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  1. Danette from MEI has helped our family on the last 4 cruises ... She has ALWAYS found discounts for our family and treats us like royalty ... quick reply and helpful to the max .. can't stop recommending her. Danette Le Blanc, ECC Independent Vacation Planner ECC--Elite Cruise Counsellor Office: 214-308-3087 Toll Free: 888-887-6223 Affiliated with MEI-Travel & Mouse Fan TravelĀ®
  2. Let me start by saying thank you to all that contribute and take the time to answer all these questions ... My wife and I have just disembark from Enchantment last Friday 11/01. This was definitely the first time where our stateroom attendant and the area supervisor on the dining room provided us with a level of service that exceeded our expectations .. due to this, I tip them a little bit extra at the end of the cruise, (gratuities were paid in advance) ... so this made me wonder ... if the gratuities are paid in advance: * Are they given directly to your assigned crew members? (attendan
  3. We're in the same situation (family split into two staterooms) ...so, @JerseyJoe do you know if we could do the linking of staterooms online while buying the package through the planner, or should we wait until we are on board?
  4. Let me start by thanking everyone for the tons of information that have helped my wife and I every time we cruise (4 times now - all with RC) ... We're getting ready to cruise as a family for the first time (us 2 and our 3 daughters - 14, 12 & 7). After setting our account to a CC during check in, I know that every member of the family will get a seapass card. I know how the charging works for us, but can somebody shed some light regarding how the charges work regarding stuff that my daughters want to pay for? Let's say, they're on their own and they want to buy something. Will it be open
  5. Appreciate the feed back ... please keep us posted ... we're going on Liberty but are still undecided whether to get the key or not ... tnx again
  6. Thank you all ... I'll still try my best and will let you know if I was able ... tnx again
  7. once again I turn to the enormous knowledge of the group ... Will be traveling with children and wondering if anybody knows if the TVs in the staterooms have an HDMI input? to plug in an apple TV or a fire stick ... contacted RC and they couldn't answer ...
  8. My wife and I are going to Liberty on 9/30 out of Galveston, we would like to try My Time Dining hoping we can just get to the Main Dining room when we feel like it, and wait a couple of minutes ... has anybody experience long waiting times for a table for 2?
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