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  1. @Lovetocruise2002. thanks for that info! We are new to RCL so I guess we will learn quite a lot of new ways to do things @CGTLH now that’s a mid-day snack LOL Note that I completely stealing your list for myself (but if you are onboard the Allure in the next few weeks, stop by and get a bite. I didn’t know if they bristled about bringing food for more than the occupants (or many more) - while reason suggests food is free, period, so it wouldn’t matter you never know when logic and policy might collide! Lynn PS I am so hungry now
  2. We are sailing in an OS-1 bedroom on the Allure fairly soon (yay... ). So we are likely to host a “get together” of somewhere between 15-30 cruise guests. It’s not a party, more a brief “drop over” of 15 minutes or so. We aren’t trying to feed hungry people, but rather to offer some minor refreshments (like cookies and/or cheese/crackers). Some non-alcoholic beverages would be great too if possible. We have experience with NCL and other lines, but this will be our first Royal cruise and we are not at all sure about what our options might be. In the suite’s menu on NCL, for example,
  3. @Matt Eeks... well I wrote a PM out and then got the message “Matt can’t receive messages”. Story of my month
  4. Hi Matt - so can a reservation made through an online seller be transferred without it effecting the original, particularly the perks they may be from that initial seller? I have zero need to use mass sellers, my parents always used an agent, but the last two times I reached out to an agent they could not get close to what the skymiles, etc resellers were offering (e.g., prepaid gratuities, onboard credits). I would MUCH prefer to use an agent, without a doubt! I have not been able to find great answers to those questions before, but apples to apples I would love to transfer!
  5. You know, not a single mention of a sale showed up on my iPad or my computer with Firefox. I can see some current prices in red that state it is a sale price, but no such warning existed on the two I was booking. Come to think about it, I do not believe that the little worm (I mean representative ) even asked which ones had changed prices. But I am now aware that the price for RCL changes often and may show in a different way on another device. It was just easier and time saving (given our current life schedule) to not waste time purchasing and then undoing it days later since at that
  6. Mljstr - that is insane on the Chops issue. It’s the kind of thing that makes me leary! jticarruthers - wow, that’s amazing there was that kind of change! But as to them not caring, maybe they do not but word of mouth matters in every business. I love the Haven on the Norwegian and could stay I definitely with them, but I did want to at least try RCL. But I also don’t want someone who doesn’t want me, man or cruiseline LOL
  7. Bob, thanks for your comment (I’m going from bottom to top clearly LOL). In the past I have booked myself most often, but actually when through an larger online broker this time since we booked super late and the room we wanted seemed only to be on that site. Could you tell me my options once someone has booked via s 3rd party, if any? I ran into the same kind of issue with them too to a lesser degree (more disinterested and not helpful rather than outright rude). Related - I noticed on your blog the new sale. I am not sure it would apply to us, as in the end it wasn’t quite clear the di
  8. Tim and Michael - I really do appreciate the tip! But since I have already booked the cruise through an online “agent” I believe that option is out As a business owner myself, I would be furious if employees were losing customers for no reason. But it is easy for something like this to turn into someone’s decision “on principle” and it may turn into that for me. I will enjoy this Owner’s Suite and then probably just not return. It should be possible to deal with the actual employees of RCL, but I guess you are saying in your experience that isn’t true? Kind of makes me moving on even more
  9. Cruisers - I sincerely apologize for the length, it is hard to explain this without fully explaining! But we could use some folks experienced with RCL to help us with this puzzling problem. My parents cruised very early, in the 1970’s and sometimes took us with them (wasn’t a ton of fun back then if you were under 30!). As an adult we continued that tradition between major life events and our education. I have cruised most often on Disney, Holland America, and Norwegian. However, I have never personally sailed on RCL... that will change in fall 2018 when we will take our very first
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