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  1. Not sure of an answer for your specific cruise, but do know you can take a Hop On Hop Off bus and see what you wish. At many ports, buses add the ship to their circuits on cruise day. Just be aware of traffic and return on time, as there may be waiting time for the next HOHO bus.
  2. Our Southampton experience: fly to Heathrow (can catch decent prices). Stay overnight at hotel near airport (purchase round-trip shuttle bus ticket, as no free hotel shuttles). Take shuttle back to airport in morning and get off at National bus terminal. Catch bus around 9 a.m. to Southampton, arriving around noon - but arrange bus tickets early to save a little and guarantee a seat - and pre-book the taxi in Southampton.
  3. One thing to add: be sure to reserve a taxi in Southampton - if you ride the bus to Southampton. Even though the port is close to the bus "station", available rides are overwhelmed when a bus unloads.
  4. In our mind: Nassau. GBI (Freeport) is industrial/shipping, with a long ride to anything of interest. Not many tours of interest. Unless you want to spend time in a casino or a flea market, we would recommend Nassau, even though there are MANY issues in Nassau.
  5. Our last visit to TPA was a serious issue regarding departure: not enough agents and almost a two hour wait. We felt lucky to be out of the terminal before 10:30. Airport is a good distance; my advice is that a 11:45 flight is VERY risky.
  6. Got our assignment(s) on three B2B cruises five months in advance (although spread over five-six week time).
  7. Do not see the canal/locks on most partials, unless there is a tour offered
  8. This is another time when removing anxiety is worth a little effort: just call Royal's customer service and get it fixed - and ask for a confirmation e-mail.
  9. Actually could be a mixture of 12 water/soda.
  10. Had bed bugs on another cruise line. Quite an issue! Once you get a "supervisor" involved, they WILL find you a new room! You are right to check, because no matter what the protocol, all it takes for an infestation is prior passengers bringing problem with them!
  11. Something to think about: Why not remove ALL anxiety, fear, and worry - and just get the passports at the additional cost!
  12. On deck two at moment - and is/has been working. Only one incident of “dropping” the signal
  13. Sorry about mess above. Ship’s WiFi dropped us. Management will not refund port charges for missed port, citing signed agreement. Other cruise lines we sailed on have been willing to do refund. Any experiences or suggestions? This money will go straight to RCL’s profit and should be returned!
  14. Onboard Adventure from Quebec to Ft Lauderdale. Ship skipped a port due to weather. Management will. Or refund port charges from missed port, citing agreement signed. Other cruise lines we have traveled have refunded port charges in same si
  15. Pretty doubtful - too many things could go wrong, including immigration/customs, weather, late arrival. Last fall had almost a three-hour wait for immigration in Tampa, and self assist did not help. Would suggest you re-think departure time!
  16. We have avoided hurricane season since getting caught in the storm when the cruise line could not "out-think" the storm. SCARY. There are too many other places to go during the summer!
  17. Parkway Parking. Multiple shuttles and only about a mile away.
  18. Plan some time and effort to strike your deals, as last year Royal's web site was terribly slow/backed up. With that in mind, well worth the effort as we saved over $900 on excursions for two. And yes, per prior comment, Monday was included last year.
  19. Well worth purchasing stock. Over the years, we have garnered several thousand dollars of shipboard credit. There are some "hoops" to jump through: i.e.: proof of stock ownership faxed, e-mailed, or mailed to Royal Caribbean. Credit based on length of cruise.
  20. Become a RCL shareholder and your thinking about savings changes. Plus shareholder cruise benefits are terrific!
  21. Taxis are easy, reliable, and available. If you wish, you driver will stay with you for the return trip. Also the island tours by taxi are decent.
  22. Room service for your breakfast is an easy option
  23. Look at Parkway Parking...shuttle vans to/from the ship at a very reasonable rate
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