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  1. But remember that's per stateroom, not per person. A solo traveler can take two bottles of wine. A group of 8 adults in a large suite can also take two bottles of wine.
  2. Another thing that helps with preventing wrinkling of a suit jacket or sport coat is to fold it inside out when packing. The part that gets any wrinkles is the inside of the jacket that nobody will see.
  3. Labor Day is not unlikely. The best advice, though, is to check the prices of the items you've bought or are thinking of buying on at least a weekly basis. Sometimes there are price drops that are unrelated to any "sale."
  4. Travelling with another person, I will not book an inside cabin again (too little space) but If I were to cruise solo that's almost certainly the cabin I would book (as I can get my fix of outside views on deck and don't need to see from my cabin). Travelling with my wife, I'm certain I won't ever again experience a non-balcony selection (and aft-facing is almost a given where possible).
  5. Deliciousness is the primary ingredient.
  6. Yet the earliest news stories reported that the Janssen (J&J) vaccine was MORE effective than the others against the variant.
  7. If you ask for savory bites once, the smallest recipe they can make is several dozen so you're guaranteed to get them every night.
  8. It only took 6 weeks to mail a letter from the colonies back to England in the 1700s. How can mailing something from anywhere in the US to anywhere else in the US add 6 weeks?
  9. This didn't make the "news" because he cooperated and responded in a civil manner.
  10. Song of America - August 1998 New York to Bermuda (one night in St. Georges, 2 nights in Hamilton)
  11. The main reason to pre-purchase would be to lock in a guaranteed dining opportunity. Waiting until on board might mess with availability at times you're interested in eating.
  12. And of course, the total distance traveled will vary based on weather conditions. You may travel farther (and faster) overnight to avoid an area of rough seas or to get to an area with better weather/calmer seas for sea days.
  13. I recently bought a wig for $1. It was a small price toupee.
  14. Explorer OTS - July 9, 2022 - Southern Caribbean from Miami We will celebrate our 35th Wedding Anniversary on the second sea day of the itinerary.
  15. We prefer the Freedom class overall, but will happily sail on Anything of the Seas.
  16. I will never pay extra for something that is otherwise included in my cruise fare - e.g. dining. There are plenty of excellent options included so there is no need to purchase "specialty" dining. I also suspect that I will never sleep late enough to miss a sunrise while cruising. I am an early riser anyway and sunrise at sea or nearing a port is almost always spectacular.
  17. Gold - basic precious metal Platinum - a little pricier Emerald - one doesn't usually buy just an emerald - the emerald is set in a precious metal, thus increasing the overall value
  18. Even before the shutdown due to SARS-CoV-2, you could have worn "dressy casual" (or worse) in the MDR on "formal" nights.
  19. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. If you try and just don't care for the escargot, don't eat them. Just pick them out of the copious remaining garlic butter and take advantage of sopping up with bread or pouring over your potatoes or vegetables when the main course arrives. Whatever you do - DON'T let them clear that plate until every drop of butter is consumed!
  20. Starbucks coffee always tastes scorched. They roast the beans at too high a temperature (strike 1), grind the beans too quickly (strike 2), and brew at a higher temperature than required (strike 3). And if you add ANYTHING to the brew, you're not drinking coffee correctly.
  21. Complimentary coffee - not very good but no extra charge Other coffee - upcharge and not worth the price (like Starbucks isn't worth the cost vs. a stop at McDonald's)
  22. Her: Would you go to the ends of the Earth to show you love me? Him: That seems to be a long way. Her: So how far WOULD you go to show you love me? Him: How about Cleveland?
  23. On a family cruise we had 15, including children, at "one" table - it was a pair of straight tables placed end-to-end.
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