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  1. I may wait to purchase it until I get on the ship. I haven't seen a decreased price at all for it in the cruise planner so far. That way I can ask the person at the kiosk.
  2. So, I have booked two adjoining rooms for my upcoming cruise and am interested in purchasing the digital photo package. However, the description in the Cruise Planner says that "one package covers all guests in your stateroom." Since we are split into two staterooms, surely we don't have to purchase two photo packages, do we? Can't I just purchase the one and have that cover my whole family, even though we are in two rooms?
  3. Ok, so I want to cancel my $35/person Thrill Waterpark passes and rebook at the $24/person rate that is out there today. If I purchased my passes originally using on-board credit, how is that refunded to me?
  4. So, would you say the only chance for my wife and I to have alone time is to see if the kids will consider going to the separate places by themselves? My 13 year old will have only been 13 by about 3 weeks by the time we get on the ship. It can't hurt to ask.
  5. So, my kids will be 13 and 11 years old when we board the Navigator on Memorial Day. One is eligible for Adventure Ocean while the other is not. If the kids want to spend time together, they would have to do so away from Adventure Ocean and the Teen thing, correct? I'm not sure they want to venture off into those two settings by themselves and I don't think RCCL will allow them to be there together. Any suggestions?
  6. How much does RC charge for a soda at dinner if you don't have the drink package? Also, does the soda drink package include virgin daiquiris? How much would one of those cost?
  7. I just changed my reservation from one inside staterooms to two Promenade connecting rooms on the Navigator sailing on Memorial Day. My travel agent put me in a room with my son and my wife in a room with my daughter. Are we allowed to put the kids in the same room and my wife and I in the other one once we get on board? Also, now that it has been changed, when I login to my account on the RCCL website, the reservation shown is only for me and my son. When I click on the link to "Add My Travel Party's Reservation," I enter my wife's info and her reservation number, but it doesn't chang
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