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  1. Thanks for the info. We as a group discussed it and we all switched to late dining which on our cruise will be 8:00 pm.
  2. Silly question I am sure but if you purchase the Deluxe Bev package does that also include everything in the refreshment package? I can't seem to find anywhere where it says yes or no. Also, Did I read that the Allure prices for the Deluxe are higher than other non Oasis class ships? Thanks!!
  3. How are you accessing on your Ipad? I created a shortcut to the page and saved it to my iPad desktop but wondering if there is an easier way? I see you are headed to Seaside in a few weeks. We just got off her, also Eastern two weeks ago. great ship, enjoy!
  4. Thanks so much. We just did the same thing on MSC Seaside last week and it made all the difference in the world.
  5. What are the assigned dining times on Allure? We currently are traveling with 2 other couples, possibly one more joining us, making us a party of 6 or 8. We currently have Anytime Dining but thinking it may be better to get everyone to agree to a assigned dining time and have our TA link us. We will be on Allure in November 2019 Thoughts?
  6. Thank you both so much. This was very helpful. I am sure I will have many questions over the next 449 days LOL Kelly
  7. Hi Matt and all, I was a member here way back in the beginning days (can't even remember my user name from then haha) but haven't been on a RC cruise is about three years (dis DCL and just did MSC) so have lost touch with all things RC and boy have things changed .... :) We will be traveling aboard Allure in November 2019 and many questions are popping up. A few starter questions if you do not mind We booked under the WOW sale and received a OBC, basic soda package, Johnny Rocket's and Rock climbing. My 1st question is the drink package, if we decide to buy the deluxe drink package do we get a discount since we would be upgrading the package? I see there is a Starbucks on Allure, can you use Starbuck Gift Cards there? While I don't drink coffee, those traveling with us do and I think that woudl be a fun item in their welcome aboard bag I am putting together. Is there anywhere I can go to look at the prices of internet, specialty dining, laundry packages, basically everything/anything extra the ship charges for? I looked at the cruise planner and nothing is available to look at and I am trying to develop our savings budget above and beyond the cruise itself. When generally do things appear in your planner? Is there a way to be notified of Cruise Planner sales when they are available? Are the walls in the Allure cabins all metal like other ships? It looks like storage is a premium and so I would bring my show hanger with heavy duty magnets if so. If you see a Cruise Planner sale item you want to take advataqge of, do you pay in full at that time or does it get added to cost of cruise (if not paid in full)? Is there anywhere here on the site where I might see alchohol drink prices and what beers the ship has and costs? This would really help us decide what to do. Years ago you could buy Royal Caribbean gift cards and then apply those to your onboard account when you got on ship? Can you still do this? What about I am sure I will have many more questions. Appreciate the assistance!
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