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  1. Start? Pretty much everyone who gave out their personal info on the test cruise thread got to go on one!
  2. 3000 people a day in the US are dying. Cruises are like #999 on the CDC's todo list
  3. I wish they were higher valued cruises, I'd book one just to cancel and have the credits for. Have nothing else to use LP for
  4. Please record your next call with them, use this line, and post it here. Thank you
  5. Man, if only Moderna and Pfizer had access to the same YouTube and Facebook information you do, the pandemic would've been solved months ago!
  6. 2 years is a hell of a long time. Now, a report from a couple months ago is a lot more relevant.
  7. Ehh, they easily could've had an agreement at the time, but then worked towards expanding the deal. So...
  8. There are cameras covering literally every inch of the ship, they can find you whenever they want
  9. Because you can't discriminate amongst your customer base? And what good would it do research wise if you only allowed healthy 25-35 yr olds for the foreseeable future. I don't think this forum would take too kindly to the latter.
  10. Lol, we don't even know for certain that there will be cruising in 2021
  11. Why are we posting articles from April?
  12. Oh god, I already feel for the customer service reps when an army of angry Karen's come for their heads after their 7nt cruise gets called back to port after 1 day, and it turns out to be a false positive
  13. Haha for real, it's not like more Americans died yesterday than on 9/11...
  14. To quote the rep i was on the phone with when my November Symphony sailing got canceled. "You can lift and shift to a 5 night sailing in January or February, but uh, and I can't really say this to you, but I'd take the refund". I feel like they've known this for a while, and have a realistic start date in the late spring in mind, but I don't blame them at all for acting like they expect to be sailing "soon", in order to hold on to all those interest free loans people keep giving them.
  15. Scientists>>>>>>>>>...>>>>>>>>random people on internet boards.
  16. "We". Just sit back and relax. You're not making any decisions, and they are scouring internet boards for solutions on how to handle a pandemic. Cruising will return, worrying about it won't bring it back any faster.
  17. And what country is gonna allow the people on those ships back in after the sailing is over?
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