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  1. LOL!!! after 2 lemon drop martinis, I don't think I care there are windows there or not. ?
  2. Happy for you for getting to visit Alaska. We have to wait for a while, my son only 7 years old he possible not really appreciate anything about Alaska. Will follow along. Have fun.
  3. Passengers are stuck at sea. https://news.yahoo.com/royal-caribbean-disney-norwegian-cruise-152530074.html?.tsrc=daily_mail&uh_test=2_15
  4. Years ago, Mother and daughter was on the same cruise with us. Either her daughter finish collage or just turn 21 not sure. The daughter was very drunk on the excursion and her mom have to drag her on board. I also saw the same person drunk on board also but her mom took care of her. She was just a little loud but her mom was there so it all good. I was a little drunk myself last Anthem cruise but not by intention. I had the iFly scheduled so I hold off on eating and drinking anything before the iFly. My stomach really empty after I was done the iFly, my husband decided the Diamond happy hours will be over soon so we need to get drinks. So I drank before I eat(don't do that). I was not loud just a little too happy (no I did not hug anyone). End up too much too drink got me and my hubby to the next cruise, we booked another cruise Symphony OTS. Not sure how but somehow we managed to get the correct date. Then we just went back to our room and sleep.
  5. I don't know it work or not work and have no intention that other cruise line should use the system or not use it. I only pass the information that I know Disney Cruise use it.
  6. Not sure it work or not only know they use it.
  7. The cruise line I know has/use the automatic Man overboard system is Disney cruise. Not sure about other cruise line.
  8. Whatever happen to stock market, we will still cruising. Cruising is the most economical way of vacation, relax and fun (at least for me). I don't think I ever have a bad cruise. Yes I do have my favorite cruise but not a bad cruise. Heck!! even (Old Grandma ) Grandeur OTS, I still think she has the best food and service.
  9. Surprisingly, I am ok with 2 days at CocoCay. I wish my next summer cruise on Oasis drop Nassau and just go to CocoCay for 2 days instead.
  10. Me too !! really excite that Oasis will sail out of Bayonne. Even though will sail to the same ports I had been 10 times (Port Canaveral, Nassau and Coco Cay). YOLO Oasis in August 2020. This trip the ship is my destination not the ports. ?
  11. If you room is for 4 people then you might can add one more. However, you should call Royal Caribbean about it. They will be the best one to answer your question.
  12. We went to NOTRE DAME DE LA GARDE by local bus and don't know they have a little train take you there until we already up and down. NOTRE DAME DE LA GARDE was beautiful and the view up there was amazing. One thing I dislike is the port is so far away from the town. Really expensive transfer from the port to town with cruise ship. I suggest to take a taxi instead. Travel alone the transfer would be cheaper but if you have more than one person in you group then taxi will be better choice.
  13. ? Really simple solution. Don't buy anything extra except you think it worth it.
  14. Thanks for the blog and Happy Anniversary. Look like your dinner included Lemon drop (not sure but look like it) If you have to choose between HM and SY which ship you prefer ?
  15. https://www.msccruisesusa.com/en-us/About-MSC.aspx Definitely Italian. ?
  16. I don't think MSC is American cruise line. It is Italian.
  17. Royal always send you and email about the sale but I don't think it really sale. The prices of everything list on the cruise planner always up and down, the best thing to do is to check often as you can.
  18. Yes, there is the place for snorkel. I forgot what that portion of the beach called but you will easily spot it. A lot of people will be there and a lot of people snorkel there. You also will see the lifeguard at the deep area on the platform. So many to see in the water, many kinds of fish, many Stingrays and some even see sea turtle at the plane wreak area. I did not go that far. Yes you can use your own snorkel gears and no need to pay anything.
  19. Thanks @WAAAYTOOO and hope Diamond Lounge has Smoke Salmon that will be set for me.
  20. Thanks a bunch. Sometimes we are in a hurry in the morning for excursion so I will take continental breakfast if need. Thanks again
  21. I don't want to make a new topic for this question so I will ask here if someone can answer me. C&A Diamond, do we get free breakfast room service? or just D+ or Pinnacle Peeps.
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