony's 8/21 sailing (8 nights), the itinerary has been completely changed. Was supposed to be Labadee, Aruba, and Curacao, and (according to a couple of people who received an email) is now Nassau, St. Thomas, St. Maarten, St. Kitts & Nevis. Because I don't trust anything unless I read it here....a) has anyone else seen that change, and b) has anyone seen any other itinerary changes for Symphony? I'm on the 8/14 cruise, and, while feeling extremely lucky to potentially actually get to sail, also got really great deals on my excursions, and would be bummed to have all my ports changed on me, particularly if Coco Cay got taken away.
  18. Just coming back to say that Symphony is out of dry dock and heading back across the Atlantic! Assuming a 10 day journey, she should be near the states by 6/17 https://www.cruisemapper.com/?imo=9744001
  19. I've been wondering the same thing. My 8/14 sailing of Symphony is no longer available to book (at least, I'm not seeing it), but there were a lot of cabins available when I looked earlier this week, so that made me think that they might be limiting capacity, at least for a bit?
  20. So, how confident do folks feel that the sailings that have been confirmed as going will truly go? I feel VERY lucky to be on the 8/14 Symphony sailing, but given that it is the first one out, I'm still really cautious about getting my hopes up. But, this seems like a big announcement that has been a long time coming, so.....are people feeling good about this being a pretty solid plan, and not just another delay that will end in more cancellations?
  21. I'm crossing my fingers with you. We booked 8/14 on Symphony pre-covid, and have been holding our breath. The 2022 August Symphony cruises are out of our price range at this point, even with the 125% FCC, so we would only want to Lift & Shift if canceled. I just looked on the RCL website, and the 8/14 sailing is not available to book at the moment. This could just be an IT glitch, or they are already at the capacity they want, but I'm feeling defeated at the moment. Still...fingers crossed.
  22. I know it is one state, but we were hit hard and slow to reopen, so it really is saying a lot if Gov. Murphy just ended the PHE in NJ today. https://twitter.com/GovMurphy/status/1400548584383262726?s=20
  23. If you go here , Richard Fain talks about it in the video, and Matt writes about the vaccine protocol in the blog post. I totally understand needing to see it with your own eyes. There has been a lot of "i heard x is happening" lately! And, as someone mentioned above, anything could still happen, but this is what the plan is currently.
  24. RCL has stated that they are not going to go the 98/95 route, which is why they have to do test cruises. They are still requiring all eligible passengers to be vaccinated, though. I’m so sorry about your cruise! What a disappointment.
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