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  1. Another thought: the water in the Windjammer and usually the exercise/spa area is filtered, and you can fill your sport bottles with paper cups (For health reasons you are not allowed to fill directly into bottles). Plain ship's water usually has a LOT of chlorine - safe but not very good tasting.
  2. Just back from Cozumel, and our suggestion (for a big group of 10 or less) is the private catamaran and snorkeling tour. Includes unlimited beverages, nice lunch, and gear. Our experience was terrific - three crew members to take care of us with overwhelming service!
  3. 1) Check projected weather at all destinations - you mentioned thermals, but sometimes other clothes necessary, as mentioned in Dublin layers. 2) Know your air carrier's luggage limitations, and weigh your luggage! 3) Have copies (paper or electronic) of all reservations.
  4. Checked tour pricing: of 16 tours three dropped in price. Nice savings! Most tours, though, have gone up in price. Worth a few minutes of your time.
  5. To D. Daley - THANKS for the tip...went online, ordered, and due Monday in time for upcoming cruise. Looks great for use on dive boats and all water-based activities!!
  6. Good price and worth the $20 pp difference - the Cape is a fair distance and cabs/Uber might be problematical and would add up to about the same $100.
  7. Agree with Twangster...you are routed on an almost-continually moving line through upstairs dining room, and briefly visiting CBP officers. Unless ship docks late, you should be fine with a 10 a.m. tour meeting.
  8. Happy Thanksgiving to all who follow this great site - especially those who are on a ship!
  9. Royal supposedly planning to depart Puerto Rico because the port has been/will be privatized. Decision being reconsidered by PR government.
  10. As a diver, there is nothing like diving while on a cruise - imagine diving in four different islands/countries in a week! There is a serious downside: if your spouse is not a diver, there may be a little friction and you may need to reach an agreement regarding how many dives per cruise!
  11. We are 135, 146, and 163 days out on three B2Bs, and have had our GTY balconies assigned on all three for well over a month. It varies pretty much how soon you will know. Note: three different cabins.
  12. Not sure of an answer for your specific cruise, but do know you can take a Hop On Hop Off bus and see what you wish. At many ports, buses add the ship to their circuits on cruise day. Just be aware of traffic and return on time, as there may be waiting time for the next HOHO bus.
  13. Our Southampton experience: fly to Heathrow (can catch decent prices). Stay overnight at hotel near airport (purchase round-trip shuttle bus ticket, as no free hotel shuttles). Take shuttle back to airport in morning and get off at National bus terminal. Catch bus around 9 a.m. to Southampton, arriving around noon - but arrange bus tickets early to save a little and guarantee a seat - and pre-book the taxi in Southampton.
  14. One thing to add: be sure to reserve a taxi in Southampton - if you ride the bus to Southampton. Even though the port is close to the bus "station", available rides are overwhelmed when a bus unloads.
  15. In our mind: Nassau. GBI (Freeport) is industrial/shipping, with a long ride to anything of interest. Not many tours of interest. Unless you want to spend time in a casino or a flea market, we would recommend Nassau, even though there are MANY issues in Nassau.
  16. Our last visit to TPA was a serious issue regarding departure: not enough agents and almost a two hour wait. We felt lucky to be out of the terminal before 10:30. Airport is a good distance; my advice is that a 11:45 flight is VERY risky.
  17. Got our assignment(s) on three B2B cruises five months in advance (although spread over five-six week time).
  18. Do not see the canal/locks on most partials, unless there is a tour offered
  19. This is another time when removing anxiety is worth a little effort: just call Royal's customer service and get it fixed - and ask for a confirmation e-mail.
  20. Actually could be a mixture of 12 water/soda.
  21. Had bed bugs on another cruise line. Quite an issue! Once you get a "supervisor" involved, they WILL find you a new room! You are right to check, because no matter what the protocol, all it takes for an infestation is prior passengers bringing problem with them!
  22. Something to think about: Why not remove ALL anxiety, fear, and worry - and just get the passports at the additional cost!
  23. On deck two at moment - and is/has been working. Only one incident of “dropping” the signal
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